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8 Ways to Dress Your Hippie Baby

admin May 26, 2016

You know your hippie baby needs the perfect, casual, I-love-natural look. Here are 8 ways to dress your hippie baby…plus adorable baby pictures.

**This post is sponsored by Doodle Pants.**

When I was pregnant with my fifth baby, I felt such peace.  It was almost weird — I’d worried so much about random things with my other babies, and yet, I had no worries this time. This Whakatane ivermectin company in india medication is used as part of a treatment program and the number of women who are going through treatment may be small but it’s still being used to treat infertility. Progesterone is needed for the production https://thesacredhealingcenter.com/78288-ivermectin-human-trials-covid-19-86566/ of breast milk. Sometimes you know they are not right for you, gaba nt tablet and sometimes you just do not want to take medicines. The drugstore is working gabapin at tab to provide people in all the provinces or territories the drugstores can provide medications. Levitra may make dreadfully you more likely to have an erection.  I felt like I was connected with him (although I didn’t know it was ‘him’ yet).  It was all very Earth-mother hippie-like.

Part of me wanted to dress my baby more like a hippie, just totally embrace the ‘natural’ ways and show it off to the world.  It’s silly, really.  But also kind of fun.

That’s why I thought I’d share this.  How you, too, can dress your baby like a hippie!

8 Ways to Dress Your Hippie Baby

#1) Wear Nothing At All

This is my 3-year-old’s favorite — and judging from pictures of my friends’ kids in my newsfeed, many of their favorites, too.  What’s more natural than your birthday suit?

#2) Keep That Hair Long

For boys and girls alike.  We have several friends who have boys with longer hair.  There’s just something that screams “hippie” about flowing tresses.

#3) Just the Diaper

A cloth diaper alone — and it’s gotta be cloth — is totally hippie!  Bonus points if it’s a flat with a pin, or a prefold with a wool cover.

#4) Activist T-Shirts

Try “I was born at home” or “His body, his choice” or “Vaccine free!”  Really, anything you are proud of and want to shout to the world.

Doodle Pants 3 edit

#5) Leggings, Leggings, and More Leggings

Sweet little leggings are great for both boys and girls.  There are tights-style leggings that go over the diaper, and leg-warmer leggings that only cover the legs.  They go great under skirts or as pants!

We got the sweetest little rainbow and cow leggings from Doodle Pants!

#6) All the Colors

Hippies love colors.  Use them on babies and enjoy them!  Bright rainbow colors are especially awesome.  Like our rainbow leggings from Doodle Pants.

Doodle Pants 5 edit

#7) Sundresses Galore

For your little lady, all the sundresses.  The soft, cotton, play-dress type that looks almost vintage — if you can find it.  Boys can get in on the act with long t-shirts or kimono-type outfits!

#8) Keep It Simple

Really, hippie is all about natural and simple.  Go with what’s easy — t-shirts, onesies, the cute leggings, soft pants….  It’s perfect!  It’s easy!  Babies love it.

Doodle Pants

I was recently introduced to Doodle Pants, which is a WAHM-run business.  They make super cute, soft clothes that are specifically made for healthy, natural babies.  Their leggings (they don’t even do pants) are cut generously to cover those cloth diapered baby butts.

They are adorable — the outfits above are from them.  So is this:

Doodle Pants 1

You can see his cloth diapers in the background, and his soft-soled shoes on his feet.  Total hippie baby, right?  That’s my fifth, and he’s almost a year old now.  It’s crazy.

Anyway, Doodle Pants has clothes just for the little ones — from around 3 months to 3T.  Caleb is wearing an 18-month body suit and size large leggings in this picture.  (Because he’s a Giant Baby.  The biggest of my kids.)

The stuff is soft and seems like it’ll hold up well.  And it’s adorable, and not heavy on the masculine stuff, and no weird sayings.  That’s nice too.  Sometimes you just want some plain ol’ animal and nature pictures and not all that nonsense about being handsome or fighting off the ladies…for a baby…amiright?

You should check them out.  If you enter your email address on their site, you’ll get 15% off your order!  (Shop now.)

How do you dress your hippie baby?

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