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Calm Kid Essential Oil Blend

admin August 6, 2015

calm kid essential oil blend

This week, our kids have been going to VBS at church.  It’s been great, mostly — they love going, they’re having lots of fun, and they’re with some of their friends.  But, the aftermath has been a little bit not great.  They’re not used to getting up and going out early (we leave a little after 8, which is early for us) and being busy for all of every morning.  It’s a lot.

In the afternoons they’ve been too wound up to nap — those who normally do, anyway — and the ones who don’t are clearly tired and irritable anyway.  They don’t want to listen when I ask them to clean up or help with anything.  And this isn’t typical for them at all, it’s clearly because of how busy we’ve been in the mornings.

We needed a little help.  This is temporary, but there will be other times that we’re busy, out of our routine, or just have a crazy day for no apparent reason.  And in those cases, I need something that can help them calm down a bit and feel more balanced.

Enter, calm kid essential oil blend.

Calm Kid Essential Oil Blend

This blend combines a couple citrus oils and lavender, with optional jasmine (because I love it so much).  Citrus oils and lavender are all known for inducing calm, peace, and rest.  There are other oils that you could include, too, but these are among the most affordable, ones that most people will have around.  I went for simple here.

This is super quick to make, too, and portable.  I keep it either in my medicine cabinet at home, or in my purse.  I got my essential oil rollers right here.  I am using Plant Therapy essential oils, because after much research, those are the ones I personally trust the most and choose to buy.



Step 1: Put the essential oils into a 10 ml roller bottle.

Step 2: Fill the bottle with carrier oil (I used avocado this time, I sometimes use apricot, olive, or sweet almond).

Step 3: Pop in the top, screw on the cap, and shake to combine.

I roll a small amount across the kids’ wrists when they are wild or otherwise need to calm down.  Roll a small amount on any pulse points and encourage rest.

How do you help your kids calm down?

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  1. I personally use and love Plant Therapy oils. One of the great things I love about the company is that they promote safe usage with oils. They recommend using a 1-2% dilution of EO’s to 10 ml of carrier oil, especially for children. That would be 3-6 drops of total EO’s in your roller bottle. I am curious as to why you are using such a high amount of essential oils?


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