“How Do I Treat a Sinus Headache (and Infection)?” And Weekend Links |

“How Do I Treat a Sinus Headache (and Infection)?” And Weekend Links

nina February 9, 2013

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By Nina, Modern Alternative Pregnancy editor

Each weekend, in addition to sharing all the awesome links and news from around our network, we also share and answer a reader’s question.  This week we’re talking about treating sinus headaches (and infections) naturally.

This week, a reader asked:

Hello! I’m 21 weeks pregnant and have been having major sinus headaches. I had sinus issues with the last pregnancy too but this has been way worse. I will have a constant severe ( feels like my head will explode) headache for several days then feel better for about a week and it’s back again. Last pregnancy sudafed type meds did nothing and I’d rather not take meds if I can help it. I do use a netti pot, take the herbal multivitamin and some FCLO. I’m at my wits end….and advice? Thanks!

Sinus headaches are often caused by inflammation or congestion of the sinuses, also known as sinusitis or sinus infections. The resulting pressure can cause headaches that are made worse by temperature changes or by simply bending over.

Sinus infections can be caused by viral, fungal or bacterial infections. They can also be the result of food intolerances, which cause inflammation in the body. Many doctors will prescribe antibiotics or recommend over-the-counter nasal sprays, but, as our name implies, we prefer an alternative approach – a holistic one. These suggestions will help not only with symptoms, but for getting to the root cause of the inflammation.

Here are a few ideas for treating your sinus infection (and headache) naturally: 

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

FCLO is an excellent immune system booster and if you’re not already taking it, we highly suggest adding 1 tsp. to your daily routine. When your immune system is working well, it can prevent and quickly knock out sinusitis.

Remove Possible Allergens

One possible cause of sinus infection is food allergies. Eating foods that your body can’t tolerate can result in inflammation all over your body, your sinus cavities being a more obvious area. Possible causes could be eggs, corn, soy, gluten, sugar or dairy. If you suspect one (or more) of these could be the problem, remove it from your diet and note any changes in symptoms.

Essential Oils

Certain essential oils can help your body quickly recover from a sinus infection, thanks to their antimicrobial properties. Peppermint oil or eucalyptus in a humidifier can help to open up your nasal passageways. If your nose is really stuffed up, you can dilute peppermint oil and rub it on your nose. It works fast! (Make sure you stay clear of your eyes – it burns.) Another great oil to put on your nose is frankincense.


You can also irrigate using a Neti pot with a saline solution. This can help clear out excess blockage, relieve pressure and stimulate healing. Essential oils can also come into play here, as long as you’re using therapeutic-grade oils. After you add the saline solution to your Neti pot, you can add a combination of essential oils like frankincense, melaleuca, rosemary or lavender. Go here for exact instructions.

Chiropractic Care

Want another great reason to visit your chiropractor? Spinal adjustments can help get rid of sinus headaches.

Chiropractors help to relieve interference in the central nervous system. “When interference is present, your body cannot function efficiently, ” observes this busy chiropractor in Newburyport. “When the interference is removed, your body works properly, your sinuses drain effectively and there’s no buildup of mucous to cause a blockage in the first place!” (source)

Your spine might be out of alignment and pinching or pressing on a nerve, causing sinus inflammation. A chiropractic adjustment can realign your spine, removing the pressure and allowing your body to heal.

Weekend Links

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Have a great weekend!


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  1. Interesting, thanks for sharing.
    I suffer from sinus infection and cannot live without a good dose of saline liquid clearing out my nostrils and sinuses in the morning and evening. It just manages to clear everything out and open those sinuses up a bit!


  2. Thank you very much,Nina!Recently I found an old book about oil’s effect. So reading your post I really can see the practical effect. Thank you for sharing your story, now I’m sure I want to try.


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