12 Valentine's Day Treats

12 Valentine’s Day Treats

jill February 11, 2014

I am not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day (mainly because I think that it perpetuates the idea of “you must have a mate to be happy” which is so not true!) and I don’t have any big plans to celebrate this year.  I am not big on buying a gift for my spouse on this day or being devastated if he doesn’t buy me anything. On the contrary, I don’t want him to spend the money! Ha!

Now, I do like to decorate our home with pink, red, and hearts in February, and I always love a good excuse to make a treat. My husband will be thrilled with a special meal and a fun dessert to share, and we will probably play a board game with a glass of wine after we put the babe to bed. I decided I better start planning that special treat so I can be sure to have the ingredients on hand and I found all of these lovely recipes to share with you.

finished chocolate bars editHomemade Chocolate Bars

strawberry coconut butter heartsStrawberry Coconut Butter Hearts

almond coconut candy barsChocolate Almond Coconut Candy

butter cookies done frostingButter Cookies

custard vanilla ice creamCustard Style Vanilla Ice Cream

butterscotch sauceButterscotch Sauce

chocolate cakeChocolate Cake

molasses cookiesMolasses Cookies

chocolate fudge sauceChocolate Fudge Sauce

Strawberry CheesecakeSimple Strawberry Cheesecake

cream cheese frostingCream Cheese Frosting

I am tempted to just make the cream cheese frosting and hand out spoons…:)

Will you be making a special treat for Valentine’s Day?


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