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The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2016

If we were best friends, I’d come over right now….

In my local community, we have lots of mamas who are trying to live a healthier life, and make healthier choices for their families.  lot of them feel intimidated by each new step they take — I can’t count how many times I’ve heard, “I really want to try _____, but I’m afraid I’ll mess up!  Will you come teach me?”  (It’s not always directed at me.  Lots of us have different skills.)

The answer is usually, “Of course!  Let’s set up a day and we can all get together and do that!”

It’s hard to learn on your own.  It’s intimidating to try something new.  You’re afraid you’ll mess it up.  Or, maybe you don’t even know where to start.  I can’t tell you how many tutorials and recipes and background info I’ve read on soap making…I’ve been reading it for more than two years.  I’ve bought all the supplies.  And it’s all just sitting in my closet, because I’m afraid I’ll mess up and lye is dangerous.

But soon, a friend of mine is going to come over, and we’re going to work our way through it together.  We are going to successfully make soap…because together, we can do it.  I know it.

But since I’m not local to you…

Unfortunately, I can’t come over to your house and show you the stuff I know.  I wish I could!  It’s amazing to connect with like-minded mamas and learn from each other.

I do have something awesome that can come to you, though.  It’s called the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.

UHLB FB promo

The collection that comes alongside you

This is pretty awesome.

Basically, this collection, the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, is going to be that friend who comes alongside you.  Except it’s not just one friend, it’s more like 70.

There are 58 different ebooks, and 25 different ecourses in this collection.  You can see the full list here.

(By the way, if you’ve bought the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle before, this is a brand new collection.  It’s not the same as last year.)

These are experts in their fields — some self-taught, and some with letters after their names — who will share their knowledge with you, and teach you how to do things in very practical ways.

There’s the Heal Your Gut Summit, by Dr. Eric Zielinski.  Gut health is such a big deal today, with all of the antibiotics in our food and environment (it’s in the tap water, you guys), GMOs, overuse of other medications, and more.  A lot of people are struggling to regain their gut health, because it’s basically your immune system, and it’s even connected to your brain (i.e. anxiety, depression, autism, and more).  Dr. Z walks you through everything you need to know about gut health…and what to do about it.  ($97 value.)

There’s the Natural Beauty Ecourse, by Becca Piastrelli.  She offers four mini-lessons on face, body, mouth, and hair.  In each of the lessons, she teaches you how to make four different natural products.  Printable recipes are included.  Learn to make honey shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, mouth wash, hairspray, skin masks, and lots more!  (See, what did I tell you about coming alongside you?  Becca literally appears on video to show you the way!)  ($47 value)

There’s also Harness Your Hormones for Effortless Weightloss, by Alisa Vitti.  This is an audio recording, where Alisa teaches you what is really causing your body to store fat, how your gut flora impacts weight loss, and more.  She even gives you a 4-day detox diet to kick off the weight loss.  Since it’s an audio course, you can listen to it while you do the dishes or cook dinner!  Total time saver. ($27 value)

There’s so, so much more that I can’t even tell you all now.  But a few more of my favorite things are:

  • Essential Oils for Health & Home, by Crystal Brothers ($39 value)
  • Fresh Facials and Scrumptious Scrubs, by Katie Kimball ($9.95 value)
  • The Eczema Cure, by Emily Bartlett ($29.95 value)
  • Perfect Periods, by Bridgit Danner ($97 value) — I thought I knew all this and I learned something new in the first lesson!
  • Home Canning with Confidence, by Melissa K Norris ($67 value)
  • Natural Living for Beginners, by Stacy Karen ($29.95 value — she should have charged a lot more for this!)
  • Easy Paleo Instant Pot Recipes, by Dr. Karen Lee ($14.99 value)
  • Delicious Dessert Thickies, by Katherine Kyle ($16 value)

That’s just a small fraction of the books that are in this collection.  I tried to feature my favorites from each category.  There’s plenty more on homesteading, healthy recipes (including grain/gluten free), feeding healthy kids, probiotics and supplements, DIY beauty and cleaning recipes, and tons more.

And, of course, there’s the bonus offers, too.

Bonus Offers edit

What Bonus Offers?!

There are 11 different bonus offers — 9 physical and 2 digital.  They are:

1. Bloom Naturals – $15 gift certificate toward any product ($15 value)
2. Perfect Supplements – $15 gift certificate toward any Perfect Brand product ($15 value)
3. TriLight Health$15 off select TriLight products ($15 value)
4. MadeOn Skin Care – FREE BeeCool Muscle Balm Stick and Natural Lip Balm Combo (value $15.25)
5. The Maca TeamFREE Organic Gelatinized Yellow Maca Powder, 8 oz. ($15.44 value)
6. Primal Life Organics – FREE 1-ounce jar of Dirty Mouth Toothpowder ($15.97 value)
7. Get Kombucha – FREE 1-month supply (15 ml) of Kombucha Pro: LiquidProbiotics (value $29.99) AND/OR a FREE 1-ounce bag of Get Kombucha’s Custom Organic Kombucha Tea Blend (value $15.99)
8. Orglamix – FREE Mineral Eye Shadow Trio ($18 value)
9. Experience Life – 4 FREE digital guides (value $29.99)
10. Grove Co.FREE Mrs. Meyer’s 64 Load Laundry Detergent, Mrs. Meyer’s Fabric Softener, 60 Day VIP Trial, and FREE shipping with a $20 minimum purchase for new customers ($32.66 value); FREE 1-year VIP Membership ($39.95 value) for existing customers
11. Meal Garden – 6 months of Meal Garden FREE (value $35.70)

They’re worth $250…so no matter what value you get out of the other resources, these make it absolutely worth it.

Each bonus is free to you.  Some charge just shipping.  A few are digital and of course don’t need shipping.  These are free physical products (in most cases) that you actually get, to help you live easier.

Not ready to make your own beauty supplies yet?  Orglamix and MadeOn have you covered with mineral eyeshadow and lip balm/BeeCool muscle stick!

Struggling with supplements?  Check out the Get Kombucha probiotics, Perfect Supplements, or TriLight Health (they make some of my favorite herbal remedies).

Who couldn’t use laundry detergent??  Seriously now.  These bonuses are worth more than seven times what you’ll pay for the bundle itself!  (Which is just $29.97.)

But, I’m not done, dear readers….

Buy Now

Make It Even Sweeter

If you follow other bloggers, then you’ll see many of them promoting this offer over the next few days.  But if you choose to buy through Modern Alternative Health or Modern Alternative Mama, we’ll give you two extra bonus offers on top of what’s already in the package!

#1) The Simplest Home Remedies

We’ll send you a FREE printable with the 10 simplest home remedies on it.  These are items that you already have in your home (like lemons, garlic, or cinnamon) plus exactly how to use them and what to use them for.  Print it out and tape it to your fridge or medicine cabinet and it’ll be at your finger tips right when you need it.

#2) Three Months of Tradishen Membership

We’re so, so excited to be re-launching Tradishen, our real food menu planning business, in the next several weeks here.  It’s going to have an entirely new look and feel, and an amazing user experience.

Right now, we’re emailing everyone weekly menus that contain 5 complete dinners (with the recipes and grocery lists on a PDF), plus suggestions for lunches, breakfasts, snacks, and even a dessert recipe.

These plans are available in Classic Clean, Paleo, or Vegetarian, and they can be customized on site — swap out recipes you don’t prefer, change ingredients or serving sizes, and more.  It’s really pretty great!  Our customers say they love our recipes and it saves them tons of time.  And they’re eating better than ever!

A three-month plan is worth $29.97 (as much as the bundle!), and you can get it FREE — but only if you purchase through the MAM or MAH links!

To claim your bonus offers, simply forward your receipt to and we’ll send out the details!

To sum it up — $2400 in ebooks, ecourses, and bonus offers; plus $35 in MAM-reader only bonuses, for just $29.97.

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This is totally overwhelming me…

I get it.  I really do.

A lot of my real-life friends are like this.  I bring up some new thing we could try and they say, “Whoa, that’s just too much for me.  I’m totally overwhelmed by that.”  There’s just so much happening that they can’t sort through it all.

That might be how you feel about the bundle.

You might also be saying, “I get that it’s a good value, but I’ll never use all that stuff.”

I get that too.  Frankly, there are a few resources in this bundle that I do not recommend.  That’s really true of any collection.  It’s not all amazing.

But despite those few, there are a lot of things here that I do recommend, and those resources put together would cost far more than the $29.97 price tag, if purchased separately.  Even if there’s only a small selection that’s relevant right now, you’ll still save money by buying the whole collection.

Plus, you get the benefit of the bonus offers, and you get to keep all the ebooks forever, so you might find something that’s relevant to you a few years down the road.  I keep all my books organized on my computer by subject, and when I’m searching for something, I go back and look at my archives, and often find some new treasure!

The truth is, if you think there are parts you can benefit from, just take the plunge and get it.  Heck, if you want even one book and the Tradishen membership…you’re still going to save.

What if it really isn’t for me?

There’s a full money-back guarantee, so you’re covered.

Get the collection, and visit the download page.  It’s super well organized, so you can download just the books you want, or download them all.  You have a full year to download (or re-download, in case of a computer crash) the books, so no worries about sorting through it all *right now.*

I still have questions…

No problem.  Feel free to leave a comment here, or email and I’ll be happy to help.

If you’ve already purchased and are having trouble with the bundle website, or any other issues with the bundle itself, email and they’ll be happy to take care of you.

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