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A Letter to Moms of Vaccine-Injured Children

admin October 10, 2014

Today’s letter is in honor of Vaccine Injury Awareness Month.  It’s needed.  It’s time to say this…from a mama who (thankfully) doesn’t have any vaccine-injured children, to those who do.

Dear Moms of a Vaccine-Injured Children,

I’m so sorry.

This is the first thing I have to say to you, because you don’t hear it often enough.  Too often, you’re told that your child is not vaccine-injured.  That you made it up to “blame” someone for your child’s challenges.  That vaccine injuries just don’t happen.  And worse, you’re insulted, belittled, mocked.  It’s unbelievable that people treat you that way, when you did what you were “supposed” to and vaccinated your child.  Your child is the “one” who suffers, who “took one for the team” and your child’s sacrifice is denied.  It adds insult to injury — literally.

Can I just tell you how insane I think this is?  You listened to the doctors.  Got your child vaccinated.  Thought of the “good of society.”  And yet, your child is the one who struggles.  No one is helping you.  No one else is responsible for what your family struggles through every day.  They don’t even treat you with respect because you did what you were supposed to.  They treat you like trash.

And now, that maybe you’ve chosen to vaccinate your future children on a selective or delayed schedule, or not to vaccinate at all, they call you names.  They’re nasty to you.  They want you to take on that risk again, to possibly allow your other children to be injured too, for their own personal satisfaction.  I can’t think of anything more selfish than that.

You don’t have to worry about those people.  It’s incredibly sad that they even exist, but they honestly don’t matter.  Their opinions are nothing.

The second thing I want to say to you is, you’re strong.

You’re strong to wake up every day, knowing that your child is sick.  Your child is struggling.  Your child may even be violent at times, towards you and others.  And yet, you remain committed to helping him or her.  You cope with the difficult symptoms and behaviors with calm, and often even with a happy spirit – you’ve accepted your circumstances.  That’s so amazing.

You’re strong to face people who don’t understand your struggles.  Those who shy away from talking about or being around your child.  Those who may stare or point at your child in public because of strange behaviors or meltdowns.

You’re strong to step outside the mainstream and look for answers to help your child.  To try diets and supplements and other treatments that doctors refuse to study properl because you know that others have had success, and you might too.  It isn’t easy to go against what most people do.

You’re strong for trying to heal your child.  For successfully healing your child, in some cases, when they said it couldn’t be done!  I know that, for many kids, it can happen, mama.  And if you’re not at that point with your child, keep going.  You might be there someday.  I sincerely hope that you are.

I also hope that we can get the information we need to prove that this is really happening.  So that other parents know, and can make an informed choice about whether or not they want to vaccinate.  So that they know which is the greater risk to their child (since it can differ from child to child).  So that they won’t face the mockery and the ridicule for whatever they decide, and especially not if their child is one of the unfortunate ones….

Mama, you and your child deserve to be recognized, for all that you are and all that you do.

I want to help you, mama.  I want to give you and your child a voice.  Your story deserves to be recognized.  Other people need to know that vaccine injury isn’t silent, it isn’t pretend.  It isn’t so rare that you’ll never know anyone who struggles with it.  It’s real, and it’s a daily part of life.

If you have your story written up, mama, please share a link to it in the comments.  I’ll add them throughout the day, so that we have a long list of stories that people can read.  So that they can know the truth.


Do you have a vaccine-injured child?

This is the writings of:

  1. I am weeping…I have ask every single year in October for parents who believe that vaccines should be mandatory without question, to support those damaged and start with a kind word to us, so we know you are taking this request to heart. NOBODY ever has! You nailed it exactly and I cannot thank you enough..my son John thanks you…you are a beautiful person with a lovely heart….thank you thank you thank you!


  2. Thank you so much for this…. My second child, my 4 YO was damaged by her vaccines. She reacted after the 2 MO shots and I foolishly believed the doctors and got her the 4 MO shots anyway. She reacted again and I was still scared not to vaccinate, so I began to give them one at a time over time. She had eczema from about 2 MO on, but the other damage didn’t begin to show until 18MO when she started to show delays and then sensory issues. Her eczema intensified, landing her on steroids finally despite my best efforts. Therapy, stopping vaccinating, several years of steroids and we finally discovered she was addicted to the steroids… The past six months have been spent detoxing from the steroids and on extreme allergy diets. Allergens which she did not show as a baby, not until she was much older. Allergens which I believe are caused by gut issues.

    We are still a long long ways from healed here, but I feel like we are finally getting some of the needed pieces to the puzzle together so we can start on the path of healing… And a big part of that picture is not vaccinating. Not ever again for her for sure. My other children, I put on hiatus for vaccines. I get a lot of junk about it from people – nasty names, etc. I get told even more than I shouldn’t advocate against vaccines – that it’s “just” my daughter and no one else. But I don’t believe that. I am convinced vaccines are a major piece in the puzzle of increasing allergies, eczema, ADD, Autism, Gut issues. So are antibiotics and processed food diets. So many reasons to change to a natural lifestyle. MAM, I really appreciate what you do. Thank you for being an advocate for healthy lifestyles!


  3. Modern Alternative Mama, thanks for helping to spread awareness about the very real phenomenon of vaccine injury and death. I’m an attorney who works with clients throughout the U.S. with vaccine exemptions and waivers. I have 2 weekly radio shows, one of which always starts with a vaccine adverse events story, 8:00 pm ET every Tuesday evening, called The Vaccine Agenda. To listen live or listen to archived shows, go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thevaccineagenda. If you would like to share your adverse events story on The Vaccine Agenda, please contact me at attorney@vaccinerights.com. If you need information about vaccine exemptions and waivers, please go to http://www.vaccinerights.com.


  4. This is my son, my only child and he had so much going for him. Although he had never had a flu vaccine he chose to have the 2009 H1N1 Flumist vaccine as a precaution. He was looking forward to skiing over the Thanksgiving weekend.


  5. Thank you! nicest thing I’ve read in a long time. My kid became developmentally delayed due to an antibiotic reaction at the maternity that gave her a “liver encephalopathy”. She would later be diagnosed with autism. To make matters worse, My child reacted to the meningococcal vaccine at 2years. All of a sudden She became like Dracula, so light sensitive you’d think she would turn into dust like some cheesy 1940’s movie… 2 days after her vaccine it was all soul’s day and we went to the cemetery as we have always done as a family. It was a beautiful day. My girl started screaming and covering her eyes the minute we left the parking in our building, when we got to the cemetery, she was going under the seat to protect her eyes. It was so bad we ended up in the ER where they put her to sleep and tested her for albinism with some contact lenses in her eyes with cables attached to it. It was so scary seeing her unconscious and with her eyes open, almost as if she was dead! It was not until we did lots of treatments to detoxify her that the light sensitivity went away (impossible with albinism). Today she has vision problems, but no light sensitivity, and her autism has improved to the point of doing normal schooling without any aid, but it has been a long road full of challenges (and satisfactions). Vaccines can be very harmful.


  6. I have a vaccine injured child and my (amazing) pediatrician recommended I stop vaccinating both children (2.5 yrs and 6 mos old at the time) because it was too risky. My long family history of autoimmune disease made my children prime for vaccine injury. Some doctors do understand that vaccines can and do cause autism.


  7. My baby was 9 months old when he got his second MMR within hours his ankles and legs had swelled up and were covered in large hives. His little fingers swelled and by nightfall he was rocking a temp of over 104 deg, so I rushed him back to the surgery which was luckily still open. The doctor who saw him was horrified and immediately told me this was a vaccine reaction and that my son was very very ill. He told us to immediately go to hospital and to never ever vaccinate this child again. The hospital told us our son was not having a vaccine reaction that he had probably been bitten by a bee and after giving him some antihistamine sent us all home.

    I slept with my baby in my arms all night giving him cool baths trying to keep his temp down as he felt like he was in an oven he was so hot and delirious. His little body was shaking with heat and tremors, he was crying and at times looked like he was dying as his eyes went blank.

    I took him back to the doctor who had given him the shot again the next morning and told him what the hospital reaction had been. He was so angry and said he had already reported it as a vaccine injury, then he told me how to care for my son over the next few days and wrote a prescription for painkillers, and antihistamines, but he said his future was in the lap of the gods as he had no other help to offer. He also asked if my family was immune compromised and I told him our family history, he then told me that he would never had given my son the vaccination if he had known our history, although he said most doctors, nurses and schools would have gone ahead anyway.

    My baby did recover although he is now prone to chronic tiredness and has been all his life, he was also epileptic for 12 years but as he grew he seemed to get over it with some help from natural therapies. I did not vaccinate my last child at all and he is my healthiest child of all, now 20.


  8. Thank you, sincerely.

    Dear Adamant Pro Vaxxer:
    I used to be just like you. I once told my mom not to worry because “I’ll never be one of those crazy hippies who doesn’t give her kid shots.” Until I saw it happen to my son. I can only hope that this is something you never have to see for yourself.
    Just a mom trying to do right by her kids


  9. I have a 4yo autistic boy. He only had his first HepatitisB vaccine and K After birth. I don’t consider him vaccine injured, but who knows how that one shot effected him long term. With the issues I had with feeding him in the first few months of his life, I don’t doubt that he would have had a strong reaction if I allowed vaccines against my better judgement. We are using alternative treatment and this month I am finally hearing the word “Mommy” from his lips, like music to my ears. Thank You Kerri Rivera!


  10. Here is a link to my Congressional Testimony describing my son’s vaccine injury leading put to my experience with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).

    I am glad you did the research prior to vaccinating.




  11. Thank you thank you, as tears roll down. Thank you for listening, for empathizing. It’s not an easy road. I’m thankful for those who listened, stood by me, and just loved our family!


  12. Dpt vaccine, tons of crying, 6+ hour status seizure which led to static encephalopathy (known side effect of pertussis vaccine). The encephalopathy led to uncontrollable seizures that seizure meds made worse. With alternative treatments reduced her seizures by 80% sad to say it still meant daily seizures. Due to uncontrollable seizures her encephalopathy around age 5 became progressive. The atrophy reached her brain stem by age 9 and she died in less then a 24 hour period.
    I thank you for this article!! I get so tired of people saying we should vaccinate for the greater good and when I tell them about my daughter i get nothing. When one says you should vaccinate for the greater good they are saying you should vaccinate to protect my child…ok who protected my child?


  13. The following link is to an article I wrote several years ago on my son’s experience with vaccine injury. It explains his physical conditions and then goes into the vaccination narrative.



  14. While my child isn’t severely injured, I do believe vaccines caused us a great deal of illness and upset. My child received his 4th dose of DTAP along with 2 other shots and a flu shot in Oct 2007 at 23mos. He always seemed to have a harder time with his shots than his big brothers did but this time was worse. His leg around the shot turned a weird purple splotchy color and swelled up immensely. I took him back in and they brushed it off as a mild reaction to the “aluminum” in shots that builds up over time. He will have an even worse reaction to his next shot. We’ve struggled with asthma, food allergies, seasonal allergies, other allergies and chronic infections. He had more ear infections after age 5 than before which Drs say isn’t very common. He ruptured his ear drum during an infection, another time his ear drum had a large blister on it. He’s had numerous antibiotic injections because his infections were so bad (pneumonia or ear infections) and “if this gets worse we’ll have to admit him” more times than I can count. One school year he was sick for the entire school year. He missed an average of 1-2 days a week and rarely did we go a week without an illness. He fell behind in school and felt stupid because he didn’t know the things his friends knew. Unless he was going to have a planned absense of 5+ days we couldn’t do home study and the amount of work sent home on a missed day was tremendous.
    We have a medical exemption for his Tdap boosters and he won’t get any more vaccines in the future. I have slowly and methodically spaced his baby brother’s shots out and have avoided dtap despite a Pertussis outbreak in our area. I have been told many horrible things about not vaccinating my children and everyone assumes it’s because of autism but they just don’t see what I’ve seen in my own child and the effect it’s had on his body. Not every child will be effected by vaccines but those who are shouldn’t be ostracized and ridiculed.


  15. My brother was vaccine damaged in the 1960s. He lost all the hair on his body after a violent reaction to LOADS of vaccines for his “Kindergarten Shots” at 5 years old. He developed asthma and then died of it. I was VERY cautious with my children and my compromise with my husband was to wait until they were four, not vaccinate for benign diseases, and not do vaccines with bad histories. So at 4 they had a DT (left off P). A week later my boy’s face swells up so badly he can’t see out of his eyes. Ran to doctor who made me sit in waiting room for 1.5 hours because I had no appointment. Finally told me he was having a reaction to something and to give him some benedryl. Discovered on my own that it was a shellfish reaction that he will always have now. He was formerly a GREAT admirer of coconut shrimp!
    The FDA allows TRACE AMOUNTS of oil as an adjutant in vaccines without labeling it on list of ingredient. But of course any lay person knows that protein in the bloodstream (without the help of saliva and digestive juices from the gut to break it down) results in the body targeting what it sees as a foreign invader and building antibodies against it. So fish oil, commonly used as an adjutant in vaccines, as well as peanut oil, are CAUSING these horrific life threatening anaphylactic reactions in our children which we have to constantly watch for and be vigilant about. My son was in another country at the beach and had french fries which were fried in same oil as shrimp and went into anaphylactic shock. Had to be rushed to third world hospital as he’d left his epi at the grandmother’s house. Could have been deadly.


  16. Undiagnosed damage until flu shot threw him into Tasmanian Devil mode… http://saravogel.com/?p=143


  17. I sit here in tears. Do you know how long we have waited for someone to say “I’m sorry?” I’m sorry for your hurt, your loss, your pain, your struggles. I’m sorry you have to fight everyday to be heard, to be justified, to help others, to get anyone to even listen? You have just endeared yourself to every parent in this community that really just want compassion, understanding and the ability to prevent this from continuing. We are passionate about stopping this abuse…because it IS abuse. We want our child’s loss of potential and in the worst cases, loss of life… to MEAN something. We want to turn our pain and tragedy into good. Somehow. So we speak of our stories, seek the Truth and never give up. We are fighters. We want to the madness to stop and we will stop at nothing to protect future children because we don’t want others to have to go through this trauma. So it is with great humility and gratitude that I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to write and express such kind, loving and heartfelt words. you are appreciated.

    Baxter’s mom
    vaccine induced autism


  18. Kate, here is a blog about my son. Its a few years old now but still relevant. We are currently battling PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal infection). he is responding beautifully to treatment but this is also a direct result of vaccine injury. Again, gracious thanks for this post. My full body goosebumps have yet to diminish.



  19. My son was born in July 1995. I was a healthy, fit woman who did not drink any alcohol, did not smoke, did not use any kind of drugs. I ate a well-balanced diet of mostly organic whole foods…all of the above was true of my husband, who also regularly cycled and jogged. I maintained a healthy weight during pregnancy and other than morning sickness had no complications. My son was bright, alert, engaging and clearly neurotypical in every way. He met and exceeded all of his developmental milestones until 7 1/2 years of age when he sustained a vaccine injury from the flu shot in late 2002. Within a very, very short period of time after the vaccine, he developed severe neurological, neurodevelopmental and neurobehavioral changes. I was forced to research this issue, as did my late husband, a physician, in order to save our son. We were not anti-vaccine (which should be obvious, otherwise, our child would not have suffered a vaccine injury). We were not conspiracy theorists. We were intelligent, educated, articulate parents trying to find out what happened to our formerly healthy son. We understood medicine, statistics and how to read and comprehend scientific research. My late husband was a triple board certified physician and Chairman of Emergency and Trauma at a major Level 1 Trauma Center. He served as Associate Professor of Surgery at a well-respected medical school/teaching hospital, as well as Medical Director of a Physician Assistant program at a major university. He did peer-review for numerous medical journals, served on the boards of numerous National, State and local medical societies. He was a published author of numerous medical articles, peer-reviewed scientific studies and even a medical textbook. My background was in politics, nursing and forensic accounting. In others words, we were NOT clueless, gullible, conspiracy theory, “anti-science” parents as the CDC and mainstream media try to paint anyone who has the audacity to question vaccines.

    All one has to do is follow the money to ascertain why the pharmaceutical companies and government vaccine program defenders (like the CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, etc. are attacking anyone who questions vaccines. They have 30+ billion reasons per year (money generated each year from vaccines) to deny any evidence of harm from vaccines. Denying that vaccines cause severe harm does not change the FACT that vaccines CAN and DO cause severe harm and/or death to some. My child IS evidence of harm.

    Even more than 10 years later, he still suffers from a destroyed immune system, asthma, allergies, mitochondrial dysfunction, blepharospasms, facial and vocal tics, metabolic dysfunction, insomnia, cyclical fevers with hyperemesis, dystonia and recurring PANDAS/PANS episodes. And most recently, received laboratory confirmation of abnormally elevated nagalase levels (usually seen only in cancer and HIV patients but scientists are now finding it in many children diagnosed with autism and autism spectrum disorders).

    This is why I encourage all parents to educate themselves about the true RISKS before they vaccinate their child. I wish I had done so instead of relying on the misinformation of my pediatrician.


  20. Our daughter M was born November 2004 with Down Syndrome. She only had one small ASD in her heart, a little jaundice, and was three weeks early, but healthy with great Apgar scores. She came home after six days, and the only bigger concern of the ASD closed on its own within 18 months. She developed slowly as was to be expected for her diagnosis, but she was engaged with us, smiling, and happy. She received all of her vaccines on schedule per the advice of our pediatrician. At the age of two and a half, shortly after her flu shot, I noticed that she wasn’t playing with toys like other children and was worried about her development. By the age of three or so, she just stalled in her development and the lights went out in her eyes. She didnt really care about anything around her except the food she ate and the shows she obsessed over. She was diagnosed with Autism at the age of four, though at 2 years, nine months of age, we got her checked by a specialist team who said she was too social to have Autism. By the time she was three, it was obvious.

    I am certain that though other things contributed, the major cause of her “autism” was vaccines. Down Syndrome has mitochondrial dysfunction as part of its syndrome, and the government has acknowledged through the mouth of Julie Gerberding that an underlying mitochondrial dysfunction could be triggered by vaccines causing symptoms of Autism. But Ms. Gerberding said it was rare, which it isn’t (the Hannah Poling case.). Our children with Down Syndrome have mitochondrial dysfunction, yet because of their immune systems, the are targeted for all of the recommended vaccines plus some. One estimate for Autism and Down Syndrome co morbidity is 18.2% (of the DS population – diGuiseppe). Some researchers suspect as high as 30%. If you google the study of Genomic expression of Down Syndrome, Autism, and Rett Syndrome, syndromes with very similar symptomatic expressions, you will see that the 37 genomes in common all centered around the Immune System. So to put it another way, kids with these syndromes have Immune Systems that cannot handle the vaccines and their ingredients, pure and simple. My child, and many others like her regressed as a result, yet the government will not accept that this can happen, so no compensation for us. There is nobody out there to help us or to even acknowledge what happened to her.
    The sad thing is, I had someone warn me not to vaccinate her because of fears of autism. But I listened to our doctor and now she is Autistic. Our government knew about these dangers and covered them up in order to support the vaccination program. It is unconscionable! M deserves to have her story heard.


  21. With tears in my eyes I say to you “thank you, thank you, thank you”. You’ve touched my heart with this post.


  22. Here is our story, our journey out of vaccine injury otherwise known as autism.



  23. Our 5-year-old daughter is vaccine injured. She regressed after her 12-month vaccines and completely stopped talking for about 2 years. She started speech therapy at 18-months and she is still in therapy and she just turned 5-years old. Last year, we finally got the Apraxia diagnosis which is great because she receives more therapy. Apraxia is classified as a brain injury resulting from a vaccine injury.

    You can read about our story here…


  24. Our story is documented on my blog. https://theedgeofautism.wordpress.com/
    Thank you for acknowledging what we go through and how hard we have fought to try to protect other people’s children. We simply don’t want this to happen to someone else.


  25. I have tears on my face after reading this. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. No one has ever said “I’m sorry” about what happened to my son. May blessings rain down on you for your compassion and kindness. I am just one more Mama with a vaccine injured kid. It’s still to difficult to write about, from beginning to end. Let’s just say that I remember his beautiful green eyes gazing into mine as a tiny baby, and remember the day I suddenly realized he didn’t do that any more. He is making wonderful progress but I still feel sick when I remember that “neurological damage scream” as others call it and the way he arched his back on the doctor’s table, as if he was unable to lay flat.

    Thank you, thank you for this beautiful thing you have done for me and so many others.


  26. From the bottom of my heart… thank you.

    My three week old son reacted to the Hepatitis B vaccine with three months of fevers and crying, and two years of constipation (until the GFCF diet), but his doctors did not recognize this as a vaccine reaction, so they kept vaccinating him, even with the same vaccine he reacted to. At 18 months he got Hep B, DTaP, Polio, Pnumo, and HIB, lost eye contact, stopped answering to his name, stopped talking (except for two phrases, “uh oh”, and “all done”, met the description of “vaccine encephalopathy” in the VICP table, but was diagnosed with “autism”.

    Through biomedical intervention including GFCF and SCD diet, supplements, chelation, HBOT and others, he has gone from “severe to moderate autism” to the top of the autism diagnosis “almost PDD” said his last psychologist, is functionally verbal (but behind) and mainstreamed in a 7th grade class room with an aid. We have gotten him about halfway back. Most importantly he is happy, he is best friends with his brother and has wonderful (although limited) relationships with his classmates. ONWARD AND UPWARD!!


  27. Thank-you so much for this blogpost. I am also in tears. As you so eloquently noted, it is not just the initial injury that harms, but also the constant denial and attempt to make villains of us, resulting in a never-ending series of re-traumatization of parents and families.
    Please know how much you are appreciated.
    This is my daughter’s story:


  28. I just want to say how sorry I am that mothers of vaccine injured children have to go through this hell and nobody cares. I care, I care deeply for all the pain you’ve lived through and still have to face daily. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your stories because it is one of the many reasons our children are vaccine free. I am so sorry that this country and the bought out “doctors” have lied to you and deceived you, some unknowingly, to vaccinate your children. I pray for healing, hope, and light for you and your children. Painful as it is, PLEASE keep sharing your testimonies, it may save lives!


  29. You are the first person I’ve heard those words from. I can think of quite a few folks who should’ve said them- namely the lying ped that harmed my baby. But no, instead it’s an honest, thoughtful, empathetic mom blogger on the internet who is apologizing. Tears. Thank You.

    My son’s story—>


  30. My son had just received his immunizations when he started to have problems. Me being a new mom was confused. He started having problems just standing and walking without falling. A first time mom I just thought he was being lazy or defiant (you know the terrible twos). It wasn’t until he was three that we really started to notice more that this was definitely a problem.

    We took our son in to see the pediatrician and they sent us to the nearest children’s hospital. After tons of tests and worries from both my husband and I the doctors realized that he had contracted gianne barre syndrome. After spending weeks in the hospital as my three-year-old laid there in pain and was given IVIG (a treatment for cancer patients), he was released.

    Through the next 3 to 4 years we had to return to that children’s hospital for more than 4 treatments of IVIG. My son now suffers with developmental delays. His doctors all still say that this was caused by a stomach virus he contracted and not his immunizations. As his parents, we believe it was his immunizations.

    Please be aware of the risks with immunizations! Not only can they cause Autism and the others mentioned in the comments above. They can also cause gianne barre syndrome. Other doctors and studies have shown now that you can get this syndrome simply from taking a flu shot. Oh, but wait a flu shot is safe, right? Again, folks, do your own research! Don’t be afraid to be different. This is your child’s life that God has entrusted unto you to take care of, not the billion dollar a year industry.


  31. First of all,thank you so much for this post. Now let me tell you my boy’s story. My amazing son Christopher was born on Thanksgiving day in 2003,he was a healthy baby. His first year was filled with milestones hit well ahead of other babies his age. Looking back at first birthday pics you see a smiling,happy little boy at Chuckie Cheeses,feeding himself birthday cake and playing with his new toys. By Christmas(just one month later) pictures show a completely different child. His smile is gone,speech is gone,he has no interest in the tree full of new toys. His sense of balance is gone as well as the spakle in his eyes,he seems to not even recognize his own mommy. Over the next year food becomes his enemy,the child who once loved to eat has no interest in eating,even candy and ice cream mean nothing to him. His main form of nutrition over the next few years will be carnation instant breakfast shakes. Six years of feeding,speech,occupational,and physical therapy follows. The severe snsory problems were the worst,trips to the zoo or movies were torture for him. Doctors gave me no answers, tey didn’t seem concerned that a healthy chiild was now very sick shortly after being vaccinted.It took me yars to search and find the answers for myself,many times I had to fight the hospital and insurence company to get my son the therapies he needed.
    Today my son is eleven years old and in fifth grade. He still has trouble sleeping and eating will always be a challenge for him,but,for the most part he is healed. Christopher is very intellegent and does work 2 grade levels ahead,he never stops talking now and most important,that beautiful smile and sparkle are back. Chris now has a little siter who is on an alternate scedule and has not recieved any of the vaccines that made him so sick.
    Thankfully he does not remember much about the struggles he faced when he was little,he is happy and healthy again and dreams of being a dolphin trainer at sea world when he grows up.
    Vaccine injury is very real, it is also possible to heal from it. Never give up on your child,never take no for an answer and always listen to that inner mommy voice when it comes to making decisions for your child.


  32. I am contacting concerned individuals with websites, blogs or newsletters that are trying to reach and inform others about the poisons in our environment such as Vaccines, Fluoride, Glyphosate (Roundup) and Chemtrails.

    Many of us have read about the adverse health effects from the toxins in our environment, witnessed friends or family with vaccine damaged children, experienced the forced dosing of fluoride in our drinking water, polluted by the Roundup sprayed on our food and been subject to the poisoning of air, soil and water by the chemtrails laced with alluminium, barium, strontium and bio-organisms.

    I would like to share this information with you about some products that have been recently developed specifically for detoxing from these poisons. They are a safe and reliable method for removing these specific toxins from the body, allowing the immune system to reset itself and restore optimum health. All of the products are backed and supported by a qualified Practitioner who is available for consultation as required.

    Please have a look at my website and read about the detox kits. Maybe there is someone you know that could benefit from them and could pass the info onto, so they can get help.

    I have tried very hard to keep the price of the detox kit as low as absolutely possible without compromising the pure quality. This way it will hopefully get to as many individuals as possible.

    Thank you so much for your time. I would greatly appreciate anything you can do to get this information out to people that need the help.

    Best regards,




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