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10 Essential Oils Every Mama Needs

admin December 8, 2015

10 Essential Oils Every Mama Needs

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Not long ago, I found myself with a gift card for $20 to buy essential oils.  I was so excited!  What was I going to add to my collection?

I spent far too much time examining all of the choices, adding up their costs, deciding exactly what I should buy and how much of each.  (If you’re curious, I went with blood orange, palmarosa, and a blend called Love Vanilla.)

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Essential oils are something I enjoy adding to my life.  In fact, this past Mother’s Day, I gave my mom a diffuser and Germ Fighter blend, which I know she loves.

But essential oils are more than something that just smell good.  They have some truly awesome uses around the house — for cleaning and sanitizing, and for helping the little ones.  There are some essential oils that every mama should just have in her arsenal.  (Hint, hint — get her some for Christmas.)  These are my top 10!

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10 Essential Oils Every Mama Needs

1. Lavender

You just have to have this one.  This is like the duct tape of essential oils…it fixes everything.  Lavender helps to promote restful sleep, calms an anxious child (or adult), soothes burns, helps to stop bleeding, and lots more.  It’s baby and child-safe. (Buy here)

2. Sweet orange

This is another that is really handy.  It’s a mild sedative, so it can be used to help promote restful sleep (try blending with lavender).  It can stop cramping, so a little (diluted) rubbed on a child’s upset tummy can help, or on a coughing child’s chest.  It’s a natural antibacterial, so it can be used to keep small cuts clean.  It’s baby and child-safe. (Buy here)

3. Lemon

This oil is so fresh smelling!  It’s antibacterial, so it’s great for cleaning.  It also helps to promote the breakdown of fat, so adding it to lotions to rub on cellulite may help.  Diluted, it could be used as a mouthwash (if you’re okay with oral use, but don’t swallow).  Its fresh scent improves mood.  And, diluted, it can be used on your face to promote healthy skin and help fight acne.  This is baby and child-safe. (Buy here)

4. Copaiba

This oil is a great anti-inflammatory.  It can be used in lotions or creams on skin, to tighten skin and make it look smoother and younger.  It can also be used on minor cuts and scrapes to reduce inflammation and pain and assist in the healing process.  Diffusing it helps with respiratory health, promoting clearer breathing.  This is baby and child-safe. (Buy here)

5. Tea Tree

This is one of the best oils for disinfecting.  It’s a great one to use in laundry or add to dishwasher powder.  It goes great in diaper pails too!  It’s also beneficial to speed healing on the skin and help heal acne.  I sometimes add a few drops to my lavender and green clay mask.  This one shouldn’t be used topically on kids under 2.  (Buy here)

6. Peppermint

This one’s a great one for you, mama.  Peppermint is very cooling, and is good for headaches and sore muscles.  It’s also good for upset stomachs or even pregnancy-related nausea.  It’s good to promote clearer breathing during a cold or allergies.  Don’t use this with kids under 10, and don’t use topically if you’re pregnant or nursing (diffusing is okay).  (Buy here)

7. Citronella

Most of us have heard of citronella candles.  This essential oil is what makes them work!  It’s a good, natural bug spray (dilute it in a roll-on or in witch hazel and spray on).  It also helps to boost mood, and is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  This is baby and child-safe.  (Buy here)

8. Ginger

This oil is so beneficial!  It is great for upset stomachs — diluted, rub on the outside or diffuse it.  It helps reduce gas.  It also is an anti-inflammatory and reduces muscle pain, and is good for respiratory illnesses as well.  This is baby and child-safe.  (Buy here)

9. Frankincense

This oil was one of the gifts to baby Jesus, and for good reason!  It’s beneficial for oral health (use diluted in toothpaste or mouth wash to eliminate bacteria), it helps to fight bacterial infections, it helps smooth and tighten skin and reduce redness, soothes indigestion and gas, and more.  This is baby and child-safe.  Do not use during pregnancy. (Buy here)

10. Love Vanilla

This is one of my favorite blends and I couldn’t not include it.  This one’s definitely for you, mama.  It’s a blend of ylang-ylang and vanilla, and it promotes relaxation, closeness, and other forms of bonding. 🙂  Try blending with your favorite carrier oil to use as a massage oil.  Kids can use it, too, blended with lavender to promote restful sleep.  This is baby and child-safe.  (Buy here)

Which essential oils do you use most often?

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  1. What is the copaiba used for?


  2. We use Tea Tree in the diaper pail, on the rare occasions when we need it. It works great. But, our diaper pail rarely smells (we use cloth diapers, poopy ones sprayed out).


  3. I use lavender, Roman chamomile, peppermint, & clary sage the most


  4. Why can’t you use frankincense while pregnant? My midwives recommend it to me, I even used it in my tub while in labor with my first. I take baths now (pregnant with my second) in Epsom salts, lavender, and frankincense. It’s the only thing that helps mys chronic migraines. I’m really interested in what makes it not recommended for pregnancy. Don’t want to be making a mistake!


  5. I try to be careful with oils since i have young children (including one nursing baby). I have wanted to try the love vanilla but hesitated since it is not listed on Plant Therapy’s child safe section. Is there a reason you list it as child safe? Thanks


  6. Love Vanilla is not actually child safe (under the description on Plant Therapy’s site it says “NO” for Kidsafe). It is also not a good idea to put citrus oils on your skin if you’re going to be in the sun. Since one drop of any essential oil is something like the equivalent to drinking 70 cups of tea, it is a good idea to be careful.


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