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Top 7 Items For Your Travel Natural Medicine Kit

beth September 5, 2013

travel natural medicine kit

By Nina, Contributing Writer

Since becoming more “crunchy,” I’ve been known to carry certain natural remedies with me wherever I go.

This travel natural medicine kit is smaller than my natural first aid kit, and fit nicely in a small pouch, much like this pouch that I made to use as a purse. My travel essential oil vials get wrapped in the bubble wrap the bigger bottles came in to keep them safer.

Top 7 Items in Your Travel Natural Medicine Kit

Healing Balm

I use a healing balm that’s infused with lots of healing and soothing herbs, as well as a number of beneficial essential oils. It works great for easing pain, speeding healing and moisturizing. You can find a similar recipe (and my entire first aid kit) here.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is great for burns, soothing irritated skin, bug bites and alleviating headaches. For burns, we run the burn under cold water if it”s available, put on some lavender essential oil (make sure you”re using a 100% pure oil), then layer with healing balm.

In our experience, the pain dissipates quickly and the redness quickly follows.

Digestive Help Essential Oil Blend

I am such a huge fan of the digestive essential oil blend from a major essential oil company that I think every household should have it. No matter what the stomach discomfort is caused by, this stuff makes it stop super fast. I recommend it for all digestive disorders, especially when traveling because it’s super easy to use. If you use oils from a different essential oil company, look for their blend for digestive upset or sub peppermint essential in its place.

To use, rub it on the painful area on your stomach. For kids, apply to their tummies or the bottoms of their feet.  Make sure to dilute properly in a roller bottle.

Breathing Help Essential Oil Blend

We use it for all things respiratory, including wheezing, congestion and coughs. Look for a company’s respiratory blend or sub eucalyptus essential in its place.

To use, I apply it to the bottoms of the feet, on the chest and on the back, properly diluted in carrier oil (try a roller bottle).


We use frankincense in a number of ways. It can be blended with lavender for headaches. Also, it quickly relieves the pain of a bee sting and is great for putting on other bug bites. I’ve also used it with success for dizziness recently – diffuse or rub on, diluted, the temples. This is a great oil to have on hand wherever you go.


I like to keep a few lozenges on hand for coughs and sore throats. Try making your own with this simple recipe.

Headache Balm

I had an a-ha moment the other day when I realized that the lavender mint lip balm I carried around with me could also be used as a headache balm. Of course! I often layer the two essential oils on my head if I have a headache, and when added to coconut oil and wax, it’s super convenient to use. I store it in 1/2 oz tins.

Do you carry a travel natural medicine kit? What do you use most?

This is the writings of:

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about this travel kit because I am someone who always thinks about evidence based medicine, adverse effects and interactions. I just think that under each item there should be a sentence or two about potential interactions because although these are natural oils they still can be cause unwanted effects.
    For example: According to Natural Standard, lavender has traces of coumarin, so I would be careful to recommend that to someone on anti-coagulation therapy. Eucalyptus oil should be avoided in infants and young children due to case reports of significant toxicity following oral and topical exposure. Even peppermint oil should be avoided around the facial or chest areas of infants and young children, especially around the nose, because the menthol constituent can induce apnea, laryngeal and bronchial spasm, acute respiratory distress with cyanosis, or respiratory arrest if applied directly to these areas. In conclusion, just be informed and safe. Natural medicine also carries adverse effects, contraindications and precautions.


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