My Baby Turned One: Is It Time to Wean?

Your baby has turned one, is it time to wean? There is a cultural norm in the U.S. to end the breastfeeding relationship at a year, if it has last that long. But is that the best thing to do?


Recipe Collection: Mint Extract

I like to combine this mint extract with chocolate in desserts, add it to ice cream, and so on.  A few drops of it could be added to tea or water for an upset tummy, too!

Why Judging Moms Makes Us All Worse Parents

Stop judging moms. If you see a mama struggling, smile at her.  Tell her she's doing a great job.  Tell her you've been there, too.  Do something to make her feel better.  Or do nothing.  But don't make it worse!


I’m Kate, mama to 5 and wife to Ben.  I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.  I’m also a big fan of “fancy” drinks (anything but plain water counts as ‘fancy’ in my world!) and I can’t stop myself from DIY-ing everything.  I sure hope you’ll stick around so I can get to know you better!

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