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Our Family’s Next Big Adventure….

admin September 15, 2015

Back when I started this blog — it’s been just about 6 years now — things were a little different than they are now.

Ben and I had been married for just a few years. We had two young kids. The house that we were in was really way too expensive for the amount of money we made, and we had a decent amount of debt. We’d already started on the Dave Ramsey plan…hoping to make some serious changes to our finances, and get to our dream home.

We actually looked at properties a few years back, when our third was a baby (he’s 4 now). But we couldn’t afford anything much, then.

But now. Now, we’re dreaming of that actual home in the not-too-distant future. Let me tell you what happened….

When Everything Changed

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you may already know that just over a year ago, we left our home due to a major mold infestation. That was not in our plans. But, it forced us to get out, to re-examine our priorities in many ways, and ultimately to sell the home.

We’ve been renting for a year. Since we sold the home, we have no debt! That is huge!

But there was more than that. More, that leads to some seriously major news.

In May of 2014 (before we knew about the mold), we had a serious conversation, Ben and I. At that point in time, this blog was almost 5 years old. I had been working on it between 20 and 40 hours a week this whole time. Ben was working a 40 – 50 hours a week job to support our family, all while watching the kids and doing a lot of the housework at times so that I could work on the blog. The blog made almost no money; I had been doing it as more of a ministry or hobby, to help others.

He told me, basically — “Either it has to be a business and earn some money, or we’re going to have to shut it down.” It was at the point where I could not take that much time away from my family to run it, with no actual return.

In June I decided, I was going to make this work. I did not want to shut down the blog. I love writing, and I love interacting with all you awesome readers! So, it had to become a business.

That was a little weird. I wasn’t used to thinking that way, and I didn’t want it to change my ultimate mission: to help families live healthier lives. But in order to help my own family live a healthier life, with better work-life balance, I pushed forward.

It went slowly, but it went well. We began to see some changes. And in January 2015, we made a big, scary goal: for Ben to quit his job, and for us to live off the income that the business made.

Our families thought we were crazy.

The first few months, we kind of thought we were crazy, too. We weren’t even coming close to making what we needed to make. Still, it would mean so much awesome for our family, to all be home and working together.


It’s Coming!

On August 10th, Ben sat down with his boss for The Big Conversation. At this point, we’d talked to several financial planners, business coaches, and other experts. We weren’t quite where we wanted to be, but we were close enough. We were ready.

And, November 20th will be his last day at work.


our family's next big adventure

We are so excited for the next chapter of this adventure. So, so excited.

Work-life balance for us. A chance to help more people. And, that farm we’ve been dreaming of…in another year or so. We’re hoping to actually save up and pay cash for it. We are not there yet, but if we are very frugal and we continue to save, we should be able to do that in a year or two.

So that’s where we are. Finally, in a totally unexpected way, on the path to our dream home, and dream life.

Have you ever achieved a big dream?

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  1. We just got debt-free… Our mortgage is paid off! Feels good, doesn’t it?

    We like mr money mustache, and have the goal of being financially independent (or only dependent on self-employed income) in the near future. It willtake some cleverness since our family keeps growing 😉


  2. That’s some seriously excited news! congrats! 🙂




  4. […] It’s been about a year and a half since I announced our family’s next move — when we became (or, at that point, were about to become) a full-time entrepreneur family.  (See that post here.) […]


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