The Benefits Of Natural Cleaning

Amber September 26, 2017

This post was sponsored by EnviroKlenz, but all opinions expressed are my own.

I want my home to be non-toxic, fragrance-free, and allergy friendly. I used to think that that was a tall order. And before I knew the benefits of all natural cleaning, I thought that I was doing the best thing I could for my family by bleaching everything in my house and mopping my floors with Pine-Sol once a week.

What mom doesn’t like a clean house? And if you want your house to smell clean, then definitely use bleach, right? Wrong! I didn’t know how wrong I was until I had a near-miss one day.

Artificial Chemicals are NOT safe

We are exposed to artificial and nasty chemicals every day.

These chemicals are not safe and are likely the cause of many cancers and illnesses such as asthma and allergies.

As a mama of seven kids, I work hard every day to keep my family protected from as many chemicals and toxins as I can. I want the people I love to be safe and I want them to feel like home is a healthy place

So many of the chemicals that are used in household cleaners are actually handled with hazmat suits and are not fit to be around people who are not protected. In large quantities, they would actually have to be handled as a biohazard.

So I really don’t like finding these chemicals in my hand soap or laundry detergent. I would never knowingly let my kids be close to these chemicals, so why would I let them wash their precious skin with them?

My Near Fatal Mistake

One time I was cleaning my bathroom (before I knew any better) with a well-known commercial bathroom cleaning product. I sprayed my toilet and happily cleaned away, thinking how content I was to have everything smell nice and fresh. Then I grabbed a cleaning wipe, planning to deep-clean around the bottom of the toilet. You know the spot on the floor that little boys accidentally sprinkle on occasion?

The only problem was, at the time I was suffering from hayfever and couldn’t breathe through my nose.

I went about my business happily cleaning my bathroom and waiting for my husband to come home for lunch. Thankfully he came home when he did because I had inadvertently mixed bleach in the toilet bowl cleaner with ammonia in the wipe. A potentially toxic and lethal mistake.

Since my nose wasn’t working at the time I didn’t even know it.

He grabbed me quickly out of the bathroom and rescued me to safety (my HERO!) and that was the beginning of my decision to detoxify my home and start cleaning all naturally.

I don’t want to worry that cleaning the bathroom could mean a fatal mistake! (For me or anyone else in my house who might want to clean the bathroom  – OK, so my kids aren’t fighting over who gets to clean the bathroom, but you get the idea!) Scrubbing the bathroom is awful enough! I want a cleaner that won’t kill me, but will still get the job done!

natural cleaning with enviroklenz

A Simple Solution

That’s why I was super excited to find out about EnviroKlenz!

They only use three main, active ingredients to make cleaners that actually work!

That excites me because I don’t want to be a chemical engineer in order to clean my house. I just want to be able to scrub my floors and call it good!

But at the end of the day, I want to know that my family is safe. That my baby can crawl on my floor without the risk of exposure to chemicals. My kids should live in a home that doesn’t make them sneeze. And I shouldn’t have to worry about dying when I clean the bathroom!

Less is More

Can you even actually read the ingredients in your laundry detergent?

Chances are, they are all words you cannot pronounce. Often-times dish soap and laundry soap are full of phosphates and sulfites, which are becoming more and more allergenic and problematic for people.

I was amazed to find out that EnviroKlenz uses Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Oxide, and Titanium Dioxide. These ingredients don’t scare me! They are simply minerals found in the earth that have “super powers!” They can make your house fresh and clean!

As a mom, that makes me feel much more comfortable having their soap in my bathroom. I don’t mind my kids washing their hands with less ingredients and more power to clean.

Healthier Home with Natural Cleaning Products

From the food I feed my kids, to the way I wash my laundry, I want my family to live in a healthy environment.

That means I do not want to be introducing chemicals into my home all day long. And if you’re like me, I bet you don’t want to either.

Our kids are exposed to enough toxins that their bodies work hard to fend off. I want home to be a healthy place that isn’t full of more chemicals.

Using natural cleaning products is one of the best ways to help ensure your family has a healthy environment to live in and enjoy!

You’d be surprised how much of the toxic load you can take off of the people you love, simply by switching up the way you clean your house!

Cleaning with natural cleaning products gives me confidence that I am creating an environment where my kids can grow up healthy. I love that EnviroKlenz is safe for kids. They really care about the well-being of my family.

Help With Allergies

It seems like every child I have had has come with a new set of allergies.

It is next to impossible for me to find something to clean with that doesn’t affect somebody in some way shape or form.

As I said before, when I didn’t know any better, I used to clean my house with toxic chemical cleaners, thinking that I was doing my family a favor. It turns out that I was making it harder for my family to breathe and instead of doing them good I was accidentally causing them harm. I would never do that on purpose!

What mom doesn’t want a clean house? I thought the only way to achieve that was by using fragrant cleaners (chemicals) that made my house sparkly clean.

I couldn’t figure out why my kids couldn’t breathe and my husband would have sneezing fits after ‘cleaning day.’ It certainly defeated the purpose!

With more and more allergies on the rise, (doesn’t everyone have allergies now??) I want to make sure that I am not contributing to the discomfort my family already feels by cleaning with things that are hurting them and making it hard for them to breathe.

It’s not just everyday commercial cleaning products and fragrances that can cause breathing troubles, but what about the chemical smell of new items you bring into the house. Say, a new mattress? Or carpet? EnviroKlenz can help you eliminate those odors as well!

With their Everyday Odor Eliminator, chemical odors can be removed from upholstered items –  such as mattresses and couches – as well as carpets and wood flooring! You can get rid of that “new mattress smell” and breathe easier knowing that the unwelcome chemical odor is completely eliminated and not just covered up with masking agents or artificial fragrances.

EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator

Why You Shouldn’t Disguise Odors

Clean doesn’t have a smell

Think about it! Clean is not the smell of Pine-Sol or bleach.

Clean is simply the absence of any unpleasant smell. Our home is ‘scent-less’  and I have been told by many people who come in that our house really doesn’t have a smell good or bad.

I work hard to get that. I don’t want artificial chemicals covering up uncleanliness in my house. It’s more important to me to clean my house and get rid of the smells that are unpleasant.

Enviroklenz actually designed their cleaners for people who have fragrance sensitivity. They want your home to be genuinely clean and not just masked. But more importantly, they care that your house is a safe environment.

You aren’t cleaning things if you are just covering them up

Imagine a pile of rotting garbage in the middle of a room.

What if I sprayed air freshener all over it to make the smell pleasant? Would the garbage go away? Of course not! I would just have a lovely pile of rotting garbage that smells like roses in the middle of the living room!  YUCK! That’s just gross!

Commercial cleaners mask the junk. Instead of actually cleaning up the mess, the high scent of fragrance and odor is actually just covering up the filth.

I don’t know about you, but I want the mess and odors gone. I don’t just want it to smell pretty!

EnviroKlenz Order Neutralizer Granules

But what about the big spills and accidents?

We’ve got everyday cleaning covered, but what about the big messes that inevitably happen? You know the ones I mean – potty training oops, spilled milk, puke in the house or car? The BIG messes. And with those come big smells.

Avoid the chemical-laden cleaners that just cover-up those big odors and eliminate both the mess and smell the natural way! The Odor Neutralizer Granules are truly a mom’s best friend! It goes to work absorbing the liquid, then the safe, non-toxic ingredients work together to eliminate the smell without any masking agent or artificial fragrance. It works on most absorbent fabrics and carpets, as well as solid surfaces. Plus its non-bleaching, so the mess will be clean and neutralized and your fabric will be safe.

Clean Up Naturally with EnviroKlenz

EnviroKlenz has a strong passion for creating a non-toxic, allergy-free, and fragrance-free environment for your home. Right now, they are offering Modern Alternative Health readers a 15% discount. You can use the discount code, alternativemama15 to receive 15% off your purchase!

I cannot encourage you enough to take the step into all natural cleaning. Don’t make my near-fatal mistake. It is so important for the health and well-being of your family. I know it can be intimidating to know where to start and that’s okay. Use your coupon code to make the first change into an all natural cleaning routine. You’ll never look back. I know I never did! And your family will thank you! Happy cleaning!

What is your biggest struggle switching to all natural cleaning? Do you feel like it would be difficult to make the change?

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