Recipe Collection: Strawberry-Lime Smoothie |

Recipe Collection: Strawberry-Lime Smoothie

admin November 24, 2014

When I was a little kid, my family always broke out the strawberry daiquiris around the holidays.  Some years they were virgin, and I was allowed to have one.  Some years they weren’t…and I might have gotten a small sip.  These were always made with a frozen mix, though, which included corn syrup and all kinds of other junk.

Eventually, I figured out that these yummy drinks were really just a combination of strawberry and lime.  Of course!

I set out to re-create the drink as a healthy “smoothie” that the whole family could enjoy.  And they do — my kids start cheering and jumping when they find out I have made smoothie!

If you were so inclined, you could replace half to 3/4 of the water with rum, obviously for adults only!  (3/4 c. rum should be about 1 oz. per serving.)  I prefer the virgin version personally…just as yummy, no need to limit how much I have!


Strawberry-Lime Slushie


  • 6 limes, juiced (about 3/4 c.)
  • 1 1/2 c. frozen strawberries
  • 1/3 c. organic sugar or raw honey
  • 1 c. water
  • 1 – 2 c. ice


Add everything except the ice to a blender and blend until smooth.  Add the ice a little at a time, until you have achieved the desired consistency.  Serve immediately.  Makes about 6 1-cup servings.

What is your favorite “fancy” drink?

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