Spring Water: How to Find a Source

beth May 6, 2013

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By Sara Baker, Contributing Writer

Why Spring Water?

Water is vital to life. To find a good source is of utmost importance to help one’s health. We can’t survive without water, and we are harmed by all the fluoride, chlorine, chemicals and contaminants of tap water. Bottled water most times is just glorified tap water and bottled in BPA-filled plastic, and many water filters take out everything that is good for you in the water, sometimes still leaving behind fluoride or other contaminants. What is a health-minded person to do?

Drink Spring water of course!

Spring water is filled with minerals and is usually more balanced in ph levels. The taste is incredible and so crisp, and hydrates so effectively.

Where Can I Find It?

It may be easier than you think!

My first step would be to type “spring water” into Google.

My second choice would be to use Find A Spring.

To be thorough, I would complete both searches.

Once you have found a Spring near you, I would do some research about ph levels of the water and how regularly they test the water. The Spring we use tests the water regularly for minerals and contaminants and it is made public knowledge. Sometimes you can test water yourself. Do what makes you feel the most comfortable!

Some Details to Remember

1) You will need a towel and water jugs to transport water in, and a vehicle.

2) Water is heavy so if you cannot do any lifting, be sure to take an able-bodied person with you.

3) Bring cash or quarters just in case there is a cost.

4) Even if it is a long drive to arrive, it may be worth it to purchase quite a few storage bottles so as to lessen your trips, or find someone local with you to take turns driving.

5) Enjoy the trip. Our spring has beautiful scenery, so going to get water is often an enjoyable task. Enjoy a drink of water, cold and fresh from the spring and breathe the fresh air.

6) Have a glass pitcher or ceramic stand to dispense water from once you get home.

Do You Drink Spring Water?


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  1. What are your thoughts on well water? We do not have a filter but it’s definitely not city water!


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