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No, a Toddler Did Not Die of Meningitis After Treatment with Maple Syrup

admin March 9, 2016

No, a Toddler Did Not Die of Meningitis After Treatment with Maple Syrup

This story is making the rounds, and it needs to end.  Now.

A bunch of internet trolls are claiming that a toddler died of meningitis in Canada recently because the parents knew that he had meningitis, and decided to treat him at home with maple syrup and natural remedies instead of getting real medical help.  Of course, this means they should go to prison for medical neglect.

This isn’t even close to the real story.  But trolls don’t care.  Anything they can do to make someone look bad, and further destroy an already hurting family.  They’re terrible human beings for this.  They’re frankly the ones who should be locked up, for using one family’s tragedy to further a completely bull crap agenda.

But I digress.

No, a Toddler Did Not Die of Meningitis After Treatment with Maple Syrup

This is the real story.

About four years ago, a young boy — 18 months — got sick.  He had a slight cough and fever, that came and went for about a month.  Some days he seemed sick; some days he was playing and acting fairly normal.  The parents had a friend, who was a nurse, come in to check him over (they could not get into see a doctor because it’s hard to get appointments in some areas of Canada, due to socialized medicine, and this wasn’t an emergency).  The nurse said she didn’t see anything serious.

They knew to look for things like high fevers, stiff neck, screaming for meningitis, but the boy never had any of these symptoms.

Then, one night in March, he suddenly spiked a higher fever and was having trouble breathing.  They immediately called emergency services.  They lived fairly far out in the country, so they decided to drive towards town and have the ambulance meet them.

Unfortunately, the ambulance that was dispatched was not the closest one, so it took longer to meet them than it should have.  When it did arrive, it wasn’t equipped with the correct intubation equipment — which the child needed to save his life.  He was taken to the hospital and placed on life support, but after five days was declared brain-dead.

So, this family did what any normal family would do.  Their kid seemed to be a little sick, but had no serious symptoms.  The most concerning thing was that he seemed to keep relapsing, and not recovering fully.  That’s something to call the doctor about (which they did), but it’s not an emergency.

Until it was an emergency — unpredictably.  At that point, they did call for help.  Just like any normal parent would.

It’s easy to say, in hindsight, “He clearly was really sick, there were red flags, why didn’t they take him in sooner?”  But there really weren’t.  We only see red flags because we know the unfortunate outcome.

Finally, we don’t know that the boy actually died of meningitis.  There was bacteria in his system that could have been meningitis on the autopsy, but he showed no classic signs of it.  It’s just being assumed that that’s what it was.

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Charged By the Government

Now, the government has indicted them for ‘failing to provide the basic necessities of life’ and they are facing a trial (which began on Feb. 29) and possible jail time, as well as the removal of their other children.  The government is alleging that they knew that the child was seriously ill, and refused to get him medical care.  This is completely wrong.

Interestingly, extended family members have a successful supplement company, that the Canadian government tried to shut down — but the family won a lawsuit against the Canadian government.  Some suspect that this current trial is just a way to ‘get back at’ the family for that situation.

The family reached out to the media and asked for help.  They need it, now more than ever.  They’re facing a very serious threat to their family, massive legal bills, and the potential loss of their children.

So of course, trolls had to jump all over this, twist it, and try to make it into something it’s not.

Stop Supporting the Smear Campaign

We have people, now, who believe that the family really did know their child was seriously sick, that they treated him with random natural remedies, that they refused medical care.  People who prefer natural remedies, who don’t vaccinate, who would support this family if they knew the truth, are now re-posting the trolls’ words and saying things like “I prefer alternatives, but I’m not stupid like them — I know medicine has its place!”  So did they.

Stop playing into the trolls.  This is what they want.  They want the family to have no support, for everyone to turn against them, to believe that they were negligent.  They want especially their own community to believe that the family was in the wrong, so they can hold them up and make an example of them.

They want people to believe: vaccinate without question, and don’t use natural remedies, or you’ll face prosecution.

If this case is ruled against the parents, and they end up in jail, it sets a dangerous precedent.

There is currently no law on the books that you have to vaccinate in Canada.  This would erase need for the law.  Basically, if your child developed a ‘vaccine preventable’ disease, or worse, died from one, you could be held criminally responsible for it.  Parents would vaccinate just to try to prevent these lawsuits (which is a terrible reason to make a medical decision).

And, the medical system in Canada, which is already quite busy, would be slammed by parents bringing their children in for every little sniffle.  That is how this boy started out…and unfortunately, he died.  Most children with a little sniffle have a cold, and will be better in a few days.  But if parents think their child could have something serious, and that they will be prosecuted if it is serious, they will not take a chance to ‘wait and see.’  They will not allow the government to think they didn’t do everything they could to provide medical care.  They will need it documented that they had early and frequent contact with medical professionals.  So, they will take their children to the doctor for anything and everything to cover their backs.

Is this what we want?

Do we want to rip apart a family that has already faced an unspeakable, unfortunate, unpredictable tragedy?  Do we want to charge parents who couldn’t have known what the outcome would be?  Do we want to force parents to vaccinate or face lawsuits?  Do we want to overburden an already-busy medical system with cases of the sniffles — so that people with real needs end up slipping through the cracks?

I don’t think so.

Please support this family, and speak out against this smear campaign.  They need your help right now.




How do you feel about this horrifying story?

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  1. I’m just curious to find an unbiased report. As the news is stating that court documents show the family brought the toddler to see a naturopath when he was so far progressed that he could not be put in his car seat due to full body stiffness. THAT is an emergency. Considering it is unsafe and illegal to transport a child by any means other than in their car seat. For this reason I am swayed to believe they were neglectful.


  2. Thank you writing this. It’s so sad that, instead of praying for this family that is going through a nightmare that most of can’t even begin to imagine, people are quick to judge and say how “ignorant” and “neglectful” these parents are! These parents just lost their child! I’m appalled at the many cold and heartless reactions to this tragedy!! I’ve read so many comments from people saying that these parents should be punished for neglecting to vaccinate thier child! What about the parents who DO vaccinate thier child, and that child dies from a vaccine injury??!!! Should those parents be punished too??!! Should everyone judge and insult those parents because they “neglected” to fully research vaccines before injecting thier child with them??!! And just for the record, treating illness with natural remedies vs. conventional medicine not only requires more time and effort than taking a prescription pill or getting a shot, it is also much more expensive since no insurance company covers them! If they were “ignorant” parents and “neglected” thier child, why on earth would they put so much time and money into natural remedies? These parents LOVED their baby!! They need prayers for comfort right now, not disgusting insults thrown at them by people who have no idea what actually happened!!


  3. Andrea, you sound like a judge and jury rolled into what flaming mess. We all know there is only a very few in the media we can trust for a truthful story and most ppl sure as hell don’t trust the gov’t AND yes, reporters CAN be banned from a court Section 648 of the Criminal Code and as well as a ban due to the right of having a right to a fair trial.


  4. Vaccination is really dangerous, much more than the illness for what the vaccins are made for. And even vaccination do not FULLY protect people from the diseases they’re supposed to. So this family has nothing to be ashamed of, because even if they would yave seen the doctors with just a little fever or stuffy nose, I bet a hundred box that it would have said to go back home and give some tylenol or advil for children…our “health” care systeme is not the best one on the planet, according to the WHO, it’s ranked at the tenth place just befor the USA….so shame on the government who would accuse those poor parents, especially if they suppose that they should have vaccinated the kid when we know how dangerous and harmful this can be. Even the WHO admit it.
    I’m an homeopath in Quebec, my kids (18-20 years old) are not vaccinated and my grand-daughter either and I would prefer to die either than get vaccination.


  5. Thanks for setting the record straight! This poor family doesn’t need this harassment.


  6. my granddaughter had Meningitis, but the doctors wouldn’t treat her in the hospital and told the parents to take her home; the mother was astute enough to insist they treat the child and it was found that she was just seconds away from death. The ironic thing is even if the parents wanted to vaccinate against meningitis there’s no vaccine effective against the common form of the disease. This point should be enough to stop this ridiculous, unjust court action.


  7. I would just like to know where the maple syrup accusation came from. That just seems so bizarre and unreal to accuse them of that when we all harldy know anything about this case.


  8. If a child dies due to a lack of vaccinating, parents are vilified and may face charges


    If a child dies due to vaccines, somehow that is okay. Vaccine companies are not charged for causing a child’s death.


  9. I think the loss of their child was punishment enough. I am very pro vaccine and hope that this family will also see their value in the future.


  10. I truly wanted to read your point of view but you had 2 very false statements in the first couple of paragraphs I unfortunately could not continue. I am not on a witch hunt and am not a Lawyer or a judge so I will hold my opinion to myself. However you should provide facts if you are going to attack the validity of other articles/stories about this sad case.

    #1 – The nurse (friend or family) did in fact say that she didn’t see anything serious BUT DID tell them to seek out medical attention.

    #2 – The family called a naturopath when the boys fever spiked. Even they told the family to seek medical help. When they drove to pick of the herbs, the childs body was so stiff they had to lay him on a mattress to get him to them. A few days later they called 911.


  11. […] has been one of my most controversial posts to date: No, a Toddler Did Not Die of Meningitis After Treatment with Maple Syrup.  The media’s twist on the story enraged me, and I could not leave it […]


  12. I cannot believe that so many people are willing to jump on the bandwagon to persecute these parents when no one has the real information. These unkind people are only believing whatever their unhappy little minds want to believe.


  13. I do not know what form of meningitis this child had, but can say without doubt that it was either bacterial in nature or herpetic if viral. Individuals do not die from common viral meningitis. In fact, most cases are believed to be undiagnosed due to the mild nature of symptomatic presentation. To reply to a comment above, the most common cause of meningitis was previouly haemophilus influenza type b, which now has an effective vaccination. For that reason it has been very nearly eradicated within the US and Canada. More common causes now include escheria coli and streptococcus pneumoniae. One of which has a vaccine, but is only given to children deemed high risk-those with chronic lung disease, functional asplenia, or immunodeficiency. Again, as stated earlier, this article doesn’t mention a specific underlying organism that is responsible. So it’s hard to say how vaccination would have affected this case. However, timely administration of appropriate broad spectrum antibiotics could very easily have been the difference between life and death in this child. Do I think these parents intentionally harmed their child? Of course not. However, their choice in care likely contributed to the poor outcome. Whether or not this should be deemed abuse by way of neglect, the courts will have to decide as this area becomes very murky. Either way, a child was lost, which is a tragedy in and of itself.


  14. How does it put a whole community at risk? If most people have vaccinations against these illnesses, then what are they worried about? Supposedly they are guarded against these diseases and therefore only those not vaccinated would possibly get the diseases…..the phrase, “putting the whole community at risk” never makes any sense to me!


  15. I feel terrible for the parents and do believe that losing their child is punishment enough but I also feel like they could have done a lot more. I think that we have all been there though.. situations where we reflect and wish we would have done things differently. My best friends child died of meningitis. It was terrible and they did seek medical attention right away because of that they were able to save their other child who also had it but not as bad at the time. As for your comment on “Socialized Medicine” in Canada. I live in Western Canada and in VERY small town as well a lot smaller then Lethbridge and have never had an issue seeing a doctor within the hour (non-emergency). We also have online doctors available, nurses hotlines and all free to use. My husband lived in the North West Territories for over 10 years in a town smaller than my hand and they had 2 doctors there too and available morning and night. My brother worked in Alberta for 5 years and saw a doctor on a regular basis (non-emergency) so that comment really confuses me. If you want medical attention here its available unless you aren’t looking. It can be hard to find a family doctor here but there is no way that they would have been refused treatment here.

    I do think that there was a lot more that could have been done. You said that he was sick and then fine and sick and then fine.. it that was my daughter I would have taken her to see a doctor if those symptoms persisted for more than a week so the fact that this lasted a month and didn’t raise any red flags is concerning. I would never want my child to be in pain like that.

    The family is in my prayers and I hope that lessons have been learnt here. Hopefully others will read this and realize just how serious these diseases can be if ignored.


  16. Well, except for the vaccines that shed and put unvaccinated infants and the immune compromised at risk….


  17. @Angie

    “You are an idiot. Vaccinations prevent preventable illness. If you want to take echinacea for your cold, knock yourself out, but not vaccinating puts the entire community at risk.”

    Vaccines vary in effectiveness, example – the mumps vaccine is utterly useless. There is a court case happening right now with two whistle blowers from Merck stating this and the recent Harvard outbreak is a perfect example. One has to look at how effective/not effective each specific vaccine is and the risk to injury it could cause, and then also look at the specific disease and risks and make a decision. As far as protecting the community, herd immunity is a fallacy. They say you need 95% plus to be vaccinated for herd immunity, but we don’t have it. There are millions and millions of adults walking around that are not caught up on boosters, so basically, not vaccinated.


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