Healing with God’s Earthly Gifts: Natural and Herbal Remedies |

Healing with God’s Earthly Gifts: Natural and Herbal Remedies

healing with God's earthly gifts

Are you new to natural or herbal remedies?  Just starting to explore how they might benefit your family?

It’s overwhelming.  I get it.  A few years ago, I was in your shoes….

But now, I’m sharing what I’ve learned.  You don’t have to know anything about natural remedies to use this book.  But even if you’re well-versed in natural remedies, you still might pick up some new ideas and new recipes to use.  This book contains my absolute favorite remedies, the ones I use with my family all the time.  The ones I make over and over again.  The ones that you need to help your family, too.

There’s nothing worse than hearing “I don’t feel well” and suddenly realizing that you want to use a natural remedy, but you don’t have any clue where to start, and don’t have what you need in the house.  Never get caught unprepared again…let Healing with God’s Earthly Gifts revolutionize your medicine cabinet!

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Learn How Natural Remedies Work…and How to Use Them Safely

Natural doesn’t necessarily mean safe.  That’s why we start out by teaching you how to use natural and herbal remedies safely.  Some herbs are simply safer than others — and more versatile, too!  We focus on herbs which are safe for most people (and tell you who shouldn’t use them and why not) so that you can make an informed decision about which remedies are right for your family.

Get information on:

  • *Herbal Remedies Aren’t Always Safe (and why not)
  • *My 10 Favorite Herbs (get your medicine cabinet started!)
  • *Types of Herbal Preparations (learn the different ways you can use herbs and make your own remedies)
  • *Where to Buy Equipment

We’ll walk you through all the absolute basics of using herbs.  Tinctures?  Salves?  Decoctions?  We explain them all — what they are, when you’d use them, and how to make them.

If you’re not sure which remedy to choose for which symptom or conditions, worry no more!  Healing with God’s Earthly Gifts contains a chart that shows which herbs and which remedies work the best for which symptoms!  Check the chart and quickly know what you need.  For example, that Respiratory Ailment Syrup is a great choice for colds!

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 Get the Remedies You Need…No Guess Work

Making up your own remedies isn’t for many.  There are so many choices out there.  Which herbs are the best?  How should they be combined?  How should they be prepared?

Don’t guess!  Choose one of the tried-and-true recipes in Healing with God’s Earthly Gifts.  Pick your remedy based on the chart at the beginning of the book, then get the recipe and prepare it easily.  Many remedies will last several weeks to several months, so prepare them in advance based on what your family is likely to need so that when someone says “I don’t feel well,” you’re prepared!

Remedies include (bold = never before published anywhere!):

  • *Basic salve (directions to make your own out of any herbs!)
  • *Detox Baths 1 and 2
  • *Multivitamin Tincture
  • *Cold Kicker Tea 1 and 2
  • *Respiratory Ailment Syrup
  • *Honey-Infused Cough Syrup
  • *Homemade Vapor Rub
  • *Garlic-Mullein Oil
  • *Anti-Nausea Lozenges
  • *Anti-Everything Pills
  • *Sore Muscle and Headache Salve
  • *Anti-Fungal Foot Cream
  • *Sore Skin Salve
  • *Skin Tightening Lotion
  • *Healing Postpartum Bath
  • *Nourishing Hormone Balancing Tea
  • *Hypothyroid Tincture
  • *Calm Down Tincture
  • *Teething Tincture
  • *Magnesium Lotion
  • *Liver Pills

You can replace almost every item in a conventional medicine cabinet with these recipes!

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Treat Almost Anything…Naturally

Learn to treat almost any condition…naturally.  These remedies cover basically all common, acute illnesses.  (Of course, if you’re facing something serious, seek help from a medical professional.)  Healing with God’s Earthly Gifts equips you to know what to use whenever you hear things like “I scraped my knee” or “My tummy hurts!”

With the information in this book, you’ll be able to address*:

  • *Colds
  • *Coughs
  • *Flu
  • *Bronchitis
  • *Headaches
  • *Sore or strained muscles
  • *Indigestion
  • *Stomach viruses
  • *Insomnia
  • *Overexcited kids
  • *Ear infections
  • *Hypothyroidism**
  • *Fungal rashes
  • *Sinus infections
  • *…and more!

*Book is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice.

**See a doctor for diagnosis and management.  Remedy provided for informational purposes only.

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What Others Are Saying

 “I have used the recipes for me and my littles. Easy to follow and understand. Very useful for a mom trying to avoid Allopathic medicine when at all possible!” –Reader Merideth

This book is considered a must have for the natural remedies newbie, but I must admit, even as someone well acquainted with the world of natural remedies, I learned so much from this book! Healing With God’s Earthly Gifts totally takes the mystery out of herbs and other natural remedies. Everything is broken down into doable steps that don’t require a ton of equipment and ingredients. As a busy mom, I appreciate that so much! Kate has also been very careful to mention any contraindications so you know you are using your remedies safely. Excellent resource!” — Amy, Raising Arrows

This book is an essential in beginning with homemade remedies. It is a great witnessing tool to share with friends and families who do not know God as well. Must have! Check out her Facebook. page for more remedies Modern Alternative Mama.” –Reader Hilary

Get Your Copy Today

Pick up your copy of Healing With God’s Earthly Gifts right here.  Just click the ‘buy now’ button below.  You’ll pay through Paypal, then get an email giving you instant access via download.  If you’re looking for the Kindle version, you can find that right here.

If you  have any trouble with your download, please email kate@mam.parakino.com for help.  We would be happy to assist you!

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Hi, I’m Kate.  I love medical freedom, sharing natural remedies, developing real food recipes, and gentle parenting. My goal is to teach you how to live your life free from Big Pharma, Big Food, and Big Government by learning about herbs, cooking, and sustainable practices.

I’m the author of Natural Remedies for Kids and the owner and lead herbalist at EarthleyI hope you’ll join me on the journey to a free and healthy life!

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