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20 Reasons I Have A Lot of Kids

Daja April 13, 2016

Reasons I Have A Lot Of Kids

By Daja, Contributing Writer

The current birth rate in the U.S. is 1.9 children per woman. [source] That number seems to be holding steady. More and more it’s like I have to give reasons why it is OK that I have more than my allotted number of children.  So, I brainstormed a few.

Why I have more than 1.9 kids:

  1. That first kid is OK, but that 9/10 one is a real odd ball.
  2. I need the entertainment. Nothing, and I mean, nothing is as entertaining as watching a miniature version of yourself or your spouse walking around with a colander on his head singing A Bicycle Built For Two.
  3. Social Security is in trouble and we all know it. Finding a job that includes retirement planning is equally frustrating. So, we had a lot of children instead. My plan is as follows: 3 months at each child’s house on a regular rotation. Each child only has to put up with ol’ mom and dad every couple years. Should work, right?
  4. More birthday cake. There’s really never enough cake is there?
  5. Everyone needs an excuse to drink more coffee.
  6. I need an excuse to drink more wine.
  7. I loved dressing my dolls when I was a kid. Now I don’t have to outgrow it.
  8. Two words: Carpool. Lane.
  9. When traveling by plane, you get to board first and get that prime overhead compartment storage space.
  10. Apparently God thinks I need a lot of sanctification before I am ready for heaven.
  11. Having a lot of children has saved me from the smugness of having it all together when I just had one.
  12. Being a mother of a lot of kids is a daily school of improving my body image and self-esteem.
  13. My kids are never bored. There is always a sibling ready to play baseball or go sledding or play cards. So I don’t have to.
  14. It’s nearly impossible to grow up to be selfish in a big family. Sharing and considering the needs of others is absolutely essential.
  15. So is learning to chew quietly. And there is always a sibling there to remind you to close your mouth.
  16. We get to drive a big car. So awkwardly bulky we named it “The Big Sexy.” You can’t do that when drive a Civic.
  17. They say grandkids are the best part of growing old. I am going to be the happiest old lady there ever was.
  18. Christmas morning. Seriously, having a big family is worth it for that magic alone.
  19. Having kids is like a friend making factory. Don’t let anyone tell you that twos are terrible or that the teenage years are horrible. They are the best ever. I have like nine of my best friends living in my house. It’s like slumber party all the time!
  20. Love is not like a pie that has to be divided among the nine children with someone getting the crumbs. Love is a fountain that always multiplies and never divides.

20 Reasons I Have A Lot of Kids

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