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The Truth About Gurus and Healing Protocols

admin October 6, 2017

“Try this, and it’ll fix all your health problems!”

“Everyone’s got it all wrong.  I’ve discovered the true secret to vibrant health!”

“Turn your life around TODAY with this amazing product and protocol!”

There are no shortage of these big, flashy claims out there.  Many people are self-proclaimed “gurus” or “experts” who say that if you just follow their advice, your health will completely turn around and you’ll experience life how it was meant to be.

Unfortunately, the majority of these people do not really know what they’re talking about…and some even offer dangerous advice.  Before you get swayed by these unbelievable claims, learn the truth.

The Truth About Gurus and Healing Protocols

We like easy, as people.

If we’re struggling, it seems desirable to just take a pill (or a few pills), or to follow a well-laid-out plan.  Catchy names and phrases get our attention.  We feel like we might have finally found “it.”  The answer we’ve been looking for.

But it’s just not that simple.

There’s no cure-all protocol out there.  There is no guru who knows everything.  Be very, very careful before signing up to try something.  Research from multiple angles to see if it makes sense and if others are recommending it.  If something’s legit, there are going to be a lot of different people talking about it.

So how do you know if a particular expert or protocol are legit?

7 Ways to Tell a Guru is Not All They’re Cracked Up to Be…

#1) Guru insists on “my way or the highway”

A true expert will willingly admit his/her strengths and weaknesses, as well as where his/her expertise ends.  S/he will not hesitate to refer you to another expert or additional information so that you can explore other possibilities.

A guru will say that others just don’t get it, s/he has discovered the “one true answer,” that anyone else who doesn’t agree is just jealous, brainwashed, or out to get him/her.  His/her expertise is limitless and his/her protocol is the only answer.

#2) Protocol is one-size-fits-all

A true expert will be honest and say that there is no protocol that can help 100% of people, and will encourage followers to tweak it as needed, or even walk away from it if it isn’t working.  They will offer suggestions that they have seen work for many, and encourage people to give them a try or at least research them.

A guru will say that their protocol is a standard, and will insist it be followed to the letter, and say that it can help anyone and everyone.  They will ignore or argue with anyone who tries to say that it didn’t work for them or who questions the protocol, because they believe it to be one-size-fits-all.

#3) Anyone who disagrees or questions is a “troll” or removed

A true expert is willing to share information to help others understand their perspective and the “why” behind what they recommend.  They will share studies and are willing to answer questions, even tough (but fair) questions, or look at new research if it is brought to them.

A guru will claim that anyone who questions them is stupid and wrong, or is trolling them because they haven’t yet seen the “brilliance” of the protocol.  They will block or remove anyone who says they disagree or shares a negative experience with the protocol.

The Truth About Gurus and Healing Protocols

#4) Negative symptoms ignored or victim blaming

A true expert will help people problem-solve negative symptoms they may have.  Some experts will do it in a one-on-one setting, while others will share FAQ type posts on what people may experience and how to solve those problems — and they’ll admit that some problems mean that the person should not continue on the protocol, or may need to add or change something.

A guru will claim that negative symptoms are actually positive.  That having serious, ongoing issues like severe diarrhea or weakness are “good” because they mean the body is finally healing.  If someone becomes so ill or weak that they consider going off the protocol, the guru will say that the person either didn’t do it right, or didn’t do it long enough.  They will blame the person and claim the protocol is 100% good and works ‘if done correctly.’

#5) Wild or unusual claims

A true expert will be using protocols that may be “revolutionary” to those coming from conventional medicine, but which are usually well-supported in the alternative world.  They will have evidence to back them up, and there are usually multiple experts recommending similar approaches.  Experts may quibble over minor details (which form of a supplement is best; whether to include or exclude particular foods, etc.) but in general, they have similar recommendations.

A guru will make wild or unusual claims that fly in the face of what most others believe.  For example, they may claim that all herbs are bad for you, or exercise is bad for you, when of course the vast majority of people do not believe this (and the evidence does not back up these claims).  They will usually start with common claims, then get more and more extreme as time goes on.

#6) Causes people to doubt themselves and their instincts

A true expert will always ask people to trust their instincts.  If the person starts a protocol or supplement and feels worse, or they research something and decide, in their situation, it isn’t for them, the expert will understand and support that.  The expert understands that s/he cannot fully understand anyone else’s body or situation, and aims to partner with people to improve their health.

A guru tells people that nothing they’ve been doing has worked, so they need to stop trusting themselves and start trusting the guru completely.  They talk about how independent they are and how they think for themselves, but use it as a reason people should trust them instead of wanting others to think independently, too.  They want people to blindly follow and believe in them, rather than doing their own research.

#7) Publicly attacks people who disagree or speak out against them

A true expert isn’t really concerned about all the haters out there.  They may occasionally address individual claims, but they don’t waste time calling people out by name on a personal level.  They stick to the facts as much as they can.  (Although even experts are human and can get angry from time to time.)

A guru regularly calls people out by name and puts them down for disagreeing.  They are preoccupied with people who don’t like them and what they are doing.  They will quickly devolve into rudeness and name-calling when challenged, and even go out of their way to create posts or videos about people they don’t like.

Bottom line?  If you find a true expert, listen to them!  That doesn’t mean just do everything they say (they won’t ask that of you!); it means hear them out and see if their recommendations jive with what other experts are saying and your own research.

In contrast, if you find a guru…run away, and run fast.  Even if they have a few good points, they are dangerous and capable of convincing you to do things that you shouldn’t with their lies and self-doubt.

Do Healing Protocols Work?

Sometimes. For some people.

The truth is, most peoples’ health issues are complex.  Very few people decide to take on a big healing protocol when they’re feeling just fine!  Most decide to do it after years of fatigue, bloating, headaches, and other symptoms that are interfering with their quality of life.  Many have been to doctor after doctor, and have been told they are “fine” or handed a prescription that did nothing.

Obviously, these people are struggling and are looking for something, anything to help.  They are vulnerable.

When someone promises miracles, it is only too easy to latch on to that.  Sometimes…to their detriment.

To work, a healing protocol needs to include a few basic things.  Plenty of fresh, clean water.  Unprocessed, whole foods (including lots of plants, though not only plants).  Light to moderate exercise, to promote gentle detox and overall wellness.

A good protocol will look at an individual’s symptoms and needs, and will attempt to uncover that person’s underlying issue.  It is not always “fixable” and not always the same.  Most protocols will go through phases, addressing one issue and then another.  Most will need to be adjusted over time, as the body (hopefully) heals and reaches a new stage.  It is always changing and evolving.

There is no way that I could ever give you all the answers.  No single person ever could.  But if you are struggling with your health, I encourage you to read about different options, do some research, and make some small changes.  If all you can do right now is add a salad to your day and switch to filtered water, then do that.  If all you can do next week is add a 10-minute walk…then do that.  These things will be beneficial to you, even if they do not “fix it all.”

Keep searching, and keep trying things.  And don’t let yourself get swindled by these self-proclaimed gurus.  They will lead you down a dark path and possibly damage your health further…maybe permanently.

You deserve true vibrant health.  And it’s out there, somewhere.  Not quickly, not easily, and not by following a guru’s unshakable protocol.  But it’s there.

How do you feel about gurus and healing protocols?

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  1. i agree with your opinion!
    It is true that many health quacks act like they know it all and that it is their way or the highway. And, the worst part is that these so-called experts and their associates charge Very Expensive Fees! Furthermore, if you can not afford their Very Expensive Fees then they will not help you! Many of these so-called “caring people” are worse than the medical establishment. It is all about the money. The so-called “natural experts” talk a good talk but they only care about money! The Worst Group of greedy, self-righteous hypocrites are Ty Bollinger and his associates from “the ‘truth’ about cancer”. These people are prideful and greedy!


  2. […] you look, there are all kinds of gurus and experts (here’s the difference between them) promising that their protocol or their boxed detox set will be what you really need to turn your […]


  3. Good advice. No one can know it all. I am an herbalist and I know that what works for me may not work exactly the same for another person. Also, anyone trying to force others to only listen to them are abusive and one should RUN from these types. This includes one’s allopathic doctor!
    The mother of one of my dear friends had cancer and my friend had put her mom on a plant-based diet and supplements, including many vitamins. My friend had to fire her mom’s oncologist as the man yelled t her and told her she was ‘killing’ her mom! He wanted total control, even though her mom had improved some under her daughter’s care.
    My friend found another oncologist who worked with her and her mom with diet, vitamins and minerals, along with the allopathic care. He did not believe he knew it all.
    My friend’s mom died, but she gained more time and had some very good days as she had some improved energy and other positive health outcomes through the protocol she and her daughter and the 2nd oncologist had agreed upon.
    Most importantly. pray for wisdom and guidance. Do your own research and never blindly follow anyone.


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