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When The Health Promises Don’t Come True

admin August 12, 2016

When The Health Promises Don't Come True

I’ve been into natural health for years now.

For so long, I’ve done everything “right.”  I rarely eat sugar, I’ve been grain-free and gluten-free, I minimize refined anything, I eat the right kind of fats, I avoid processed things, I only use natural remedies.

I was promised — and probably a lot of you were promised — that if I did everything right, that I would never struggle with my weight, that I would have perfectly clear and beautiful skin, that I would look like a glowing super model with perfect health.  I’d never get sick.

The reality, as it turns out, is a bit different.

When The Health Promises Don’t Come True

There are some “celebrities” out there in the natural health world that make big, flashy promises.

Lose weight!  Get in shape!  Look amazing!

People have been saying these things for years.  And it’s almost always, basically, a lie.  I don’t trust people who say those things…because they’re not true.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pill, or a shake, or just good old-fashioned real food…there is no magic bullet that works easily for everyone.

As I mentioned above, I’ve eaten a healthy, sugar-free diet for months.  I go to the gym at least a couple times a week on average.  I use exclusively natural remedies.

I haven’t lost a single pound in that time.  My skin still has acne — it gets better or worse, but never clears.  I don’t “look” like a slim, beautiful supermodel at all.  I could be frustrated…I’ve done everything I was “supposed” to, and I’m not seeing the results I was promised!  Surely, if we are so careful about our diet and exercise, and supplements, it should be easy?

And it’s not.

A lot of people get so angry at this point.  They have listened to all the gurus out there.  They have spent so much time and money on all of these different products and all of this super healthy food, and yet…what?  What do they have to show for it?

They feel cheated.  Lied to.  More empty promises, and no better health.  At least…not the better health that they were told would come.  They’re not perfect.  They’re not “fixed.”  It wasn’t easy, either.

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Please Don’t Give Up

I get it, I really do.

I wish it were easier.  I wish that being “good” had led to a little weight loss and my skin clearing up.  It would be nice to see some visible, everyone-notices evidence of all of the things I have done to try to be healthier.

But I really can’t complain, because small, subtle changes are happening.

I’m sleeping better.

I have more energy.

My anxiety is much less.

My periods are completely painless.

There’s more.  It’s all small things.  But it adds up, you know?  And it didn’t all happen overnight.  It’s been one thing every few weeks or months.  It’s going in the right direction.

It’s so much more subtle than we’re told.

It’s happening, though.  It’s getting better.  Every small thing matters, even if it feels like it doesn’t at first.

Please don’t give up.  Just because the big, flashy promises didn’t come through, doesn’t mean this stuff is useless.  It does really, really matter.

Take Baby Steps with Me

I won’t make you big promises.

I won’t tell you that it’s going to be easy, that it’s going to happen fast, that it’s going to be dramatic.

I will tell you that every baby step matters.  It honestly, really does.  Will you take baby steps with me?

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to feature a series of things that I’ve done to improve my health.  They will be easy.  They will be quick to implement.  They will mostly use things you can get easily (or I’ll tell you where to get what you need).  I will walk with you, as you make these small changes.

It matters.  And when you look back in a year…you’ll see some changes.  Things will be better.  Maybe not completely, 100% “fixed,” but better.

Will you join me?

How do you feel about the big, flashy health promises?

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