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My Stay-Well Travel Arsenal

admin December 16, 2013


Christmas is coming!

For a lot of you, and me too, that means travel is coming too.  I don’t know about you, but I never feel my best when I travel.  There is a lot of “compromise” foods in restaurants, the stress of traveling, lack of sleep, etc.  And I can’t carry my giant herb bag and all of my other supplies on trips — it’s just not feasible.  So what’s a natural mama to do?

I have a small arsenal of my key remedies that I carry with me…just in case.  These remedies help us to (hopefully) stay healthy, as well as addressing the most common complaints should anyone feel ill.

What’s In My Arsenal

This is what I keep with me.

Liver Pills

Liver pills are high in B vitamins, iron, and an ‘energy’ factor that’s unexplained (see here for more information on that).  I make my own from grass-fed, dehydrated liver.  Each day, I take 4, and I give my kids 1.  My boys like them so much that they will chew them!

Helps –> Increase energy, increase immunity, prevent anemia.


Gelatin is something we don’t get enough of.  It’s an incomplete protein, but one that is high in glycine — an amino acid that is low in muscle meats.  When we have too much muscle meat and not enough gelatin (also organ meat), we get too much cysteine and tryptophan, which can be pro-inflammatory.  (We need these amino acids; it’s the imbalance that causes inflammation.)  Gelatin has also been known to increase hair and nail strength, make muscles stronger, soothe digestive issues, repair cartilege and soft tissues, and more.  Anecdotal evidence suggests it may heal joints and has even prevented a need for surgery in some.

My personal experience has been that I am much stronger (just a couple weeks after starting gelatin, I was able to cross the monkey bars for the first time in years — supporting my own weight) and it helps digestion.  Each day, I take 2 tbsp. dissolved in diluted juice or tea.  I buy this grass-fed brand (affiliate link).

Helps –> muscles, joints, hair, skin, nails, digestion.


I believe that probiotic foods are a better way to get probiotics, but this isn’t always possible, especially while traveling.  Our guts are made up of trillions of bacteria, and these are responsible for breaking down our food, extracting and using vitamins and minerals, synthesizing some vitamins, warding off illness (both physical and mental), and more.  We, as a society, really underestimate the importance!

I take a probiotic supplement daily (and try to include probiotic foods like kombucha, water kefir, and fermented veggies when I can).  I choose Garden of Life for Women, 85 billion CFU (affiliate link).

Helps –> general nutrition, immune boost, stomach illnesses

Cod Liver Oil

This is one supplement that I don’t always remember to take, but I try to do it especially if we’re out and about, or if we’ve been exposed to anything (or if we get sick).  It contains large amounts of natural vitamins D, A, and DHA, ARA, and other essential fatty acids.  These can help to ward off illnesses, and are especially effective for us with colds.  We gave the kids big doses before going to a children’s museum on our last trip, and despite a lengthy stay in a ball pit, none came down with anything.  Get it here (affiliate link).

This one is also pretty important for most people, especially pregnant and nursing women and young kids, because it helps with immune system, brain development, and more.

Helps –> depression, anxiety, immune function, brain development, and more

My Stay-Well Travel Arsenal

Anti-Everything Pills

These contains turmeric, acerola, and goldenseal powders.  They are high in vitamin C.  They are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.  They can address just about any “condition” you might face (acute condition, that is) and are a great way to take powerful, natural medicine on the road.  I make these, and they are simple to make.

These are taken only “as needed.”  I take 1 – 2 if anything comes up, otherwise I do not take them.

Helps –> headaches, muscle aches, upset stomachs, colds, flu, menstrual cramps, and more

Magnesium Lotion

This is a must-have for me.  I make it myself.  It contains high amounts of topical magnesium, which many people are deficient in, and which is depleted during times of stress.  It helps with sleep, sore muscles, headaches, muscle aches, blood sugar issues, and so much more.  I use it nightly, so of course it goes with me when I’m away.  It has also been beneficial on children who have trouble sleeping or who have growing pains.  I use it on myself everyday, but on others (especially kids) “as needed.”  Kids get it maybe once a month.

Helps –> headaches, insomnia, growing pains, muscle aches, nausea (sometimes), and more

My Stay-Well Travel Arsenal

Extra Stuff

For the most part, this is what goes with me.  This is the core of my arsenal.  If we are already sick when we go, I might take other things with me to address them.  Last time we traveled, the baby had a cold.  I brought this amazing cold fixer syrup, which I took (he is exclusively breastfed) and it helped clear up his cold in a matter of days.

I also take sore muscle and headache salve, especially if we’ll be traveling for a longer period of time.  It’s great for, as the name suggests, sore muscles and headaches.  It also helps sunburns and is good as a massage oil.

If I have a teething baby, I may take this teething tincture, or the herbs to make teething tea.

I occasionally take single herbs, but I rarely ever use them.

That’s it!  A fairly simple arsenal, and one that’s easy to take along.

What do you take with you to keep your family healthy while traveling?

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  1. Wow, thank you, this is great! One question if you have a minute: what do you give for fevers (if you treat them)?


  2. Thanks for sharing this! It can be a challenge especially at this time of year!
    I’m a big fan of turmeric so I’m really excited to try the “Anti-everything” pills!

    Amita Patel


  3. I have to try the anti everything pills. I’m a big fan of goldenseal. I always travel with the essential oil mixture called thieves.


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