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Easy Honey Butter Popcorn

abykm91 April 1, 2014

Looking for a quick sweet treat that isn’t horrible for you and is made with real food? This honey butter popcorn perfectly fits the bill!

By Julia Mangan, Contributing Writer

It’s DIY month around here — we do this every April, and this is our third annual DIY month! We love to encourage you to do things yourself, in your home. All month long we’ll be sharing projects, recipes, remedies, crafts, and more with you.

If you want a quick sweet treat that isn’t horrible for you and is made with real food, I’ve got something that perfectly fits the bill! This honey butter popcorn is delicious, quick and easy for an after dinner treat or midday snack.

Honey Butter Popcorn

To begin, measure out 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels.

 popcorn kernels and coconut oil

Next, measure out 2 T or so of coconut oil. You’ll want to melt it if it’s solid.

Now it’s time to pop your popcorn! Popping your popcorn can be done in three different ways: over the stove, in a popcorn popper or in the microwave.  If you are using a popcorn popper, follow your manufacturer’s instructions.

Easy Honey Butter Popcorn

If you are using the microwave, pour your kernels into a paper bag. Then pour in your coconut oil. Fold the bag down several times and then shake, shake, shake! Place the bag in your microwave and cook for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes until there are about 2 seconds between pops.

Now that your popcorn is all ready, transfer it to a bowl and get ready to melt your butter. Melt about 3 T. of butter on medium to low heat over the stove in a small saucepan.

melting butter

As soon as your butter has melted, remove your pan from heat and stir in a T. or so of raw, local honey. Since raw honey has a strong flavor, I like to do a T. or less at a time, stir it and let it combine and then taste it (but don’t burn yourself!) If you can’t taste the honey, add a little more until it is to your liking. You want it sweet but not overpowering!

The last step is to drizzle your delicious warm butter and honey mixture over your popcorn. If you’d like, go ahead and sprinkle some Real Salt over it after your pour on the honey butter. Serve immediately as it is best fresh!

 What is your favorite topping for popcorn?


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