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Expo East and West MANDATE Big Pharma

admin March 4, 2022

Recently, I was talking to my team about events — specifically, us attending as vendors.  Many events are small and we unfortunately don’t have the staff or time to be able to do everything.

“But the one we should definitely attend is Expo West!” I told them.  “It’s THE event of the year.  All the major players attend.”  And that’s true — every major natural company you’ve probably heard of is there, and many you probably haven’t.  Press and influencers go.  Major retailers go.  It’s the best place to get “seen” and grow your brand’s presence.

Then I dug into their rules…and realized something awful.

They are requiring masks to be worn at all times (absolutely no exceptions) and also require proof-of-vaccination to be shown at the door or a professional test administered within 72 hours (no at-home tests).

This honestly just makes them Big Pharma shills.  The “natural” industry has gone off the rails.

Expo East and West MANDATE Big Pharma

Tell me you don’t trust anything about natural health without telling me you don’t trust anything about natural health.

“We sell natural products that we want to get into other peoples’ hands to make the world a better place!  …but don’t you dare come near us unless you’re masked and triple vaccinated first.”

I don’t have a problem with individual people in the natural industry personally choosing to wear a mask or get vaccinated.  I believe in medical freedom, and that means allowing people to make whatever choice they want, whether or not I agree with it.

I have a big problem with them mandating that we use Big Pharma products before we can discuss natural!

Expo West happens annually in California during the second week of March.  The state has recently lifted all indoor mask mandates.  The conference has acknowledged that the rules and guidelines have changed, but stated that they have chosen to keep the mandates in place.  This is not about a state or venue’s rules, they are doing this.

They have decided that to exist purposely in Big Pharma’s shadow, continuing to center Big Pharma in all of the “health” info and choices that we make.

The Natural Industry Should Be Better

Natural health is more than just avoiding a few toxins.  It’s a whole lifestyle of making choices that are better for individuals, communities, and the environment.

In many cases, they seem to understand this.  They rail against the overuse of prescription drugs, the opioid crisis, the fact that seriously toxic ingredients are allowed in our food supply and personal care products (much worse than what’s allowed in other countries).  They understand the damage that these mainstream systems are doing to our health.

But not vaccines.  They will not question those.

Have you ever really thought about that?  How literally everything else can be questioned, should be questioned?  How they rail against opioids and the greed of Big Pharma and Big Food and Big Skin Care (and so on)?  They’re greedy corporations who will do anything to make more profit!

Then you mention vaccines and they stop talking very fast.  It’s a magical subject, in that it cannot be questioned whatsoever.  Vaccines are always good, for everyone, in every situation, and do not cause any harm, and are the only thing keeping our society together.  Literally nothing is that good…isn’t it very, very weird?  If it’s not, it should be.

The natural health industry has fallen for this just like everyone else.  They should be sanity in a world that is filled with madness.

The Natural Product is Missing the Point

The natural industry is quite large and powerful, and they have lobbyists.  These lobbyists try to get favorable laws passed, just like any other industry.  They like that supplements don’t have to be approved by any government body before they can be marketed to the public.

They also lobby for access.  Making alternative modalities like chiropractic, acupuncture, etc. legal and recognized, getting it covered by insurance, etc.

I support all of this.  I believe transparency and access matter, and people should get to make their own choices about their health, without the interference of a governmental body.  I believe that companies can and do hold themselves to high standards in most cases (I have learned a lot about this as an owner of a multi-million dollar natural product brand).

But the flip side of all of this is the right to make your own health decisions, including whether or not to wear a mask or receive a vaccination.  How can they have such a blind spot there?

The natural products industry needs to get on the right side of history here.  Demanding that people take Big Pharma’s products is not it.  They need to uphold bodily autonomy and the very basic human right to decide what goes into or onto your body.  It is the only way to a better situation.

The Big Problem with Big Pharma

The big problem with Big Pharma isn’t that it exists.  It’s that it has a stranglehold on our country.  They have posed themselves as the only solution to our health needs.  The default choice for health.  The only ones who actually “understand science” enough to take care of people.

This is sanctimonious and ridiculous.

We do need some aspects of allopathy — trauma care, organ transplants, emergency surgeries.  I don’t want to see these things go away!  They do save lives, and they are important.

But there are many times that allopathy simply doesn’t have the answers.  About 80% of our country’s health needs would be better managed through a variety of other health modalities.  We need allopathy to work respectfully alongside all of these other modalities, each being the go-to option where it shines most.

It is up to the natural industry — made up of these other modalities! — to create this change.  And they cannot and will not as long as they bow at the altar of Big Pharma and use it as a gatekeeper before anyone can access or understand alternatives.  They also undermine their fields by not trusting their roots or intentions and believing that Big Pharma is the only thing that can actually “work.”  (Which it seems they do believe if they force masks and vaccination and don’t accept “I have a diet and supplement routine that keeps me healthy.”)

The natural industry is useless if they don’t create real change.

This is a call to all natural companies out there: be better.  Reject mandates.  Stand for personal choice in health, and support and encourage people to choose natural whenever it is the best option.  Insist upon medical freedom.

To all the consumers out there: know the companies you’re supporting.  Don’t buy from “natural” companies that act as Big Pharma puppets.  Vote with your dollars for medical freedom every day.

We can make a real change in the world, but it starts by fully embracing medical freedom.

How do you feel about “natural” companies or events forcing masks or vaccines?

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  1. I too am so stunned at the alternative and complimentary medicine community. I have been practicing as a Birth and Postpartum educator and doula for 40 years and have worked closely with Naturopaths, midwives, doulas, acupuncturists…. the list goes on. 90% of our community rushed out and got the jab.., immediately. These are women who did not vaccinate their own children but are prepared to give the covid shot to their teens.
    I am thinking we should start a letter writing campaign! Would you be willing to put together a simple template that your readers could personalize and give an address? With your massive mailing list they should sit up and take notice.
    God Bless and protect you for speaking out!
    Warm Regards,


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this- now more than ever we who believe in the fundamentals of medical freedom and the healing power of the human body have to stand strong and united.

    They hypocrisy of a natural health expo requiring all participants to use conventional -and at best unproven -medical interventions is beyond absurd. It is very sad that fear and ignorance still grip so many.


  3. Wow. Just wow. This honestly makes me question whether the people putting on the Expo are committed to natural products or if they are jumping on the bandwagon in order to pad their pockets. Nothing screams hypocrisy louder than forcing Big Pharma into the natural health arena. I would like to know which companies choose to participate in light of this, because it makes me question their motives as well.


  4. Well said!! Medical choice is the key. There is no one-size-fits-all “cure” for anything, regardless of the modality (natural, Big Pharma, allopathy, etc.).


  5. Quite honestly, I’m floored that this will be required at an event such as this! Your article is on point. This should be challenged!


  6. I feel that places should be boycotted if they require masks and vaccinations. I refuse to buy products from companies or groups that do this. I stopped purchasing Carhartt because of them requiring shots for employees. The scamdemic is essentially over, I have an immune system and I’m not getting vaccinated with a rushed product that is neither safe nor effective. I will not even test because the tests have chemicals I don’t want shoved into my brain and they’re not conclusive. The tests are fallible and not meant to test for viruses. People that are told they have covid actually might not have anything but old genetic material from some other coronavirus, like a cold. The whole thing is a planned psy op and I refuse to participate. Unfortunately my daughter did and vaxed my granddaughter as well. I’m very hurt and worried about that. She won’t listen to me.


  7. This is so disheartening. This event is the LAST place we should be seeing mandates, especially when state & federal have been discontinued. This truly breaks my heart.


  8. Honestly, I’m in shock hearing this! These people apparently have missed all the info about adverse reactions, the HIV proteins, etc. In these jabs. It’s sickening.


  9. In Okalhoma, I am a proud part of OKHPR (Oklahomans for Health and Parental Rights). I am very like minded with you. I can’t believe that ANYONE on the holistic or natural spectrum wouldn’t be for medical freedoms especially because of vaccines, what’s in them and the risks. I’d have to reevaluate my support of any vendor that is there and am quite interested in who is going. Thanks for the heads up!


  10. I have been extremely disappointed in the “natural health industry” as a whole during this entire plandemic. They have been the most tyrannical. My favorite spiritual “leaders” as well. All seem to have sold out to big pharma. Most will never get another penny from me.


  11. This is a very heartbreaking story. My thoughts is they should find another job and quit falsely representing natural healing. I know if I went to that expo looking for natural ways to attain my health I would leave. To me that is showing hypocrisy.
    Stand strong
    God gave us everything on this earth to meet our needs. He will provide until its our time to go.


  12. I’m all for it. It’s not as dubious as you are making it seem. They set guidelines that everyone willingly chose to follow and rather than switching it at the last minute, potentially upsetting people that were expecting one thing and then having more lax health and safety protocols. It’s a disservice to not go to “make a stand” when you could be educating about natural health. There can be a balance of pharma and natural health. They don’t have to be evil enemies.


    • There is no room for *forcing* pharma on everyone in order to access natural health info, and we will NOT compromise our principles on that. We don’t believe in mandates, period.

      I can tell by your statement “…lax health and safety protocols” that you believe in pharma more than natural. You must think that masks and vaccines are the only or best way to keep people safe. That is *literally* the opposite of what this conference is supposed to be about!

      I can’t teach natural health to people who think that the ultimate answer is found in masks and vaccines. I simply can’t. We have opposing worldviews. I believe in nutrition and exercise and stress reduction as the primary method of health. Masks and vaccines do not enter into the equation for me.

      I also don’t owe anyone my time or energy. Especially people who clearly do not want to learn what I know and believe.


  13. Thank you for speaking the truth! We need brace people like to to talk some sense.
    I’d love to know a contact for the Expo West. I’d love to share that I would not attend because of their mandates.
    Thanks again!


  14. Thank you SO much for addressing this topic. I feel like so many freedom- lovers are talking more and more about creating a “parallel society” where there is actual freedom and choice in medical autonomy, free speech, etc. As I was reading your post, all I could think is, “Maybe Earthley should have their own HEALTH FREEDOM Expo!” Someone has to do it. And you guys have been such a beacon of natural living and hope to me and so many others all during this faux pandemic. I’m sure there are other companies who wouldn’t compromise their principles and now to big pharma in the name of “fitting in” and “not rocking the boat”. What say you?


    • It’s something we’ve considered! Although if we did, it would be more open to the public as well and not just for “industry.” Freedom-loving companies, health practitioners to teach, a whole conference about actual natural health!


  15. Earthley is so awesome! Thank you for standing up for medical freedom. This conference requiring jab or test AND masks is certifiably insane. I am thrilled that you took a stand and will not attend. Love supporting freedom-loving, health advocates! THANK YOU!!!


  16. Thank you for speaking out and standing up for our freedoms! God bless you!


  17. The Natural companies are hypocrites and not to be trusted if they enforce any health mandates. How can you be for natural solutions and homeopathic remedies if you bow to Big Pharma?


  18. Great article, “Expo East and West MANDATE Big Pharma”. Nicely written and you made some really good points. Keep up the good work with your products and your intelligent, out-spoken nature. 🙂


  19. I agree big pharma can be bad and greedy. But let’s not pretend the natural industry is that much better. Or that you’re better than the people who don’t live and breathe natural in all aspects of life the way you do. We can incorporate any level of natural in our lifestyle as we want, however small or big it might be.


    • This has nothing to do with any individual’s choices, nor anyone being “better” than anyone else. This has to do with the entire *industry* claiming to hold certain values and principles and absolutely not living up to them. It confuses consumers who are trying to do their best. This is a real issue and your dismissive attitude is not helpful.


  20. I wouldn’t trust a single company that purported to be all about natural health and then agreed to the mandated policies in order to participate at this Expo. I know too many people that are so willing to compromise and agree to “testing” because they say at least it’s not a “vax” mandate. A mandate is still a mandate, whether for “vax” or testing, and I refuse to allow anything to be stuck up my nose, and against my brain barrier, with God-knows-what on it. There are scientific articles saying that nasal swabs have been used to vaccinate cattle, so it’s likely the swabs are being used for no-good purposes just like the shots are. And since when do you test for ANY virus thru the nose? I find it unbelievable what people have fallen for, WITHOUT QUESTION.


  21. I am appalled at the number of Natural Health businesses and practitioners who are insisting on everyone being masked and/or jabbed. One person said I needed to get jabbed to protect everyone else, and she was confident she could mitigate any jab reactions in herself so I should be able to as well. I told her if she has that much control over jab reactions, then she could just as easily mitigate the virus so no jab is needed. The number of people telling me I just needed to get jabbed for their benefit, knowing I almost died from a previous vaccine, was gaslighting and medical abuse all over again. I will never fear any pathogen more than I fear what vaccine ingredients may do to me. No vaccine will save anyone from an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.


  22. I found it comical when places like Vitamin Shoppe and Natural Grocers bent the knee to #BigPharma right from the beginning. I asked the managers if they understood how their actions just showed people that natural remedies did not work. What is the point of buying organic produce when we just need to take a magical injection to keep us “safe”? I have now stepped out of most mainstream retail and have very much limited my purchasing of all items. Our society has gone insane and I will not participate.


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