CBD 101: Using CBD Hemp Oil for Wellness + Chronic Illness |

CBD 101: Using CBD Hemp Oil for Wellness + Chronic Illness

Danielle February 12, 2018

Learn about hemp, CBD and CBDa oil, and how you can incorporate them into your regimen for everyday wellness or to heal chronic illness.

By Danielle, Contributing writer

Hemp, CBD, Cannabis – what’s the difference?

Hemp, cannabis, and marijuana – they’re all the same plant – cannabis sativa.
The plant is considered hemp when the THC levels are under .3%, and the U.S. government considers hemp legal for educational purposes. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which are active compounds within cannabis or hemp. Cannabis typically contains higher levels of THC or CBD, not high concentrations of both.

As explained on Endoca’s site:

“Hemp is no different from the cannabis plant, it is just a term which encompasses certain strains of cannabis plants. Hemp plants are just cannabis strains which produce very low levels of THC, and as a result can be grown legally in many countries around the world. Due to the low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in hemp, other cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol) and CBDa (Cannabidiolic acid) are in high concentrations – consequently giving the plant amazing medical properties.”

THC is the compound in cannabis that has psychoactive compounds, CBD does not have psychoactive compounds and thus gives no “high.” The federal government laws do not distinguish between hemp, cannabis, and marijuana, and thus there is much confusion. Seventeen states allow for the medical use of low THC CBD oils (find more information on state-specific CBD laws here).

The human body produces cannabinoids on its own and has CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout the body. CB1 receptors attach to THC, and regulate emotion, feeling, appetite, pain, and movement. CBD does not attach to CB2 receptors, but rather promote the body to use its own. CB2 controls inflammation and pain, and is found in abundance in the immune system.

CBD vs CBDa Raw Enzymes

CBD oils typically only contain CBD, as heating hemp typically destroys many of the living CBDa enzymes, just like cooking fruits or vegetables. Using raw hemp oils and products ensures that you will receive the benefits of both the CBD enzymes, as well as the living and active CBDa enzymes. When a hemp plant is picked, it mostly contains CBDa enzymes. CBD enzymes are creating through heating and processing the plant, destroying much of the natural, living CBDa enzymes.

Which Hemp Product Should You Use?

Ideally, you want to use a raw product for the same reason that raw fruits and vegetables area healthier – they contain more living enzymes and intact compounds that are vital to health and the healing process. It’s also important to look for organic and sustainable products, as well as products that are thoroughly tested and guarantee a percentage of CBD and/or THC (or lack thereof).

Endoca grows its hemp in organic soil in Northern Europe, a land known for its healthy soil and low pollution. It is not only certified, comes with a percentage guarantee, and uses a cold manufacturing process, but also it is a family-owned business that is not new at the hemp game. Endoca’s hemp is GMP, organic and ISO certified, which means they produce pharmaceutical grade products that are still natural, whole plant extracts. They also publish a lab analysis for every single batch they produce on their website. Though there’s a number of manufacturers out there, I would go with one that can guarantee its product, especially when you’re dealing with a health supplement. I would also personally only use a raw supplement, sublingually if possible.

CBD 101- Using CBD Hemp Oil for Wellness + Chronic Illness

How to Supplement

How you choose to supplement is totally up to your wellness goals, as well as your body. Each person will react to supplementation differently, so listen to your body’s cues as you decide how much to supplement and what form. The below wellness and healing supplementation levels are a good place to start.

Overall wellness: Aim towards the 3% concentration for daily wellness and health maintenance.

Healing for Chronic Illness: The 15% products provide five times the concentration of CBD. Consider using these to heal chronic illness.

CBD oils, lotions, and body butters can be applied topically to the skin. This may be ideal for healing tumors, inflammation, and other diseases in particular organs of the body.

It can also be ingested in water, yogurt, juice or a smoothie, but of course, it will then pass through the digestive tract where it will need to be absorbed, which may cause some loss. Capsules are available for ingestion.

Taking the oil sublingually under the tongue allows the active compounds direct access to the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system entirely. Drops are used to consume CBD oil sublingually.

How Does Hemp Benefit Your Health

The government may say that cannabis cannot heal, however, they interestingly hold a patent for cannabis cannabinoid compounds (Patent No. 6,630,507). Like all plants, cannabis contains important enzymes that have been proven to heal the body.

For daily wellness, hemp can help:

  • Support calmness
  • Ease anxiety and depression
  • Limit inflammation
  • Prevent numerous serious illnesses, including neurological and cardiovascular diseases, and cancer
  • Relieve nausea

For disease healing, hemp can:

  • Fight pain and inflammation, including pain involved with multiple sclerosis and cancer
  • Treatment for PTSD, OCD and other mental disorders
  • Inhibit cancer growth, especially in breast cancer cells
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Smoking and drug withdrawals
  • Control seizure disorders
  • Treatment for leukemia
  • Treat and prevent neurological disorders (basis of the government’s patent)
  • Support heart health and heart disorders

CBD oils have recently gained popularity for use among our furry friends, including use in canines for infection. They are also being used within the feed of cattle to combat antibiotic use.

Hemp and CBD For Daily Wellness

Though most think of hemp and cannabis products for healing serious illness, many don’t realize the benefits of using it daily. As a busy mama, we normally forget about taking care of ourselves and put our health last on the list. Keeping a quality CBD oil or cream around and working it into your wellness routine can ensure that you are getting taken care of too – in seriously healthy ways. Plus, adding a few drops to your current foods or creams is really easy.

Here are some ideas to sneak the healing benefits of hemp into your daily wellness routine:

  • Add three drops to a daily smoothie or juice.
  • Use topically in your face washing routine daily.
  • Use on any scars or marks.
  • Place three drops daily under the tongue.
  • You can even use hemp oils in recipes – consider adding to olive or other oils when drizzling over pasta, potatoes, breads, or popcorn.

Hemp and CBD oils are a useful part of your daily wellness arsenal, and especially for those who are looking to heal chronic illness. Look for a raw, organic CBD product and use daily for best health.

Have you used hemp or CBD oil before? What did it do for you?

(This post is sponsored by Endoca, but all opinions are my own.)

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