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13 Reasons Why More Families are Homeschooling

Amber August 21, 2019

By Amber and Rustina, Contributing Writers


More and more families are homeschooling. It seems to be increasing at a rapid rate the last few years. Have you noticed this trend in education?


If you’re thinking of homeschooling, take a look at the reasons why more families are homeschooling. 

Why More Families are Homeschooling


1. Homeschooling Can Give a Fresh Change from a Negative Experience 

Sometimes kids just need a new setting to learn in. School can be tough. Whether bullying is the issue or just struggling to learn in a school setting, making the change to homeschool may be exactly what your child needs. The traditional classroom setting might be a negative situation for some kids, making learning difficult.

2. Homeschooling Can Give a Higher Education

When you as a parent have the ability to choose your child’s education, you can control the quality as well as the type of education you give your child. Of course, you’ll need to comply with your state’s requirements, but ultimately, you get to decide what you teach your child when you homeschool. This can allow you to bring in more specialized opportunities based on your child’s interest.

3. Homeschooling Can Improve Your Child’s Social Interactions

One of the biggest questions that comes up when you choose to homeschool, is always…how will your children be socialized? But did you know that homeschooling can actually improve the way your children interact with others? Essentially, homeschooling gives you the control to put your child in situations that you feel are best for them. They also learn to interact with a wide variety of age groups. Many communities also have a homeschool co-op, as well as sports and clubs. Allowing your child to be a part of these things will allow for situations for your child to have social interaction. 


But let’s suppose you choose not to participate in the above mentioned activities. Your child can still have the ability to socialize. More than likely your child will come into contact with people they wouldn’t otherwise see on a daily basis, such as at the grocery store, the doctor, etc. You can encourage your child to communicate with these people, stretching their social interactions.

You know what’s best!


4. Homeschooling Can Help You Offer Support for a Learning Disabled Child

Carrying along with the theme of “you knowing what’s best for your child,” if your child has special needs, you will be able to cater to exactly the way that they need. Many learning disabilities can be drastically improved by one-on-one interaction. By homeschooling, you’ll be able to cater to your child’s special needs in a way that is best for your child.


5. Homeschooling Allows Education to Continue During a Family Relocation To Another State Or Country

Many times a move is unexpected. When transferring to another location, your child’s education doesn’t have to be interrupted just because you move. You can even make the move a part of your child’s education! Your child might not think that’s so amazing, but from an educator’s standpoint, I think it’s pretty awesome!


There are Plenty of Other Reasons To Homeschool

Education isn’t the only reason you may choose to homeschool. Oftentimes families have their own personal reasons for choosing to teach their children at home. 

Here are a few reasons that come to mind:


6. Homeschooling Allows for More Family Time

If your kids go to school away from home, then they will undoubtedly be away from you and their siblings for forty or more hours per week. Homeschooling redeems the time.


You are in charge of your homeschooling schedule when you choose to educate your children at home. That means, if you need a break so your kids can spend some time together, then you can take it. Plus, you’ll save time on the commute to and from school, redeeming even more time. Your children will be able to spend time together throughout the school day, even if it’s just to be studying in the same location. A great bonus is when you decide you need a family day, you have the option to choose to take the day off and spend time together.


When you choose to homeschool, you will definitely see that you have an increase in family time. Which will, in turn, build sibling relationships as your children have the opportunity to grow their relationships and friendships with each other. Families thrive when they’re able to spend more time together.


7. You Can Adapt the Education to Each Individual Child

One of my favorite reasons for homeschooling is the ability to formulate each child’s education according to their individual needs. Not all of my children excel in the same areas. Thankfully, with homeschooling, we’re able to customize their education accordingly. This could be in the form of teaching to learning styles to choosing activities for engineers in the making!


8. When You Homeschool, You May Pick Up on a Struggling Child’s Needs

If you have a child who excels in a certain subject or another, then you have the option to customize her learning experience to a level that will challenge your child while allowing them to gently grow.


9. Homeschooling Will Allow You to Broaden Cultural Experiences

Depending on your desire and financial ability, you may be able to offer your child cultural experiences that they wouldn’t otherwise get if they were in a conventional school setting. In fact, many homeschool families are letting go of the traditional homeschooling format and are exchanging it for life on the road. This allows the children to experience a broad range of culture they might not otherwise be in contact with.


Now if the idea of packing up your entire household and taking your schooling on the road doesn’t appeal to you or it isn’t feasible, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring cultural experiences to your home school. There are still many other options. Look for local events bringing a bit of culture to you. Scour the internet for educational documentaries that teach your child about other cultures. Get creative. There are many ways to broaden your cultural experiences when you homeschool.


10. Homeschooling Allows You to Reclaim Childhood

Kids just need to be kids, and in my opinion, our society is forcing our children to grow up way too fast. By homeschooling, you have the ability to keep your kids young a little longer. First and foremost, your kids won’t spend hours and hours sitting at a desk unable to move, explore, play, or interact. Homeschooling will allow your kids to have the freedom to move around and simply be kids.


Secondly, without the social pressures dictated to them, your kids will still be able to do childlike activities that interest them, without being teased. I’ve often enjoyed watching my older boys play with their little siblings without the threat of somebody thinking they’re weird for it. It’s a breath of fresh air, actually!


11. Some People Homeschool for Health Reasons

Your child may have a health need that makes conventional schooling feel difficult. Perhaps it’s simply easier to keep your child at home to be able to monitor their medical needs. Homeschooling allows you to keep a finger on your child’s health, while still ensuring there is not a lack of anything in their education.


12. Some People Homeschool to Avoid Vaccinations

As we see an influx in the government imposing their vaccination views or other health topic agendas on people, homeschooling may be the very best answer to allow you to choose what’s best for your family. The ability not to be forced into a decision because the government says so is a beautiful thing!


13. Homeschooling Gives You the Ability To Choose Your Own Path

Finally, it’s very rewarding to be able to choose the path you want your family to take. Homeschooling affords you the freedom to choose. As stated earlier, it’s always best to make sure you are within the laws of your state, but for the most part you have the ability to decide what your homeschooling journey will look like.

What are some reasons that you homeschool or are considering it?

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  1. Some people choose homeschooling because one or both parents work evening and weekend shift type jobs. If the kids were in school all day they might only get an hour or two a week with one of their parents! With more and more parents NOT working 9-5 and more dads seeing their role as more than just providing financially, homeschool allows for increased interaction and time flexibility.


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