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Is the Air in Your Home Making Your Kids Sick?

Sandi Schwartz September 29, 2016

Is the Air in Your Home Making Your Kids Sick?

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By Sandi Schwartz, Contributing Writer

You may be surprised that your home—yes, the place your family plays, relaxes, sleeps, and eats—could be unhealthy.

I remember as a young child I dreaded wintertime when my dad would throw some wood in the fireplace and try to warm us up with that smoky, smelly fire that would cause me to have a coughing fit. If only my parents knew back then that the wood burning fire caused my asthma to flare up.

Is the Air in Your Home Making Your Kids Sick?

Asthma and allergies are the most common chronic illnesses for children in the United States, and are typically triggered by indoor air allergens like dust, mold, animal dander, and chemicals found in products we use every day in our home.

A recent study by George Washington University found that 90% of homes contain toxic dust, and indoor air quality tends to be two to five times worse than the outdoor air. On top of that, the United State Environmental Protection Agency estimates that we spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors. Harmful airborne particles, chemicals, and gases from cleaners, air fresheners, gas appliances, flooring, furniture, paints and even our beds get trapped inside our homes, creating a poor environment for our families. This is a real problem that can impact our health.

Fortunately, we can do something about it to protect our children.

Discover The Tool That Will Improve Your Home

Imagine if you had a way to find out what is in your home’s air so you could make changes to create a safer indoor environment for your family. HomeLab does just that with their user-friendly indoor air quality home monitoring service. Their goal is to clean air in every home by protecting you from unwanted, unseen toxins so your family can breathe easier.

I tested out HomeLab’s service, and let me tell you, it is really easy to use and filled with invaluable information.

It’s this simple:

Set up the air monitor. This small device detects pollutants throughout your home. You can also move the monitor to sample each bedroom and living space, particularly if it is a multi-story home.

Download the app. This user-friendly app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or Google Play. It will track your air quality and provide a tailored plan for you to improve and manage the air quality in your home.

Receive expert advice. You will participate in a personalized review of your home’s air quality with a certified building scientist.

Witness the transformation inside your home. The most amazing part of this process is that, with the app, you will be able to observe the improvements in your home as they happen. 

Is the Air in Your Home Making Your Kids Sick?

What You Will Learn About Your Home

HomeLab is an incredible tool that uses your own indoor air quality data and available information about your activities to develop a tailored plan to remove pollution and make your home a safer place to live. You will be able to view levels of particulates, volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, and humidity in your home on specific days or over a set period of time.

What is amazing is that you can then use the data collected to discover patterns and spikes of pollution in certain rooms. HomeLab uses a color-coded stoplight system to show you which exposure levels are too high, so that you know exactly where to make changes.

After gathering the information in your home, the app gives you a plan with detailed recommendations. For example, you may notice a high level of a certain pollutant on days when you cook dinner at home. HomeLab will point you to the best solution possible for your family, such as installing a vent fan or opening up windows during dinner time.

The plan is broken up into two levels of recommendations. In the first step, you will learn about some simple free or low cost changes you can do yourself. By implementing these tips, you can reduce pollution by up to 40 percent without spending a penny. Some easy solutions include using low soot, beeswax candles; opening your windows; keeping all of the interior doors open; and using non-toxic cleaners.

Next, you will find recommendations that involve making home improvements, such as upgrading your stove, sealing your air ducts, or replacing carpet with hardwood or natural flooring. The best news is that you don’t have to stress about which products to choose. HomeLab has tested hundreds of air quality products and everyday products that produce less toxins (such as cleaners, air fresheners, and furniture) that they can recommend to you. They can also connect you to reliable home service contractors to install a new ventilation system or clean your ducts.

Is the Air in Your Home Making Your Kids Sick?

Stop Guessing And Start Making Real Change In Your Home Today

What I like most about HomeLab’s system is that it takes the guesswork out of what actions are best for you to improve the air quality inside your home. You no longer have to wonder if your child’s asthma flared up because of your new sofa or that smoky meal you just cooked. You will be able to see for yourself on the app a reduction in both pollutant levels and health symptoms in real-time.

You can start with the simple solutions and the work your way up to more involved tasks as needed. HomeLab gives you the opportunity to take one step at a time and to check off the changes as you complete them. You will also receive reminders of key activities to manage your air quality.

HomeLab will become your friend, your go to service so you can continue to improve your home’s air quality as your children grow. After your initial review with the building specialist, you can schedule follow up calls when new questions come up.

The sooner you start tracking your home’s air quality, the faster you will be able transform your home so your children feel better.

You can even try it for 30 days for free. HomeLab has agreed to give MAM readers a 20% discount until 10/4, bringing the cost to only $7.99/mos after the free trial. Just enter “mam” as a coupon code when signing up!


What steps have you taken to improve the indoor air quality of your home?

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