Baltic Amber: It’s Not Just for Babies

admin May 14, 2015

Baltic amber is common for teething necklaces, but it also has benefits for older children and adults. Learn about the benefits and where to buy.

By Beth, Contributing Author

**Sponsored by Spark of Amber.**

When you hear Baltic amber chances are the first thing that comes to mind is babies. Baltic amber is commonly used to make teething necklaces to help infants get through the pain of teething. However, many don’t realize they can also be used for older children and adults as well!

How Amber Works

Baltic amber is mined near the Baltic seas and contains some of the highest levels of succinic acid in nature. Dating back hundreds of years it has been known as a way to ease teething pain in Europe and other parts of the world for generations. When worn near the skin the heat of the body causes the amber to release the succinic acid which acts as a natural pain reliever – in turn reducing one’s pain and inflammation.  Along with its pain relieving properties, Baltic amber is also known to boost the body’s natural immunity and have calming properties. But what does this have to do with older kids? Or even adults?

What for?

The healing abilities of amber aren’t limited just to teething infants. Baltic amber is known to help with:

  • Growing pains
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Headaches
  • Skin Issues
  • Anxiety/Calming
  • Energy Levels

This means that amber jewelry can benefit many people – and its use isn’t limited to just necklaces. It’s often recommended that you wear the amber closest to your ailment – for example, if you are struggling with arthritis in your hand a bracelet would be more beneficial than a necklace.

Personally, my toddler had at teething necklace through his younger years that had been tossed aside as he grew past the teething phase. He went through a particularly rough period where he was getting up constantly, really fussy, and eating tons – all very common with a growth spurt. On a whim a pulled out his teething necklace and started letting him wear it again. Within a few days, I noticed things started to even back out. At nearly 4 he is still wearing it pretty frequently – and I’ve ordered one for myself as well to help with headaches.

((If you haven’t heard about how Baltic Amber is often used for teething you can read more about that HERE))

Where to Find It

When looking for amber necklaces you want to be sure you’re getting authentic amber. There are many fakes out there that come in the form of copal, glass, or even plastic. Before ordering do your research on the company and ask questions about their process and sorting. They should be forthcoming with where their amber comes from.


One company we trust is Spark of Amber. They’re a family-owned company that makes beautiful quality pieces for all ages that are created from natural authentic Baltic amber. The owner works directly with suppliers in Lithuania that she has a personal relationship with, and every piece of Amber sold has been professionally examined and is 100% authentic. Along with their popular teething necklaces, they make bracelets, earrings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, and rings, amber and gemstone jewelry, men’s jewelry, and Baltic Amber Mother’s bracelets.

With such a large variety to choose from it’s always easy to find something for everyone in the family with them. Their products ship free and arrive quickly.

Note from KateWe’ve used amber necklaces for our babies, and were very interested in Beth’s story about using amber for her older son since our children stopped wearing their necklaces by age 2 or so.  Gemstones aren’t a common part of alternative medicine, but some believe strongly in their power — with amber being probably the most commonly used.  As Beth mentions, it is really important to get quality, authentic Baltic amber, and not just pretty glass.  We’ve worked extensively with Spark of Amber, and know they’re a quality source.  They don’t have just amber, they also offer hazelwood jewelry, breastfeeding necklaces, pendants, birthstone necklaces, and more.  Check them out if you’re in the market for one of these.

Have you considered using Baltic amber for an older child or yourself?

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  1. Succinic acid has never been shown to have any pain relieving effects. It takes much higher levels of heat to cause anything to be released from a stone so even if succinic acid did have analgesic powers, it isnt coming out of that necklace. Absorption is based on surface area, with more surface area giving more more absorption (its why your intestines are so long and are made up if microvili, more surface area). This necklace, which contains fairly low levels of succinic acid to begin with, has a small area of body contact. Even if they did release succinic acid in response to body heat, there isnt enough surface area to cause any sort of physiological affect. This is just snake oil in it’s newest form.


  2. I honestly never tried an amber necklace for my son, but really mostly because teething never seemed to really bother him too much; if he’d had a harder time with it, I probably would have! I haven’t heard of using it for older kids or for adults, but if it does indeed work for babies/toddlers, it makes sense that it could be helpful for other ailments as well.


  3. Sam, I hear your ‘snake oil’ reasoning, but don’t be so quick to dismiss all the parents who had many sleepless nights before they were liberated by … amber necklace on their baby : )

    My feeling is that succinic acid does not play here any role but the vibrational frequency of the amber does: it calms down the wearer of the amber necklace the same way we are calming down upon entry into the forest. To measure the bio vibrations of necklace wearer before its use and after – would give us more definite answer. Which is the best tool to measure those bio vibrations?


  4. I have found Amber necklaces amazing for my little ones when teething and am definitely an advocate. However your suggestion that they would have any affect on Autism is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read!!! Sadly some people will believe this & statements like that cause damaging effect on real Autism awareness!


  5. Hello! I’ve never tried Amber for my almost two year old, but seriously considering. He is my third son, and boy oh boy the energy he has is that of five children in one! With that said he easily swings into angry moody fits, throwing things, screaming etc. hard to calm him down…. Do you recommend a Baltic Amber necklace for these issues? I’m just trying to find ways to soothe him and hope to be able to calm him down a bit. Thanks for your advice and blogging about this!


  6. would this help with my husband ankle pain or depression


  7. I have to say I was very sceptical of amber necklaces and never used them for any of my 6 children for teething as I just thought oh it’s another marketing thing for parents BUT I have changed my views on these necklaces as I have a 6 year old who is on the spectrum and was having daily meltdowns not sleeping for more than an hour at a time and was very miserable was also suffering at school someone than suggested I try one and again I was sceptical and at first didn’t get her one as I couldn’t see how it would work then one day around 3 months ago after a particularly hectic night and morning I was at breaking point and was desperate for something to help her so I brought one and omg I have eaten my words and now swear by them the change in her has been incredible she is now sleeping most of the night and the daily melt downs are pretty much weekly instead and a lot less intense her teacher has also mentioned that she has noticed a huge change in her at school also and we can now go into crowded places or birthday parties and she doesn’t freak out so for me and for my daughter the amber necklace has definitely helped us a lot


  8. Well I was looking for an amber necklace for my self because i suffer from migranes and some how i came across this.
    First i would like to tell you that a have 5 year old boy with autism and he wears everyday and night an amber necklace and of course it’s not going to cure autism , because is not a disease! But it has help my child a lot to reduce some of core symptoms of autism, such as anxiety , irritability, he sleeps better .So I really be lieve that amber necklace can help autism


  9. […] and babies. These amulets were made from amber. That was not all. The amber adornments also functioned as jewelry for the […]


  10. My husband was badly smashed up in a car accident 20 months ago, has been having trouble with cramps and tremors in the bad leg at night, remembered the amber, much more peaceful nights!


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