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How {Not} To Get Bit This Summer: Natural Bug Bite Remedies

Danielle July 18, 2016

Put down the can of DEET! There are safer alternatives to keep you and your little ones free of mosquito bites. Try these natural bug bite remedies for your family!

**This post is sponsored by Rocky Mountain Oils (but all thoughts are my own!)**

By Danielle, Contributing Writer

It seems like the same thing every summer. We are all finally so excited to not be wearing a coat every time we step outdoors, enamored by the slight shade of pink or brown on our skin, and overjoyed that we are no longer cooped inside a house with 38 children each day (or it feels like that many, at least).

Within weeks, I hear the same complaint: “The mosquitoes are just horrible this year, aren’t they!?” 

Summer begins and we totally forget the rules. But, after the first summer day ending in sunburn and endless itchy bites, we come to our senses and recall the rules of playing nice with our summer weather.

In our society, we want to have it all and eat it too, even if we do so with triple-digit mosquito bites.

Though the science isn’t there to evoke as much fear of zika as the mainstream media and CDC would want from you, mosquito bites are uncomfortable for days and could possibly transmit another virus – which could ruin your summer plans, as well. I was always one of those kids who got a golf ball size bump where bitten, and it itched like crazy for days. There are many natural ways you can plan and prep your summer outings to ensure you do little bite damage.

Commercial bug sprays contain harsh chemicals and preservatives that you do not want to apply to your largest immune organ (your skin!). It’s interesting to note that many regulatory agencies deem these sprays (and some sunscreens) as “safe” because even though the chemicals are toxic, they take the belief that they are not fully absorbed by the skin. Like every medical treatment, the body is affected in unique ways at times. Different types of skin will take in products applied in different amounts, and even the same skin could take in a large amount of a product one time, and not much another.

Therefore, it’s impossible to say how much chemical is being absorbed safely; we must assume that all chemicals can and will be absorbed. Neurological damage has been noted by DEET usage, and even the EPA notes that one should rinse off such repellents after use and that they should not be used “often.” Bottom line: you should be as repelled by DEET as the mosquitoes are.

I personally would pick the bites over the chemicals if I had to. But, I don’t. There’s natural alternatives to harsh chemical sprays, and some common sense summer fun tips to limit the bites your littles receive this summer.

How {Not} To Get Bit This Summer: Natural Bug Bite Remedies

  1. Use a natural bug spray made from essential oils, like Bug Off by Rocky Mountain Oils. Essential oils are a safe alternative to the harsh chemicals in conventional repellents. If you haven’t taken the dive into essential oils yet, mosquito time is one of the best reasons to do so. Research how you can use your oils for many other uses, and stock up!
  2. Go outside during the day! Night is when the mosquitoes thrive, so plan your activities mostly during daylight. If you need to go out at night, consider having a bonfire or citronella candle nearby and limit the time.
  3. Wear light clothes and long sleeves and pants at night. Mosquitoes naturally like the dark, such as shadows, so wearing light coloring will make them less attracted to you. Spray some Bug Off on your clothes, as well.
  4. Garden plants near your play areas which dispel mosquitoes, like lemongrass or lemon balm.
  5. Wear your repellent oils! You can purchase bracelets, anklets, and necklaces which diffuse your Bug Off essential oils repellent while your child plays, but we decided to make some, and they were so easy! See how below!


How To Make An Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

What you need: 

  • Air dry clay (this can be purchased at WalMart or Target for about $6 a tub)
  • A handful of small-mouthed jars, small cookie cutters or other objects to cut out shapes
  • Parchment paper
  • Plastic knife to cut and scrape
  • String
  • Straw
  • Small stamps or textured objects, if desired.


  1. Get your materials ready, and choose which objects you want to use to cut out your shape and texture or stamp to add to the clay. You can also free-hand shape it!
  2. Lay out your parchment paper and grab a teaspoon-sized piece of clay. Work it in your hands, and press onto parchment paper.
  3. Grab your object, such as a glass jar, and cut out the shape desired for your jewelry.
  4. Poke a spot for your string to attach with your straw, and add some stamps or texture (like a leaf) for decoration.
  5. Allow the piece to dry 2-3 days until it is no longer soft. Place your string into your hole and tie.
  6. Drop a few drops of essential oils onto jewelry for use!

How Not To Get Bit This Summer

Image by Danielle

What To Do When Bit

Despite your best efforts, a few bites will likely happen this summer. Encourage your child to not itch the bite and use the below two tactics to ease the itching quickly.

After the fact, apply healing salves to soothe the sting. A blend of oils with calming and anti-inflammatory properties, like Mother’s Touch, which can also be used for other boo-boo’s, is helpful.

Use a drawing salve to relieve the extreme itchiness, and boost the inflammatory foods, such as some ginger popsicles, turmeric sweet potatoes, and garlic-loaded mashed cauliflower.

Though it’s hard to avoid every single ill of summer, you can be prepared to battle one of the worst offenders: the itchy mosquito bite. Chemically-laden conventional bug repellents leave you smelly, sticky, and toxic. Opt for natural essential oil bug repellents and follow these tips to ensure you don’t become a mosquito’s dinner.

What are your natural bug bite remedies? Have you ever used an essential oil bug repellent?


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