A Detox Bath for Your Child’s Next Fever |

A Detox Bath for Your Child’s Next Fever

Jill Marks January 21, 2014

Mama, let me ask you a question.

How would you like to learn how to give your child a type of bath that will help their body when they have a fever?

If you answered “yes” – that’s great! Today I’m gonna explain how a detox bath helps the body during a fever and how simple it is to do it.

Two Priorities At The First Sign Of Fevers

Do you know what two things you should do as soon as you realize your child has a fever?

1. Keep them hydrated – this is your main focus during a fever

2. Stimulate their body

Well, you may be thinking that the keeping them hydrated part makes sense, but stimulating them? What? They have a fever. Aren’t they already stimulated?

Yes, they are stimulated, but what I mean is that you want to stimulate their body so it will release toxins. This will help them get over whatever is causing the fever in the first place.

One way to do that is with a ginger detox bath.

How Does A Ginger Detox Bath Work?

Ginger is more than just a food… it’s an herb and a mighty strong one. It’s used for all sorts of things from settling the stomach, to thinning the blood, to decreasing inflammation, to speeding up circulation and inducing perspiration.

When you use a ginger detox bath to stimulate your child’s body during a fever, it speeds up their circulation, makes them sweat, and that helps toxins to leave the body. By getting rid of extra toxins you’re giving the body a leg up in its fight against whatever is causing your child’s fever in the first place.

Now let’s look at how to give a ginger detox bath during a fever correctly.

Three Things To Remember When Doing a Detox Bath for Fevers

When your child has a fever, they’re hot and they don’t feel good. Their body may even ache a bit. So, when you’re giving them a ginger bath to encourage detoxification, you want to remember a few simple things.

  1. Keep them hydrated
  2. Don’t overheat them
  3. Make it quick


Remember how I said that your most important job was to keep your kid hydrated? Same goes while they’re in the bath. Fevers cause you to lose moisture so you wanna do your best to replace that.

Before you start your bath… maybe while bath is filling, encourage your child to drink some ginger or peppermint tea. They’ll need between 1-4 oz. depending upon their age. This will get the stimulation going, but it’s also getting water and nutrients from the herbs into their system. Learn how to make the perfect cup of herbal tea right here.

It’s also a good idea to keep a cool washcloth on your child’s head and have them drink luke-warm water with lemon if you want it to taste better. This will not only keep them hydrated, but help them sweat too.

Next, you want to encourage them to sweat, not to get hotter. They already have a fever. Keep their bath water warm… not hot. You want them to be comfortable and relaxed… not too hot, not too cool. The purpose of this bath is to get their pores to open up so they can sweat and toxins can escape that way.

Lastly, keep it quick. Ginger baths work fairly quickly to stimulate the body, especially if your child drank their herbal tea first! 5 – 10 minutes is really all the time they need to be in the bath… just enough to get the ginger to open the pores and help them sweat. Remember you’re not trying to increase their temperature as their body will do that on it’s own.

How To Give A Ginger Detox Bath During Fevers

I’m a big fan in doing things the old way because I think it can be more effective. But, I’m a mom – a busy one – and sometimes quicker just makes more sense. So below, I have two different methods for making a ginger detox bath for fevers. Check ’em out!

Dried Method

Put 1-2 TBSP of ginger powder in warm water and mix well.

Fresh Method

Add 1 gallon of strong ginger tea in your bath water. Easy-peasy!

To make ginger tea, shred your ginger root into a large pot. Then pour 1 gallon of freshly boiled water over it and let steep 15 – 20 minutes. Strain the ginger off with a sieve, and you have your ginger tea ready for your bath.

After the Detox Bath

After your child’s bath, dry them well, get them dressed, and put them to bed. Give them another 1/2 – 2 oz of hot tea then let them rest. Typically, detox baths make you tired so your child should sleep well.

Be sure to check them often. Keep cool washcloths on their head and neck to keep their head cool if needed. This will help their temperature not to rise too quickly which can trigger a febrile seizure, and help them feel better at the same time. Also keep them in dry clothes as they’ll be sweating a good bit and you don’t want them to get wet and cold which will cause them to shiver.

All of this will encourage their fever to do it’s job while helping the body to detox from whatever is making it sick.

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Meagan Visser | Founder & EditorMeagan Visser is a Registered Nurse turned home-schooling, SAHM to 3 small boys. She’s currently a family herbalist that is passionate about using herbs for health and healing. She teaches parents how to take charge of their children’s health naturally on her blog GrowingUpHerbal.com and in her Letters To Natural Mamas emails.

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Jill Marks
  1. Are there other detox baths you can use on children? Just for general purpose? tia


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  3. Would ginger Essential Oil work in the same fashion?


  4. I have to say this is a fantastic method for detox a child with a persisting fever and I added a little twist to the detox recipe, I blended with a nutribullet the following;

    The Concoction:
    1 Knob of Ginger about a thumb size with the skin on.
    1 stalk of Lemon Grass only the Bulb to about half the stalk.
    – Cut to smaller pieces and blend
    – Bring it to strong boil in about 3 cups of water, for 5 minutes.

    Draw a bath and I am just saying the water need to be hotter than normal. Pore in the boil mix. Have your child soak in for about 10-15 mins till the sweat starts to flow.

    I am surprise how it worked like a charm.


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