10 Reasons Why I Should Always Have Wipes

admin July 25, 2016

Why should you always have wipes? Because you just never know what kids are going to do next! Find out all the other reasons to have wipes on hand, plus my favorite natural wipes.

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Recently, after I dropped my older kids off at VBS, I took my youngest two boys to a park to meet friends and paint t-shirts.

We’ve tie-dyed many times, but we hadn’t painted before.  I was eager to introduce the kids to shirt painting and to paint one myself for the 1-year-old.  Why not?!

I should have known better than to take them, though, really.  The 3-year-old started acting a little “special” not long after we arrived.  He’s been staying up and playing in his room until 9 or 10 or sometimes even later the last few nights (really need to get my good night lotion on him again) and then getting up at 5 AM.  To say he’s tired would be an understatement.

When the 3-year-old is tired, he doesn’t get whiny.  He doesn’t cry or moan or rub his eyes.  He gets mean.

So, he ran up to me and tried to bite me for no reason.  He hit me repeatedly and yelled that he wanted to paint!  He tried to kick his brother in the face.

I ushered him over to the table to paint his shirt (after sitting with him for a few minutes and telling him to knock it off), hoping the distraction would work until it was time to go.  My goal was to stay long enough that I could simply swing by and grab the older kids on our way home, and not have to go back out again.

It went well for, oh, two minutes.  Then he started squirting the paint in big globs all over his shirt and squeezing it randomly.  It flew all over the shirt I was painting, all over the picnic table we were at, and on himself.  Paint. Everywhere.

And I’d forgotten my wipes, of course.

10 Reasons Why I Should Always Have Wipes Pinterest

10 Reasons Why I Should Always Have Wipes

Luckily, one of the other moms had wipes and was nice enough to share with me.  I wiped up as much of the paint I could, packed up the boys (the older one fighting me, spitting at me — that’s new and I don’t like it — and the little one screaming), and got out of there.  Thankfully, after a few minutes of driving and some nice loud music, the boys fell asleep, and peace reigned once more.

(I swear, the 3-year-old does not act like that unless he’s sleep deprived.  He’s a sweet boy.  But man, watch out when he is tired!  We’ve left many places because he couldn’t hold it together.)

Anyway, it was just the latest reminder in a long string, that I really should carry wipes with me….

Here are all the reasons why.

#1) Because Diaper Changes

You know, the basics.  My 1-year-old is obviously still in diapers, and sometimes he needs a change.  And sometimes, he poops (imagine that).  When he does, I need to grab the wipes.  I use cloth wipes at home, but I never remember to replenish them, so I (try to) keep disposable wipes in my diaper bag.

#2) Because Dirty Hands

When the fun’s over, it’s time to clean the kids’ hands.  There may not be bathrooms or sinks, and I might forget my homemade hand sanitizer.  If I do, wipes are what I have!

#3) Because Snack Time

Snack time means we need a clean place to eat (wipe the table), clean hands (wipe ’em off), and that there might just be spills (wipe!).

#4) Because Accidents

My older kids are all potty trained, but my 3-year-old does have the occasional accident.  It’s been months and months since he’s had one, and the last several were only pee, but…you never know, right?

#5) Because Paint Explosions

My friends and I have this obsession with messy crafts, like our shirt-painting idea.  These messes obviously require wipes to clean up!

#6) Because Friends

I’ve been on the “Umm…do you have any wipes I could use?” end of things plenty.  And sometimes I’m on the “Of course I do, here they are” end of things.  Share and share alike, right?

#7) Because Dirty Playgrounds

Sometimes we visit playgrounds right after rain.  The kids need to get out, you know?  And sometimes those playgrounds are kind of muddy and gross.  Wipes to the rescue!

#8) Because Mud

My 1-year-old loves to toddle out to my garden, find the small dirt box that no longer has plants in it, and stick his hands in the mud.  When he’s done…wipes!  (This also happens away from home.  He loves mud.  Meanwhile, my 3-year-old is horrified by it.)

#9) Because “Oops”

With 5 kids, how many times have I heard “…oops…” come from nearby?  Too many to count.  This might mean they spilled something, or broke something, or who-knows-what.  A wipe is probably going to be involved.

#10) Because LIFE

You just.never.know.  Wipes are just good practice!  I might need them to wash someone’s face, or wipe a dirty swing, or clean off the car handle after a mud-covered kid grabbed it…  Right?  Wipes!


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The Wipes I Use

I really don’t like most commercial wipes because they have a lot of unsafe chemicals in them.  I don’t want that on my kids’ skin.

That’s why I’ve been using WaterWipes, which are 99.9% pure water, with a tiny amount of plant-based preservative in them.  That, I can get behind!

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What’s the weirdest use you’ve had for wipes (with children)?


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