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10 Responses to Undesirable Breastfeeding Remarks in Public

tanner February 2, 2016

By Tanner Spring, Contributing Writer

After deciding to breastfeed your new baby and surviving those first few agonizing weeks of engorgement and sore, cracked nipples, you have to take your first trip out in public. Your baby is inevitably going to get hungry while you’re out and unless you are pumping and giving bottles too, you’re going to have to nurse your baby out in the world. You may be worried about the mindset of others, and having to deal with unwanted comments about you FEEDING YOUR BABY.

Well, that’s a legitimate concern because people are very often forward, and have no filter when it comes to mommas nursing in public. So today, we are going to address some of the common things you may have heard, and provide some responses (witty and factual) for you mommas to use when you hear something negative towards your decision to nurse in public.

10 Responses to Undesirable Breastfeeding Remarks in Public

1. You Should Cover Up.

– Do you wear a blanket over your head while eating?
– Here’s an idea. Snuggle up to someone else’s bare chest, throw a blanket over you both and see how long it takes for you to start overheating.
– Oh, I do have a cover but baby and I both hate it. You can gladly take it and cover your own head so you don’t have to see us if we are bothering you that badly!

2. I Don’t Want My Children Seeing That. How Will I Explain it to Them?

– Seeing what exactly? A boob doing its anatomical function? Tell your child breasts were made to feed babies. Some babies eat from their momma’s boobies and some eat from bottles. Easy peasy!

3. Just Pump it Into a Bottle.

– Not all women can pump and not all babies take bottles. Thank you for the suggestion though.

4. Why Not Just Give Your Baby Formula if You Can’t Pump?

– Formula is very different than breast milk and while formula is a good alternative for moms who choose to use it, I prefer my baby to be exclusively fed breast milk.

5. Feed Your Child Before You Go Out.

– Hmmmmmm. Not sure why I didn’t think of that. I’ll just set the timer on my baby next time to make sure they don’t get hungry while we are out and about since they ate at home!

6. Nobody Wants to See You Doing That and Exposing Yourself Like That.

– If anyone has a problem with me doing the most natural thing ever, that is on them… Not me.
– Do the cheerleaders for your favorite football team showing more of their boobs than I am right now bother you too?
– Here’s a good idea then: look away and carry on with your life!

7. Well, Sex is Natural Too… Should We Be Doing That in Public?

– If you really are comparing nourishing a child to sex, I have no desire to talk to you about this. They are two entirely different things all together.

8. That’s Illegal.

– NO. NO. NO. It isn’t. You’re uninformed about current breastfeeding laws. As long as I am allowed to be here, I am federally permitted to feed my child in any public place in any way I choose.

9. Go Do That in the Bathroom.

– Okay! As soon as you take your lunch to the toilet and comfortably sit there and eat, I will go feed my baby there too!

10. Just Stay Home if Your Baby is Going to be Hungry While You’re Out.

– Oh, sure. Because a baby is a death sentence and you’re not supposed to leave the house ever again. Riiiight.


Despite the backlash you may receive at some point or another, DO NOT feel intimidated to feed your baby around others. Know your rights and keep feeding your babies, mommas.

What Other Comments About Nursing in Public Do You Think We Should Address?


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