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The Nourished Grocery Budget

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How much does your family spend on food each month?

Last summer, we moved out of our home and into a small town home.  At the same time, we started a new homeschool coop (that I lead) and were working hard to grow our business.  This meant that our grocery budget was way down on our list of priorities.  We didn’t plan ahead, we didn’t make shopping lists, and we bought whatever seemed like the best items to make simple meals.

We weren’t eating out too often (although more than we should have).  We weren’t buying processed foods or splurging on expensive foods.  Instead, we were doing what most families do — buying lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, plain meats, etc. so that we could easily accomplish quick meals with what we had on hand.

The budget blew up.

Within a few months, we were spending close to, or even over, $1000 a month to feed our family of 6.  And yet, the quality of our diet wasn’t what it could have been.  We were relying a bit too much on boxed organic mac’n’cheese, or veggie chips, to fill in the gaps for quick meals and snacks.  We bought bread — at the crazy high cost of $5 per loaf — that was almost as good as what I could make (for a fraction of the cost).

Eventually we knew that this was not sustainable.  Our budget simply couldn’t handle spending so much on groceries every month.  And it bothered me that the quality wasn’t what I preferred.  I knew that it was time to make some serious changes.

What Happened Next

I sat down and got serious.  I created a plan.  I sweated over each dollar I would spend — and did spend.  I worked hard to come up with a way to realistically improve the quality of what we were eating — without spending my entire life in the kitchen — while drastically lowering the grocery budget.

Within a month, we had dropped our spending by 30 – 40%.  And yes, the quality of food we were eating went up dramatically.

So many families are struggling right now.  They need to lower their bills, and groceries are one area that can be very flexible.  Most families don’t want to rely on processed, junky food, nor subsist on only beans and rice.  It’s possible to do neither, and yet lower your grocery budget.  It only takes getting serious — and a solid plan.  But that’s not easy when you just don’t know where to start.

Let Me Teach You

This is based on a system that I’ve used on and off for the last five years.  When I use it, my budget is 30 – 50% lower than when I don’t — and we eat better, too.  It really works.

I’ll be running a week-long series, The Nourished Grocery Budget, from April 20 through 27th, teaching you my tricks.  I’ll be sharing recipes, meal plans, and the main information you need so that you can make this system work for you, too.

Join me for that series, and get all the information you need to get started on a path that will lower your grocery budget and increase the quality of food you eat.  While you’ll spend a little more time in the kitchen (probably), it won’t be several hours a day.


Is your grocery budget in need of an overhaul?

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