When the Trolls Don’t Get the Job Done, Pay the Pro-Vax Mommies |

When the Trolls Don’t Get the Job Done, Pay the Pro-Vax Mommies

Danielle April 11, 2016

Mommy bloggers are paid by the CDC to promote the never-studied U.S. immunization schedule. Why are mommy bloggers who research the effectiveness and safety of vaccines attacked as just mothers, while pro-vax mothers are paid (without research)?

By Danielle, Contributing writer

You may have seen the Canary Party’s release of an astroturf campaign to pay mommy bloggers to write pro-vaccine propaganda, paid for by the CDC. The page has since been removed, but not before many parties took screenshots.

This position was posted by Megan Media, a digital media and technology company, and the posts are set to begin April 11 (today!), so brace yourselves.

pro-vax mommies
Image by the Canary Party

When the Trolls Don’t Get the Job Done, Pay the Pro-Vax Mommies

The post is asking for “moms with children under the age of 2 who can reach that audience.” I won’t get into how a child’s immune system is not developed by the two months vaccines to even react and create antibodies to vaccinations, but why are they focusing on that age? Are more parents seeing the astronomical 115 doses by age 2? Or are they realizing that MMR is really causing autism around this age?

Surely, as more parents are seeing the damage done by vaccines in the first months and year of life, they are pushing back against the regime asking for their child’s health in return for the hopes of antibodies. If your child has all his or her vaccines per the schedule by age 2, you may or may not yet be seeing the damage; but it is there. You do not get that many heavy metals, preservatives, antibiotics, and viruses and bacteria in your system in such a short period of time without damage.

It’s also interesting that the link for more information is a government website. Your tax dollars at work, folks.

Even more interesting is the lack of any information or research. If you’re a mom of a toddler, and you believe in vaccines, you’re hired. No links to the current immunization schedule. No links to studies proving that vaccines create an immune response, one which prevents or lessens future infection. Go ahead and write whatever you want! As long as it tells of how wonderful the CDC’s immunization schedule is, you’re golden and your check is in the mail.

We have known for some time that persons are paid by the CDC and other government agencies to attack any posts online that are not in line with their mandates, I mean, beliefs.They are called trolls, because they troll the internet attacking whatever belief is their assignment.

But now, they are coming for the mommies; educated or not.

pro-vax mommies

What’s apparent here, beyond the clear propaganda, is the clear hypocrisy.

I can’t tell you how many times my writing on vaccines, with numerous medical studies and peer-reviewed literature, was criticized by the layperson (who never bothered to read the study), but still felt they could state that “I knew nothing, I am just a mommy blogger.”

But, if you’re a mommy blogger paid by the CDC to promote the immunization schedule (which has never been studied), you are legit.

I would say it’s a double standard, but that isn’t even the truth. See, we have hundreds of doctors, peer-reviewed scientific studies, multiple whistleblowers, other countries whose immunization schedules are somewhat saner, and yes, a lot of mommies with a whole lot of knowledge and research under their belt.

And all we are asking for is a healthy debate. Instead, we get slander, name-calling, and bullying. Never is the science argued outside of “It’s wrong!” and never is another, peer-reviewed, independent study posted in response as a rebuttal. You believe we are wrong because your pediatrician (who gets financial kickbacks) and the CDC/Pharma (because there’s no clear line between them at this point) has told you so, is not “science.” And no, it’s not good enough for us. Not when our children’s health is on the line.

So, yes, please attack this post. Please research every link. Please be passionate about the responsibility you have for your child’s health. And yes, go ahead and comment. But, please, make it intelligent. Please argue the science. Because we are doing this for you. We have healthy or healed children because we have done the research, and we don’t vaccinate. By doing this, we hope you will also have a healthy child. Calling me “abusive,” or an “idiot,” or “dumb,” is actually only proving one of us is those things (and it isn’t me).

But what do I know? I am just a mommy blogger, unpaid by the CDC.

Have you seen pro-vax mommies out there?  Did you know this was happening?


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Danielle was born and always will be a farm girl, searching for God’s natural truths in an unnatural world. She’s a doula, health coach, natural health activist, and currently obtaining her naturorthopathic doctorate degree. When she isn’t reading about holistic healing, you will likely find her chasing a sweet little boy or a small flock of rebellious chickens in the Midwest mud.


  1. My toddler was injured. I followed the herd (he’s my first) and I ended up with a baby who had crying fits and fevers after every vaccine. I was told, “give him Tylenol” for fevers or irritability. I had read about SIDS before his birth so I kept a close eye on him 24/7. After vaccines, I became paranoid that his fever would get to high during the night that I’d lose him. NEVER did I realize SIDS was caused by vaccines. He had his MMR at 12 months and since then, we’ve had massive breakouts of eczema. We went from baby smooth skin to bumpy, rashy skin. Heat, gluten, fragrances, etc break him out. I’ve switched all our products to homemade. I make our laundry detergent, hand soap, shampoo, etc. My daughter is 8 months old. She has had three vaccines in her short life. Hasn’t been sick, baby smooth skin, healthy as can be. My toddler has had two upper respiratory infections and one ear infection, all after receiving vaccines. I am a believer in natural medicine. I use 100% pure essential oils. We take natural vitamin C powder (pure radiance C), vitamin d3 drops when we can’t get sunshine,probiotics and cod liver oil. We handle the breakouts when they occur. People look at me like I’m stupid but I’ve done the research. I’ve weighed the pros and con’s for MY family.

    “I will not set my child on fire to keep someone else’s warm.”


    • So sorry to hear that Ashley! Most doctors say the reaction is “normal” and suggest Tylenol, which actually depletes glutathione and makes the problem worse.

      Dr. Viera Schreiber has interesting work on the relationship of SIDS to Dtap, you may read up on it. Your simple supplement system sounds like you are covering the essentials perfectly. It’s amazing to see how when those basic, natural needs are met, the immune system flourishes. Good job, mama!


    • You are using the warmth from someone else’s child. If most people weren’t vaccinated then your children would get sick. You are only able to not get them because everyone else does. You are doing doing that exactly, assuming and needing everyone else to get vaccinated aka be on fire as you put it so that YOUR child stays warm.


      • People who don’t vaccinate don’t believe in or care about herd immunity. They don’t care if their children get sick (with a minor, temporary illness that leads to long-term immunity). So no…no one’s using any “fire.” We also didn’t ask you to vaccinate your child, that was a choice you made on your own. It doesn’t bother me if you do or don’t. I’d kind of prefer you didn’t, but not my choice to make. It’s not the same at all….


      • Hi there, I noticed your response and wanted to let you know – if your VACCINATED kid comes near ME, I will get SICK. Please keep your shedding, viral, contaminated with injected viruses away from me. My unvax kid, however, does not have any of these viruses.


  2. Interesting post! I had a suspicion about people being paid to promote vaccines and other things. I think the knowledge can help us decide how to respond to them in a better way!
    Here’s a post I wrote about vaccinations just this morning. I hope you’ll check it out! https://blissfullyinformedhippiechick.wordpress.com/2016/04/13/whom-do-you-trust/


    • I love the post, AND blog title 🙂
      It really does come down to who do you trust with the most precious gift you have been given. It surprises me that others don’t look into this before subjecting their children to it naturally.


      • Thanks =)

        Unfortunately, my older two kids were vaccinated up to ages 6 and 8. The difference in their health and my younger two children (fully unvaccinated, ages 20 mo and nearly 3) is astounding. In the nearly 4 years since my older two were last vaccinated, their health has improved greatly. I definitely think it should be the parents’ choice, but I don’t see how we can choose responsibly without transparency.


  3. After participating in these debates for a few years now, i can spot the paid industry posters: They suppress and squash open communication about concerns for safety of these vaccines, label (from mommy blogger, ppl who alternative medicine – quack science), or any source that is not part of the CDC narrative. They get PAID to continue a circular debate, with no resolution. People are turning to a variety of sources, to make the best decision for their child. There are some excellent sources cited, as long as readers continue to read further than the paid industry trolls. It’s a shame that how much money is spent on the mainstream media and social media, which could be used instead to test the safety of the vaccines. 🙁


    • Exactly. Did you see what DeNiro said on the Today show today? I loved it. These are scientists, why aren’t they questioning everything? Since when is that scientific discovery? Since when does a journalist slam something they don’t know anything about? Since $$$.


  4. PAIN will always 100% bring out the truth eventually–

    I don’t know why they (Pharma and CDC) thought they could perpetuate this scam forever and no one would notice.

    Thousands of parents and children are in EXTREME PAIN because of these poisonous yet oh so profitable injections.

    In fact THREE boys in my immediate and extended family have either died of SIDS right about the time they received baby vaccinations, or been struck with Aspergers (a developmental problem closely associated with autism) and one FEMALE child in my sister’s family also has some issues with socialization and intolerance of even small noises which are suspiciously similar to symptoms of milder autism cases.

    When I look backwards at my parents, and their parents and extended families, there was NONE of this. So it isn’t genetic.

    Saying it’s all in your mind can’t silence the pain.

    Paying people to troll and attack can’t take away the pain.

    And so parents will keep fighting it till it stops.

    You can delay the truth being believed, but never stop it from coming out.


    • Well said. I am so sorry about your family 🙁 This is definitely not in past generations, and not in the unvaccinated. I recently went to a very poor country, and sat among over 100 children who surely have never seen a doctor. Not one had an signs of behavioral or learning issues, no eczema, not one was sick…and these children live in shanties and eat only white rice daily. How are we more developed?


  5. Great article! I’ve had my eye out for these posts after seeing the call for influencers from Megan Media. I thought about applying just to get more info on the campaign but if they do any research on my website, they’d see I’m a terrible fit.

    I’d love to know who these bloggers are and what they are going to say. Or if they are pulling the campaign after all the attention it is getting.


    • Happens all the time. I’ve been approached to promote vaccines, too, but of course have said no. They are supposed to disclose when they are paid to promote…see if they do.


  6. I’m slowly becoming convinced that it is a good thing that we have been too busy with a fixer upper house to take my 18 month old back in for her shots (she hasn’t been to the doc since 9 months). Where would you start researching?


    • A good place to start is with the package inserts themselves. And then look at the diseases, their treatments, and how dangerous you feel they are at this time as compared to the side effects listed on the inserts (bearing in mind that those statistics do not include a lot of reactions that went unreported by doctors as ‘co-incidental’.


    • ‘The truth about vaccines’ documentary miniseries has just been released and is very well put together, with the leading 60 experts interviewed. That is a very comprehensive start. I watched all 7 episodes in the past few days. go.thetruthaboutvaccines.com/


  7. There are no paid mommy bloggers. I took the time to verify this rumor, last month. I contacted the CDC and actually spoke with someone in their communications department. This Megan Media ad is an idea they had but then quickly realized it was a bad idea. MM, however, posted too soon and it got screenshot before it was pulled.


    • Actually, you’re wrong, because I’ve since been approached personally to promote vaccination. I declined, obviously.


  8. Got polio? My dad did, in 1950. Got German measles? My grandmother did and gave birth to a mentally retarded child who didn’t live past twn. No I am not paid. (Though where can I sign up for that?) Ever see post-polio syndrome? I do. Every day. You. Can’t depend on herd immunity if you’re not contributing to it. Did you know that polio has been found in Syria? Did you know that the refugees we’re welcoming in could spread it here? I hope they don’t move next door to you while they’re contagious. But they can move next door to me. My child and I are vaccinated.


    Either your children’s vaccines work—and you have nothing to worry about—or your children’s vaccines don’t work, and you’re right to be worried.

    You can’t have it both ways.

    You don’t see us worrying about our unvaccinated children when they’re around your vaccinated kids, do you? …Even when your kids are actually getting and spreading the diseases they were vaccinated for!

    That’s because the science proves our unvaccinated children’s unadulterated and properly nourished immune systems fight disease as they were designed to. So you see, there’s really no need for us to worry. Can you say the same?


  10. There are literally THOUSANDS of diseases. Yet the only diseases we fear are the ones that a vaccine has been developed and marketed for.

    We only started fearing measles and mumps in the early 20th century—because the media told us to.


  11. The vaccine industry couldn’t make it easier to be anti-vaccine. They actually print all the reasons right there in vaccine manufacturer’s own package inserts—including flu shots!

    I especially appreciate the part where the vaccine manufacturers freely admit that they don’t study vaccines for carcinogenicity (cancer-causing) or mutagenicity (DNA mutation-causing). Who knew?!

    Or the part where they admit that the vaccinated child can still get the disease he or she was vaccinated against—including MEASLES, MUMPS, WHOOPING COUGH, FLU, ETC.—and shed it on to others. This is great stuff!

    It’s so easy to be anti-vaccine that I don’t understand how parents still choose to inject their children with this neurotoxic swill. The information’s right there.



  12. Loved your article! More and more truths about vaccines and the damage they cause are coming out every single day! Stay brave and keep the truths coming! Thank you!


  13. I haven’t seen any “injury” in my children, however, the amount of antibiotics my son has been prescribed in his 4 years is astounding. He had had two sets of tubes, adenoids out, tonsils out and I’m still having to fight his continuous congestion. It’s gotten to the point where only the strong antibiotics work. I’m desperate for some other insights as to what we can try. I use lemon and kids safe sniffle stopper eo’s regularly but it isn’t working.


  14. Scary Mommy on Facebook is the worst. I used to follow that page and after learning about mommy bloggers being paid for pro vax articles, I checked the SM page back to that date and found they had shared several pro vax articles in just a month or two. But the worst part is that they delete anti vax comments. Some of my comments there got flagged as well, and prevented me from further commenting, when all I did was question whether anti vax comments were being deleted. I have a few screen shots saved, I wish I had taken more though.


    • That’s super sad, but good to know. And people like that tell me I ought to be more “fair” and “balanced” and allow a pro-vax view! Yeah, um…maybe they should take their own advice! (On being fair and balanced and allowing other viewpoints.) I maintain that I’ll think about it when they do it first, since questioning vaccines is still the minority view.


  15. Awesome post, thank you.


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