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Electrolyte Concentrate Ice Cubes (Quick and Easy Remedy)

admin October 7, 2013

Several months back, I published my electrolyte drink recipe.  It’s great stuff — good for exercising, fall sports, and stomach viruses.  Really any time you need rehydrating. But, you know…if you’re sick, right now, are you going to want to stand up for 10 minutes to make this?  What if you don’t even have the ingredients in the house?  Are you going to run to the store for honey or ginger?  I wouldn’t.

This is my solution.  I’m making a concentrated version of it and freezing in ice cubes, so that when you need it, it’s just a minute away…and really simple.

Electrolyte Concentrate Ice Cubes (Quick and Easy Remedy)


  • 4 – 5 slices of fresh ginger*
  • 6 lemons, juiced*
  • 1/2 – 3/4 c. honey
  • 1 tbsp. sea salt
  • Filtered water

*If you don’t like this ginger-lemon flavor (which is admittedly great for stomach issues), you can try these flavors (other ingredients remain the same):

  • Orange-Vanilla: Juice of 8 fresh lemons + 2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • Lemon: Juice of 6 fresh lemons (skip ginger)
  • Cherry: 1/4 c. cherry juice concentrate
  • Strawberry-lemon: Juice of 4 fresh lemons + 1/2 c. pureed strawberries
  • Grape: 1/2 c. grape juice


Boil some water (about 1 – 2 cups) with the sliced ginger.


Boil this mixture for 10 – 15 min., then let it sit for about 2 – 3 hours.  You want it to be really strong. Meanwhile, juice your lemons.


See how strong your ginger tea got?  It’s really deep gold now.


Combine your ginger tea (remove the ginger pieces) and honey in a bowl.  I used just under 1/2 c. but the resulting drinks won’t be very sweet at all.  3/4 c. makes them lightly sweet, because this is going to make 12 24-oz. bottles later.  That’s just 1 tbsp. per 24 oz. bottle if you use the full 3/4 c.  But, you choose.


Add your lemon juice to this, and the salt.


Stir it all up until the honey and salt are dissolved.  Then, add enough filtered water to make 3 cups total mix.


Now, fill up ice cube trays with it.  It should make about 24 ice cubes (assuming your trays are 1 oz. per cube, which most are).


Freeze for a good 24 hours.  Because of the relatively high sugar and salt content, they will not be solid like normal ice.  They will be a bit tacky.  That’s okay!  Just pop them out and throw them in a bag.

When you need it, put one ice cube into 7 oz. of warm water and let it dissolve.  Stir, and drink.  You could choose to mix it in 4 oz. water and add a few ice cubes to cool it back down after mixing the drink, if you prefer.  And of course you can scale up if you want — 4 ice cubes go in a quart jar.  It’s super simple and quick to make when you need it!

Have you ever tried an electrolyte concentrate?


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  1. LOVE this! Thank you!


  2. Thanks for this! We love the drink recipe, but I don’t always have lemons and ginger around. I’m definitely going to do this so we’re prepared for any winter illnesses we have this year!


  3. I am a huge fan of Ginger, so I am definitely going to try this!!!!


  4. Looks wonderful – Kate. Sharing on Fb right now.


  5. The orange vanilla flavor sounds good – but your recipe indicates to use lemons instead of oranges.
    Do you mean to use ginger tea with all of the flavors except the lemon?

    Thanks for this recipe, I am making it now!


  6. Easy to follow and very useful. Thanks for writing this article.


  7. Thank you. Pineapple/ lemon/ ginger also taste good together. I have some in the deep freeze, and it tastes good as a hot tea.


  8. I have ginger tumeric tea could i use that?


  9. […] also put quite a bit of nourishing food in my freezer, plus I’ll have these electrolyte concentrate ice cubes in the freezer so anyone can bring me a healthy drink.  I’ll be eating and drinking a lot to […]


  10. I am allergic to lemon. Can limes be substituted?


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