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DIY: Nursing Mama Tea

admin June 29, 2015

This is a super simple tea and one that I consider absolutely necessary.  I’ve been making this as an infusion every day, and it really helps.  It has helped me heal, feel more normal, improved hormone balance and – yes, it increases milk supply.

There are some optional ingredients that you can add to boost milk supply even more.  I don’t add them because I have plenty for both my newborn and toddler and don’t want to increase beyond that.

It’s a yummy, nourishing tea that is also safe for the rest of the family, so you can make a lot and share if you like.  My family really likes it, so I make a half gallon per day and usually drink about half of it myself, and share the rest.

Nursing Mama Tea

I use very similar ingredients to my third trimester tea, which I credit with reducing both the severity and duration of my afterpains this time.  They were not quite as strong or painful, and they lasted barely more than 24 hours.  That was really nice!  I barely even had to use my afterpains tincture (which, again, uses similar ingredients).

Super simple to make.  And you’ll want to keep at least the first two ingredients on hand pretty much always…at least if you’re like me!  They help with cramping and periods, too, so even if you’re not in a pregnancy-breastfeeding part of your life, they are still very helpful.

Nursing Mama Tea


  • 2 parts red raspberry leaf
  • 2 parts nettle leaf
  • 1 part spearmint leaf
  • 1/2 part fenugreek seed optional
  • 1/2 part motherwort optional; good for anxiety


  • Pick a weight measurement, say, 1 oz. and use that for each "part."  Blend together and keep in a big bag or a glass jar.  Since it's dry, I just use a bag
  • Put a big handful into a pot of cold, filtered water to brew. (I'd estimate I use about 3/4 c. for a half gallon). 
  • Bring it to a boil, then shut it off and let it steep for a few hours. 
  • Strain, discard the herbs, and sweeten lightly if desired. I like to add 1 - 2 tbsp. of raw honey per half gallon.

Do you drink a nursing mama tea?

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