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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Let’s Change the Conversation

admin October 1, 2014

Today is October 1, which marks the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Every year at this time, the world turns pink as we “seek the cure” and try to bring awareness to this disease which is stealing people from us.  It’s a terrible disease.  It’s a terrible circumstance.  No one wants to deal with it, or see friends or family deal with it.   (Why I’m Not Going Pink This Month)

Unfortunately, we’re completely surrounded with one story line: “Raise awareness, and treat with chemo and radiation!”

There is no other story.  There is no alternative.

This does families a great disservice.  Because there are other ways.  Other alternatives.  Both in treatment, and in prevention.  It’s a same that women (and men) are not taught about these alternatives.  We need to be honest and open about all the information that is available.

That’s why, this October, I want to change the conversation.  I want to bring those alternatives to light.  And I want to talk about prevention more than anything else.

Why Change the Conversation?

We’re all aware of breast cancer.

We really don’t need anymore awareness.  And we don’t need any more reminders to get our annual mammograms (which are not prevention, they are detection) or talk about research to fund new cancer drugs.  (Some of which, by the way, is good and necessary, but we’ll get to that later.)

We need to actually talk about prevention.  What leads to cancer?  What can we do to mitigate our risk?  Nothing we do can ever completely erase risk, but there is so much we can do to lessen it.  Don’t we all want to know that?  Don’t we deserve to know that?

I believe we do.

That’s why, this month, we’re going to talk about the importance of prevention.  We’re going to talk about natural ways to reduce your risk of getting cancer.  Be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss all of that!  (And if you do subscribe, you’ll get the free ebook I’m releasing later this month, called Start Your Healthier Life, One Step at a Time).

It’s time to stop talking about “awareness” and focusing on chemical ways to treat, and talk instead about how to avoid the major risk factors in the first place.  Read why I Still Don’t Support “Cure Cancer” Foundations.

And if you or a loved one does have breast cancer…you have choices.  It isn’t only chemo and radiation.  There are alternative treatments you could use along with, or instead of, conventional treatments (how you handle it is up to you and your doctors, and I encourage you to do lots of reading before making any choices).  You should have all the information and options presented to you.

That’s why, this month, we’re going to talk about it.

Are you with me?

Vaccine Injury Awareness Month

It isn’t only Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It’s also Vaccine Injury Awareness Month.  That’s a topic that most don’t want to talk about.

But it’s real.  It happens.  And it’s why I stand so strongly for parental choice in vaccines.  No one wants their child to be the one who is sacrificed for “the greater good.”  And yet, many are.  Hundreds…maybe thousands, each year, are killed or permanently injured by vaccines.

We’ll be shedding some light on that issue this month as well.  We’ll be looking for the best statistics we have on how frequently this occurs, and what happens.  We’ll be talking to families who’ve experienced it.  And we’ll be asking why so many are not listening to these families, when they are shouting their stories from the rooftops.  These stories that aren’t “coincidence” and these children who weren’t “born that way.”

Read The Myth of Vaccine Injury.  (That is, people believe it’s just a myth — it’s not.)

These are two majorly controversial topics.  I know that.  But I believe they are extremely important to talk about.  Will you join me, this month, to talk about them?  Will you be brave enough to share this information with friends and family?

Because these are such hot topics, any rude comments will be deleted immediately and repeat offenders will be banned.  We can and should have open discussions about these topics, but trolling and flaming will not be permitted — towards the bloggers or towards other readers.  We’re all adults here…and we’ll act like it.

How do you feel about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Vaccine Injury Awareness Month?

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  1. Thank you so much for being here and sharing the facts. Whenever I start to feel bullied or alone in my alternative journey — I had a home birth, did not vaccinate and believe in alternative cures for cancer — I come to your site and read up on the facts again. It reestablishes why we’ve made the decisions we have.


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