I Took My Unvaccinated Kids to Disney World |

I Took My Unvaccinated Kids to Disney World

admin February 9, 2015

Kids at Disney edit

Yes, it’s true.

We’ve recently returned from a lovely little vacation at Disney World.  Where we flew in airplanes, and were around thousands of people everyday from countries all over the world.

Don’t worry though — my kids aren’t sick.  They weren’t sick.  They weren’t exposed to anything before we went, either (except the usual minor colds, I’m sure).  In fact, I silently begged and prayed in the days before we left that they wouldn’t be around anyone who was sick, or show any symptoms, because I didn’t want to make any hard choices.  Thankfully, they were healthy and active, and we went.

I realize that this admission might make some people angry.  But it shouldn’t.  Because here’s the truth: if children haven’t been exposed to any illnesses (and there’s nothing “serious” going around in my area at this time, just the usual colds and junk), then they do not pose a risk to anyone around them.  At least no more than anyone else does — obviously everyone can still catch and spread colds.  There were plenty of kids with coughs and runny noses there, and two of my kids came back with that.

I’m sharing this because I know a lot of people have really blown the “risk” of unvaccinated kids out of proportion.  I want to make it clear that yes, I take it seriously if my kids are sick or have been exposed and we’ll stay home then.  (That’s our responsibility to society.)  But if they’re healthy?  We’re out and about — as we should be.

In the next few weeks I’ll share a little bit about how we tried to eat mostly real food while we were there, and the natural remedies I brought with me to help us stay healthy.  Traveling is tough sometimes, especially with little ones!

But don’t worry.  This post isn’t really about vaccines.

A Break is Good for Perspective

While I was out of town, I took a break from the internet.  This was right in the midst of all the fighting, when nasty articles were coming out daily from both sides, with harsh words being flung in all directions.  It was really nice to step away for a few days, and just not worry about what was being said and not feel angry about it all.

Being around so many different people, from all different walks of life and places in the world gave me a chance to really observe them, too.  I’m not such a social person; I prefer to sit quietly and people-watch.  Or read.  (I did a lot of reading on the trip.)

I noticed a few interesting things.  First, none of these people seemed concerned about health.  Nobody had a paranoid glance, wondering how many children around were potentially unvaccinated.  They were too busy minding their own business and enjoying their vacation.  This issue likely doesn’t cross their minds very often (if at all).  This is probably true for most people in this world — the ones who aren’t glued to the news channels.

It kind of made me think that worrying so much about others’ medical decisions is kind of a first-world problem.  Really.  People who are struggling with day-to-day things like getting enough to eat, getting clean water, caring for their families — they don’t have the energy to care what others are doing.  They’re dealing with their own business.  It’s people with a lot of time on their hands who can get truly nasty about the choices others are making.

I also realized that most of the furor is caused by the media.  People who weren’t worried a month or two ago are suddenly worried.  They’re suddenly wondering what’s lurking around every corner — could it be an unvaccinated child, carrying all diseases known to man?!

The thing is, everyone’s buying into the fear.  The media is making sure of it.  They’re making outrageous comments that are getting people talking, and fighting.  People are getting nasty because they don’t want their families’ rights to be destroyed.  That is, some families think they have a right to a fully-vaccinated society, and others think they have a right to participate freely in society regardless of their medical decisions, and these kind of stand at odds to each other right now.  So everyone’s up in arms.

What is this accomplishing?  Not a whole lot.  It’s not changing anyone’s mind, it’s causing them all to dig into their current position more.  People don’t change their minds when they’re attacked or berated!  What is happening, though, is a whole lot of relationships are being destroyed.  I can’t tell you how many people have shared on social media that they have “unfriended” friends or family members or perhaps even ended real-life plans with people because they can’t agree on this issue and have gotten in big fights about it.

Is it that important?

Is fighting over this issue worth destroying friendships?  Knowing that it’s not going to change the other person’s mind…is it worth it to end the relationship because you disagree so strongly?  Would you have made it such an issue 6 months ago?  5 years ago?  If not…why is it so huge now?  Ask yourself if you really, honestly feel strongly enough to risk your relationships over this, or if maybe the media’s fear campaign is working a little too well.

I choose not to be angry about this now.  Not to fight with people about it.  I’m not going to convince anyone that my way is better…or that I’m not a crazy, anti-science, selfish nut job (as many were fond of saying to me on a recent post).  That’s okay.

We’re beyond this now.  We’re taking a break from the subject of vaccines while the topic’s so hot.  We’re not really helping anyone at this time, we’re just feeding into the frenzy, the anger, the fighting.  Later on we’ll circle back to it, and we’ll take a calm look at the subject, breaking down the details.  Our goal is to help inform and empower you…not to start a fight.

What MAM’s About

While I’ve got you here, I want to tell you what we’re all about.

Yes, a couple weeks ago things got a little nuts.  I got caught up in the media frenzy myself and I got angry with all the people who opposed my position.  That was personal and it’s really not what we’re about here.  The break from the internet really helped me to clarify why that was not a good reaction, publicly, and why it was not helping the situation.


Our goal here is to educate and empower parents to live a more natural life.  We provide information on everything related to raising a healthy family — pregnancy and birth, diet, schooling, natural remedies, and lots more.  Our goal is to bring you the facts that you need to make an informed decision, and then empower you to make the choices that are right for your family.

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  1. Love the article! (P.S. the reader survey link is no working)


  2. Okay, two things. First, you said that you made sure your kids were not sick before heading to Disney World. However, measles can be transmitted up to 4 days before a rash appears so your kids could have easily been sick and you not know it. Second, you asked would I have made it an issue 6 months ago. The answer is yes, it has been an issue for me long before this latest outbreak. I researched vaccines before my children were born and decided to vaccinate based on the scientific evidence that I found. However, it became a real issue for me when my niece was diagnosed with a heart condition when she was under a year old. Suddenly she fell into the category of children that were unable to have their vaccines. Not only was her health now at risk due to other people’s choices but her parents now had to deal with the possibility of a preventable illness killing their daughter in addition to the heart condition possibly killing her. I’ll admit it made me angry at the people who choose not to vaccinate, who revel in the luxury of not having to vaccinate due to herd immunity, who receive the benefits of vaccines without accepting any of the risk. You state this is a first-world problem and indeed it is because people in third-world countries line up to receive vaccines. They have seen the horrible results of these diseases and are eager to rid their lives of the illnesses. I know this is not a popular opinion on this blog but you asked. I know that there’s nothing that I can say that will convince anyone here that vaccines are a positive choice but that will not stop me from trying when I can because I am unwilling to accept the danger for babies and children like my niece.


  3. Thank you for this article. I am now on the side of no vaccine. My older two children were not privy to my knowledge and realization that I needed to educate myself and be an active involved participant in their medical lives, not just a chauffeur. I have struggled with staying out of the fray and negativity, so I chose to get off line until the topic changed. Thank you for your wisdom and kind way with words. I really liked your point of how people don’t change their minds because you attack them and berated. If I get called stupid and irresponsible one more time, I might decide to inject my kids with unproven substances. As I typed that I found it odd that there was a time in my life I would have been paid to participate in medical testingโ€ฆ aren’t we putting our kids in that same realm, but not getting paid for it? Anywho – many words to simply say – thank you. I appreciate your perspective and time you put into educating us.


  4. Good for you Kate ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m not here to fight with anyone either, but I am a 100% without a shadow of a doubt STRONGLY down to every fiber of my being, especially today, against ANY vaccines for ANYONE.I believe it is CRIMINAL the government and pharmaceutical companies are able to even have them. There should not be a debate. They should not be allowed to make this poison or tell parents they need them to keep their children healthy.Or that vaccines prevent disease. That is THE BIGGEST LIE going in this world now. Next to the zillion other things the American government lies to you about. I HAVE done EXTENSIVE research and come from a 5th generation NON VACCINATED FAMILY. My grandmother lived to age 93 never sick a day in her life until cancer took her because she did not chose to receive western medicine to fight it at her age or I do believe she would, have lived well into her 100s. Never having had a vaccine passing to my mother whose 3 kids including myself never have had a vaccine passing to my 5 kids and my grandkids and my siblings and their Kids and grandkids NONE ever having a single vaccine. When chicken poxs came around we purposely exposed ALL of them to get them as young children as it is the BEST thing to do and get them over with all at once. Rather than depend on a poison vaccines with 39 toxins that does not prevent a thing and taking the chance of especially with the girls, not having had them then contract them while pregnant in which case you have a very high chance of having a baby with birth defects. Same can be said for the measles. I have done 2 centuries of research on the measles and not only does the vaccine CAUSE them it can cause death and vaccine injury that no parent wants to be left with a severely disabled child. The serious toxins in EVERY vaccine is far more dangerous than the childhood disease they are said to prevent. There is AMPLE SCIENTIFIC AND OTHERWISE DATA TO PROVE the measles vaccine does NOT PREVENT THE MEASLES HAS NEVER PREVENTED THE MEASLES, AND WILL NEVER PREVENT THE MEASLES. And the government and,pharmaceutical companies have known this fact for centuries as well as the risks. The vaccine business is just that. A MULTI BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS! There is an abundance of scientific data to prove these vaccines DID NOT STOP OR SLOW THE CASES OF ANY DISEASE VACCINES ARE SOLD FOR FOR A PROFIT. NONE! These disease disappeared when better living conditions and cleaner water and nutrition came around. Vaccine had ZERO to do with it. In fact you have a better chance of dying from being struck by lightning FIVE times than dying from the measles. You also have a much higher chance of dying or having what they call vaccine injury if you HAVE the vaccine than if you do not. Your chances of dying from the measles even if NO ONE HAD, BEEN VACCINATED is 1 in 55 million. I have a much better chance of winning the lottery AND being struck by lightning. These are FACTS. Undisputed by those who took the time to REALLY research the history of the VACCINE BUSINESS and childhood diseases that come and go. I have posted an abundance of real data on all vaccines in my Facebook page and plan to post more as I’ve been away fromrit for a couple years. I don’t want to fight with people I want to educated them. And I care about every child. If I can stop one parent from injecting toxic poisons into their babies I will have done something to save a child. As I said my grandmother was very healthy her whole life. She was a character and simply said she has had a wonderful life and would rather leave the physical world in peace rather than fight a cancer that would have made her quality of’ life not worth living. I may have been able to save her with alternate medicine but she chose her time to go.
    What those who continue to inject poison into their babies and children are not bad parents, they are simply brain washed not to know better. As I said the Vaccine business is a multi Billion dollar BUSINESS. They can afford to ensure most parents are so brainwashed they believe if they Don’t vaccinate their babies wil be sick. Disease will be everywhere. Etc. But it is their job to make the masses believe that. How else would they get Bill Gates togo into the vaccine business so he can be an even bigger billionaire. Only people should be very afraid. Not of the unvaccinated but of, the vaccines they are injecting into their little children’s blood stream today. As Bill Gates has a very different agenda joining the vaccine band wagon. Besides becoming sinfulky rich, he is the biggest advocate for population control. But please remember one thing if nothing else, this is a BUSINESS! Vaccines are a a business. Follow the money! It almost always finds you truth!
    Hoping nothing but happy healthy for long life for all children…

    Side note: vaccines can cause has caused and will cause many illnesses including cancer long after the injection site has healed from these poison vaccines. Think away from the medical BUSINESS and do real research you might just be shocked at what is the real truth about vaccines disease and whose getting rich at the expense of your child’s health and even their lives. I personally know 5 babies who died, one right on the doctors table immediately after being injected with a vaccine. This madness for money has to stop.I don’t want to see anymore babies die or be disabled with brain damage for life. This is also nit just a children’s issue. Adults who take flu shots are just as at Risk. As well as the military. It pains me I had to attend the funeral of a close friends inky soon. He joined the service and was FORCED to have vaccines or not stay. The vaccines made him so ill he suffered daily seizures and was so ill he could no longer cope and killed himself. His mother lost her only child, my child lost a great friend. This young man had never had a vaccine before joining the service. He was very against it but wanted to continue to stay so took just one shot and that was the end of his life just that fast. They did not blame HIM for his death, rather the vaccine that ultimately killed him. This is not an isolated case and this childless mother is now a huge advocate for making mandatory vaccines a thing of the past so no more service men and women have to die while serving this country.
    How many watch Dr. OZ? He has 4 young kids and guess what they are unvaccinated and always will be. More and more doctors famous and not are coming out and telling the truth. They would not vaccinate, their own kids, why would you?
    My wish would be this government who KNOWS and this medical world who KNOWS. WOULD TELL THE TRUTH AND NONE OF US WOULD BE HAVING THIS DISCUSSION. THERE WOULD BE NO VACCINES!


  5. I just want to say thank you for writing this. I needed it in my like because I have been struggling with this topic. I tend to stay quiet when it comes to all of this for fears of protecting my children. I had a good friend on Facebook post the other day about how mothers who do not vaccinate should be thrown in prison for child negligence and abuse. I not only wanted to scream for those parents who freely choose not to vaccinate exercising what I believe is their own right not only as an American citizen but as a parent to choose what is good for their own child, but I wanted to scream for me. My first child was vaccinated I did some research my mother didn’t want me to do it but my husband and his parents are very pro sided. My first has never had any reactions though. My second however I have continually poured over research after his first round of shots he developed a terrible cough within hours. We took him in multiple times just to be sent away by his doctor saying he was fine even though we knew his breathing sounded bad. At his 4 month I told the doctor what concerns I had about him getting shots again. He talked me into getting him just one and breaking the shots up into an extended schedule. My son was hospitalized for two weeks after just two days of the shot. His oxygen wasn’t even %50 when we went in. They still tell me it’s not the vaccines until I brought my research to the doctor directly and he told me I may have a point. I am terrified to vaccinate my baby again he still coughs and acts as though he has asthma my husband wants to continue getting the “important” of the vaccines and it’s a battle so everywhere I look someone is telling me to go to jail or just poison my baby. I feel as though if you are pro for this decision people need to back off because you never know the reasoning behind a parents decisions and I’m not saying all parents but most would never do anything to their children that would harm them in anyway. It’s or instinct to keep them safe.


  6. I’m so sorry for your struggles with this issue. It’s so so sad to me that any parent has to even think twice about what is right for their child. If we didn’t live in a corrupt government made up of greed and nothing more this would never be an issue. The mainstream media HAS put the fear of God in everyones head to be screaming throw parents who have a constitutional right to choose what type of health care they give their children. If everyone really did their research, not the government’s fear and shame they pump in most people’s heads but REAL research from real, many are physicians and medical researchers who have done this research for those who choose to read it. Much coming from the government itself that vaccines are the biggest lie going not just, in the U.S. but also in Great Britain and Australia.
    There are no “important” vaccines. They are All poisin and more they Do Not prevent any disease! Those who are screaming arrest parents who choose to keep their children safe and healthy are screaming from fear they can’t be faulted but really should not be saying these things. As I have said the vaccine BUSINESS is a multi billion dollar business and they can afford to spend millions to ensure most will keep injecting these poisons into their children’s bodies. Even when their child does get sick, they are so scared if they don’t continue they may get sicker? It makes no sense if you REALLY think about it. These otherwise intelligent parents who “no better” instincts go out the window because there is this vice un their heads from this government who have the doctors who have these main stream media SCARING the you know what outta everyone that they MUST not stop the poisons or their babies will get sick and disease will come back.
    But it’s just Not the truth. It’s gone on so long as well that it’s just embedded in parents brains you have s baby you bring them in and at 2 months old you inject them with vaccines cause? Cause that’s what the doctors and schools and government and pharmacies and other parents and the media and most parent magazines and baby books say you do. No questioning with the rise in parents who did research and the parents with the newish social media posting their stories of their babies DYING or being left very disabled from these vaccines. Why are these people but being listened to? They KNOW (now) after its too late, that these vaccines are NOT what’s best for their child. They KNOW because they either lost their baby or have a very disabled child now and there is NO DOUBT it was from the vaccine. But even with WAY TOO MANY of these horrible tragic stories there are still parents screaming throw them in jail if they won’t inject their baby?
    It’s so so heartbreaking a parent can lose a child and have to hear this from others who have so far been simply lucky their child has not yet shown the signs of vaccine injury because many of the injuries from vaccines may not sure up for many years. They have linked, because they continue to add more and more toxins in the vaccines, to cancer that shows up much later. And most of those are too distraught over losing their baby to go on and try posting their stories. They don’t care who knows or what anyone else is doing they are mourning the loss of a child. Something that should have NEVER happened. It was caused needlessly and there is no going back to think about rather they should or should not vaccinate. They lost their baby so that isn’t a question any longer.
    This is the case in so many nameless babies because they don’t tell their stories. This has been happening king before social media also where people couldn’t tell their stories even if they wanted to. I know I know too many mothers who have lost their babies and have said nothing because they will never be the same again. I couldn’t imagine kidding a child or having a very sick disabled child because if a useless vaccine the masses told me to get. I would personally never be swayed to inject that poison into ny child, but I surely would never fault any of my friends who have lost their baby because they chose to. That was not my choice to make and even though I did not agree with their choice doesn’t mean I didn’t mourn with them that their babies were now gone.
    I only speak out because if I can save one baby I will have done something. I know im not going to change everyone’s mind. That will take the government and medical community to tell the truth that vaccines are poison and do not stop disease. And the chances of that happening are slim to none.
    Maybe when enough people QUESTION why are so many dying? Why are the pharmaceuticals now immune from lawsuit? Why is there so much doubt in anyone’s mind rather or not vaccines are safe or prevent disease? Maybe when enough question things instead of just doing what they’re told is right, then change will happen rather the corrupt government, medical community, and multi billion dollar BUSINESS of vaccines will be exposed once and for all.
    For the sake of all people babies to elderly getting flu shots so no one else has to die.
    I’ll keep talking until that happens because I don’t want to go to anymore funerals that were so unnecessary. Or watch a friend with a child with brain damage, heart disease, asthma, adhd, severe allergies, cancer, respiratory failure from the ANTI FREEZE yes anti freeze in vaccines, seizures, and a host of other serious “vaccine induced illnesses.”
    The CDCs own website states, yes they’ve added alot of chemicals to vaccines. It is getting worse.
    One has to just look at some of the facts such as undisputed facts on autism. Not a popular subject but, Fact: In 1970 the chances of having an autistic child was 1 in 10,000, In 1995 it went to 1 in 500, In 2007 to 1 in 150, In 2014 it went to 1 in 20 children. WHY? There is a massive amount of undisputed evidence that the poisons in vaccines, more being added all the time, is without a doubt the cause.
    There has been truck loadsiof studies on this and the CDC has been aware of it for far too long. If anyone wants to read the real ingredients of what is in these vaccines before they inject them, ask for the doctor to give you a copy of the inserts stating exactly what is being injected in ever vaccine before they put that needle in anyone’s arm. If your doctor won’t provide this, I’d find another doctor. If they did happen to I don’t know if all the ingredients would be written or possible side effects of each of them but chances are most wouldn’t even be able to pronounce most of them and if they were the real ingredients, that alone would, I believe, having every parent leaving the doctors office without having that vaccines and never return. Human and animal tissue and dna is just one that should make everyone sick to even read. But, latex, formaldehyde, msg, mercury, aluminum, anti freeze, gentamicin, polysorbate 80, phenil phenoxyethan 2-pe, glutaraldehyde, tri butylphosphate, generically modified yeast, beta-propiolactone, cells from human, pig, horse, blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, cow heart, sheep blood. Ill stop, but WHY?
    Please ask questions, ask a lot of questions. Why are there WAIVERS at schools, which they don’t advertise but have them so your kids can go to school without vaccines. Why are parents with otherwise healthy kids who have had their vaccines screaming at those who choose not to? Their kids are vaccinated? They believe this protects them from the disease. So? Those unvaccinated can not give their kids any thing. They believe they are now protected so, what is the problem? I’m confused by that. Ok I won’t go there I know I can hear the well they haven’t finished so they aren’t “completely” protected yet or too young etc. But,my believe from many many years of solid research as well as watching far far too many in my life losing their children by vaccine poisoning. Is that vaccines are poison, kill and cause severe vaccine injury and Do Not prevent any disease.
    Just ask questions. If it wasn’t a vaccine being injected into your child blood stream because the masses are simply trained to believe that is a routine thing you do when you have a baby, I would hope EVERY parent would ask when a doctor came in with a needle to inject their child, what is in that? What are you injecting into my child and WHY? If it were anything besides a vaccine wouldn’t you be asking what it is? What’s in it? And why do they need it? For anyone who would not ask I cant even imagine trusting a doctor that much that you wouldn’t. That would be very careless in my opinion.
    My hopes once again for a time this is not an issue an everyone can concentratenon healthy happy kids who grow up to live healthy happy lives.
    Eat well ๐Ÿ™‚ That is a whole other subject that is so very important especially in today’s times of so many toxins all around us all.
    Stay well ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. I live in MS–one of two states that denys parents the option of a non-medical vaccine waiver if we want to send our children to school or daycare. We have been working to get this law changed for years–me personally for the last three. WV is the other state that only grants medical exemptions, however their doctors actually utilize this option more than MS doctors do because every medical waiver in our state has to be submitted to the local health department and if approved by them then sent to the state–WV has about half the number of kindergartners and about 10x more exemptions than we do in MS…our system is very corrupt and our leaders love to boast about our >99% vaccination rate even though our children are the least healthiest. I wanted to share another side of the MMR vaccine written by a friend whose child developed ITP after being vaccinated. https://www.facebook.com/MSParentsForVaccineRights/posts/486899674784435


  8. The outbreak was at Disneyland in California. Not Disney world


  9. I’m sorry but some of these comments really blow me. Someone mentioned that there’s no scientific evidence that the measles vaccine does anything to prevent measles. If that’s true, why don’t people get measles anymore? I’d like to be provided with a link to scientific proof of that. I’d also like to have a discussion about where people are getting their information from and why its credible material. As for this article, it seems to me that the reason your kids didn’t get sick is because the herd community is doing their job, which to me seems like you’re taking advantage of that because I didn’t see any mention that your kids are in any way immunocompromised, so this is completely a choice of yours not to vaccinate them. I’m one of the healthiest people I know, never even had chicken pox as a child, barely even get the common cold. I’ve convinced myself that a large reason for that is because my mother breast fed, but on a more serious note I have been vaccinated for everything. Doesn’t it raise a red flag to some of you that your children won’t be let in school if they’re not vaccinated because they pose a risk to others? Or that they’re recommended not to be in heavily populated places because of the same reason? A question I have is: Say no one got vaccinated, (so the herd community doesn’t exist) because vaccinations are so “dangerous”, what do you propose we should do when we start to have mass outbreaks of measles, polio, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, or even the plague comes back in large numbers? (Because we still have cases of the plague to this day !)
    There’s so much evidence and proof that vaccines work and have saved billions of lives that I can’t see how people can ignore it. The claim that vaccines causes autism was disproven, and the doctor that made those claims lost his license. A lot of the “toxins” found in vaccines are elements that can be found in our everyday environment, and in larger amounts than found in vaccines, too. I won’t get into those specifics unless someone wants me to reference my sources but thinking logically, wouldn’t the TINY risk that comes with vaccinating your child or yourself GREATLY outweigh actually going through the emotional and financial strain of treating an easily preventable disease? I also think it’s funny how parents nowadays were vaccinated as children (yes, usually without consent) but are now conducting “research” or seeing false and incorrect information on social medias like facebook and are putting their kids and other people at risk because of that. Yes, I’ve heard the argument that people can have horrible reactions to vaccinations because they’re allergic or whatever the case, and I don’t think those people should have to be vaccinated, especially if it’s life threatening if they receive one.
    I am pro-vaccination, change my mind.


  10. I am in the Army so I had to get a ton at vaccines, and I was vaccinated as recommended when I was young, but I am anti vaccine


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