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Welcome!  I’m Kate, the original Modern Alternative Mama.

I’ve been at this natural living gig since early 2009, although I’ve been interested in natural health my whole life.  When I was a little kid, my dad did yoga, was a vegetarian, and was very insistent that we take our supplements!

This grew into a passion for herbalism, gardening (I have nearly 50 indoor plants and a 1000-sq-ft+ outdoor garden), cooking from scratch, and more.  As I’ve learned, I’ve been eager to share with others, and help them towards a natural and healthy life, too.  That’s how the blog was born.

I’m a mama to 6 kids — 5 of whom were born at home — and we unschool, practice gentle parenting, full-term breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and all that good stuff.  We live on a peaceful 10-acre homestead, where we play in the creek and look forward to dandelion season every year.

I’m now a professional herbalist and owner of Earthley Wellness (one of the fastest-growing businesses in the Midwest Region in 2021 and 2022, and in the whole country in 2021 according to Inc Magazine), as well as the author of Natural Remedies for Kids, published by Quarto Press in August, 2015.

I hope you’ll stick around here so we can do life together!

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    Hi, I’m Kate.  I love medical freedom, sharing natural remedies, developing real food recipes, and gentle parenting. My goal is to teach you how to live your life free from Big Pharma, Big Food, and Big Government by learning about herbs, cooking, and sustainable practices.

    I’m the author of Natural Remedies for Kids and the owner and lead herbalist at EarthleyI hope you’ll join me on the journey to a free and healthy life!

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