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Growing Up Unvaccinated: Scary Potential, or Healthy Reality?

admin January 10, 2014

growing up unvaccinated

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There is a pro-vaccination article circulating the internet right now.  You may have seen it — most people have.  It was originally published at “Voices for Vaccines,” and later republished on Slate, Jezebel, and several smaller blogs.  The blogosphere is abuzz with this story.  It’s called “Growing Up Unvaccinated.”  There are two general thoughts about it right now:

Good, finally.  Maybe all those silly anti-vax people will finally listen and get their kids vaccinated.


This is pure propaganda nonsense.  Who is she kidding?  You can drive a Mac Truck through the holes in this story.

I can’t prove one way or another if the story was real.  Maybe it was.  Or maybe it is only propaganda.  Here is the most important thing to remember, though: this is one woman’s story and opinion.  It is not science.  It is not data.  It is not a reason to make a decision on this very important issue.  Anecdotes from either side are just that: anecdotes.  Ignore them.

Why All The Fuss?

For some reason, many people who strongly believe in vaccines are very fond of saying “The plural of anecdote is not data,” and they immediately dismiss any story about vaccine reactions or any anecdote that may be “anti-vax” no matter how many there are.  Yet, they’re spreading this story as far and wide as possible.  They’re championing it.  What a great story!  What a great way to get peoples’ attention!

It should be understood that everyone, regardless of their opinion on a topic, will naturally side with information that confirms what they believe, and will be naturally critical of information that goes against what they believe.  It is called confirmation bias.  That is exactly what is happening here.  The people sharing the story don’t seem to understand that they are engaging in this behavior; if they do, they don’t care.

Since I’m not a fan of emotional manipulation and attempts to force people into making certain medical decisions, I’m going to break the article down and explain why so many are angry about it.  I’ll point out all the sections that have raised questions or concerns and explain why they have.  Then I’ll leave it to you to decide whether you believe this story or not, as well as — as always — what decision on vaccines is right for your family.

I don’t abide by bullying…and that’s what this was (or at least, that’s how it’s being used).

Breaking Down the Story

My goal is to share several inconsistencies as well as simply incorrect or abusive statements.

I was brought up on an incredibly healthy diet: no sugar til I was one, breastfed for over a year, organic homegrown vegetables, raw milk, no MSG, no additives, no aspartame.

Aspartame wasn’t approved in the UK until 1982, and wasn’t used in many popular products until the late 80s.  The author, according to her bio, was born in 1976.  It wouldn’t have been an issue for the author, very likely, since it wasn’t really in common use until she was older.

…I would’ve killed for white, shop-bought bread in my lunch box once in a while and biscuits instead of fruit like all the other kids. 

This statement sets up resentment towards the parents — implying that parents who offer their kids a healthy diet are doing them a disservice, that their children will rebel, and dismissing the impact that a healthy diet has on a person’s overall health.

As healthy as my lifestyle seemed, I contracted measles, mumps, rubella, a type of viral meningitis, scarlatina, whooping cough, yearly tonsillitis, and chickenpox, some of which are vaccine preventable. In my twenties I got precancerous HPV… 

There were no vaccines for most of these illnesses.  Only measles, mumps, rubella, and whooping cough.  Viral meningitis, scarlatina, tonsillitis, chicken pox, and HPV did not have vaccines at this time.  Mixing these illnesses all together in a long list makes it look scarier than it really is.  Vaccines, even if they work as intended, do not prevent against other illnesses (like tonsillitis).  Some parents believe that they do, but this is simply false.  HPV is a sexually-transmitted disease that can be prevented by abstinence, safe sex practices, and regular pap smears.

…mummy might have cancer before it was safely removed.

I can’t help but note that the author overcame all the illnesses she faced.  She did not have any complications, lasting damage, and obviously did not die.  She doesn’t even mention any hospitalizations (until age 21, which was not for a vaccine-preventable illness) — so they couldn’t have even been that bad.

So having the “natural immunity sterilised out of us” just doesn’t cut it for me. How could I, with my idyllic childhood and my amazing health food, get so freaking ill all the time?

This statement implies that the steps her mother took — alternative health and good food — were (are) useless to prevent disease, and that vaccines are the only (best) solution.  It casts doubt on relying on a healthy lifestyle.  (Although, again — she may have gotten sick — but she came through just fine!  Could that have been because of her lifestyle?)

My two vaccinated children, on the other hand, have rarely been ill, have had antibiotics maybe twice in their lives, if that (not like me who got so many illnesses which needed treatment with antibiotics that I developed a resistance to them, which led me to be hospitalized with penicillin-resistant quinsy at 21–you know that old fashioned disease that killed Queen Elizabeth I and which was almost wiped out through use of antibiotics.

Ah, there it is.  Vaccines are the solution.  They prevent (all) illness.  But, wait a minute — she developed resistance to antibiotics by the age of 21?  Most “super crunchy” parents do not get antibiotics very often, if at all.  They use natural remedies to treat.  So why did she have antibiotics all that often?  Either her parents weren’t really crunchy, or they are trying to say that when natural remedies “inevitably” fail, people fall back to using antibiotics (apparently frequently).  Casting more doubt on using natural remedies.

As for quinsy, it occurs when you don’t treat strep throat (but wait — didn’t she have antibiotics a lot?  wasn’t it treated?), it did not kill the queen, who was 70 years old (in the 1600s, when this age was extremely old).  It’s also extremely uncommon because strep throat is usually treated early on.  These are simply a bunch of false statements to make antibiotics look like major champions and natural remedies look useless.

 I struggle to understand why I know far more people who have experienced complications from preventable childhood illnesses than I have EVER met with complications from vaccines. I have friends who became deaf from measles. I have a partially sighted friend who contracted rubella in the womb. My ex got pneumonia from chickenpox. A friend’s brother died from meningitis.

The most likely explanation for the first statement — that she hasn’t met anyone with complications from vaccines — is that it isn’t something people talk about.  Plus, vaccines weren’t that commonly used until the late 80s in the UK, so cases of these illnesses were more common and vaccine reactions, obviously less common.  It certainly isn’t something the media talks about.  But it’s everywhere.  As for the other illnesses, these complications are, in fact, rare.  Knowing a few people who did have complications doesn’t mean that they are actually that common.

…anecdotes are the anti-vaccine supporter’s way.

100% incorrect and insulting.  There is a wide body of scientific evidence to support the notion that vaccines may not be as safe as believed, and that there may even be benefits to catching some of these diseases.  Anyone who says this clearly hasn’t done a thorough search into the anti-vaccine science and is attempting to discredit the entire notion.  There are even doctors and researchers in prominent positions who have spoken out and asked for more research into vaccine safety, but the have been ignored.  (Bernadette Healy, for one.)

 I was studying homeopathy, herbalism and aromatherapy; I believed in angels, witchcraft, clairvoyants, crop circles, aliens at Nazca, giant ginger mariners spreading their knowledge to the Aztecs, the Incas and the Egyptians and that I was somehow personally blessed by the Holy Spirit with healing abilities. I was having my aura read at a hefty price and filtering the fluoride out of my water. I was choosing to have past life regressions instead of taking anti-depressants. I was taking my daily advice from tarot cards. I grew all my own veg and made my own herbal remedies. I was so freaking crunchy that I literally crumbled. It was only when I took control of those paranoid thoughts and fears about the world around me and became an objective critical thinker that I got well. It was when I stopped taking sugar pills for everything and started seeing medical professionals that I began to thrive physically and mentally.

This entire paragraph is nonsense.  It’s mixing ‘normal’ things — like being cautious about fluoride in water (which, by the way, the vast majority of the UK doesn’t even have) — with ‘out there’ things like tarot cards and clairvoyants.  It’s subtly suggesting that anyone who believes in anything natural is basically crazy and believes in magic, not solid, science-based natural options.  It also suggests that herbal and natural remedies are “sugar pills” and that this sort of natural life is driven by paranoid, irrational fears.

Where to even start?  I can’t.  It’s simply nonsense.  Perhaps she had these issues (some have said she’s been diagnosed with bipolar), but this is not how most people who choose a natural lifestyle think. 

If you think your child’s immune system is strong enough to fight off vaccine-preventable diseases, then it’s strong enough to fight off the tiny amounts of dead or weakened pathogens present in any of the vaccines.

This is a red herring.  Nobody who chooses not to get vaccines does so because they think their child can’t handle the antigens.  They are concerned about the other ingredients in vaccines — a fact that almost all pro-vax people intentionally ignore.  Injecting aluminum (injecting, not consuming orally, which is very different) into a tiny body is very concerning.  The actual antigens are not.

Don’t teach your child to be self serving and scared of the world in which it lives and the people around him/her. And teach them to LOVE people with ASD or any other disability for that matter, not to label them as damaged.

This is calling all parents who don’t vaccinate selfish.  And saying that by saying that children with ASD need to “recover” from vaccine damage (which many mothers do believe), is labeling them negatively.  I don’t have a vaccine-injured child, but I can only imagine how heartbreaking it is to read these words if you do have one.

…knowingly exposing your child to childhood illnesses is cruel; even without complications these diseases aren’t exactly pleasant.

No, they’re not.  But neither are potential vaccine complications.  No parent wants to see their child suffer, but they have to weigh the risks and benefits of any choice so that they can do what is right for them.  Parents who choose not to vaccinate don’t do it so that they can get their kids sick.  And if their kids do get sick (no matter what they have), they don’t leave them to suffer, they offer comfort measures!  This is…implying parents are heartless and don’t really love their children if they don’t vaccinate, which is ridiculous.

Those of you who have avoided childhood illnesses without vaccines are lucky. You couldn’t do it without us pro-vaxxers. Once the vaccination rates begin dropping, the less herd immunity will be able to protect your children. The more people you convert to your anti-vax stance, the quicker that luck will run out.

Another appeal to herd immunity, and a subtle threat to vaccinate “or else.”  Most people who don’t vaccinate don’t believe in herd immunity and are not afraid of these illnesses.

On a personal note, my kids have had rubella, pertussis (including the baby) and likely mumps, and we have had no issues.  Nothing scary.  No complications.  Not even a visit to the doctor.  Kids can, and do, come through these illnesses with no problems.

The Bottom Line

There have been wild accusations flying around, accusing the author of actually being an employee at the CDC.  I can’t find anything to confirm that.

And you know, maybe it is just one mom’s heartfelt, fervent story.  Maybe she did have a terrible, illness-ridden childhood and she now believes vaccines are the answer.  And that’s okay.

What isn’t okay is the way her words are being used.  They’re being used to judge and shame parents.  They’re being held up as an example of what will happen if you don’t vaccinate your children.  They’re being regarded as some sort of universal truth.  That is terrible.

One person’s story is one person’s story.  Nothing more or less.  It may jumpstart your desire to research an issue, but it shouldn’t push you into a decision.  And anyone who would send you such an article and then tell you that you should make a decision because of it is wrong, and to be ignored.  (I know some people send it out of concern, like “hey, did you see this?” and that’s okay.  It’s the people that say “See, you were wrong, here.” that’s bad.)

If you are an unvaccinated adult, would you fill out this quick survey please?  Thanks!  (Survey closes on 1/18.)

Have you run across the Growing Up Unvaccinated post?  What do you think?

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  1. I read this article too, and I found it irritating due to the holes in her story. Thanks for analyzing it.


  2. I’m at the point where I’m going to very soon have to make a decision about vaccinations. My baby is 4 weeks old. My husband is very anti-vax, my mom is very pro-vax and I’m somewhere in the middle, if that’s even possible. I was wondering if you could clear something up for me.
    One of the arguments from pro-vax people is that you should vaccinate in order to protect those who cannot vaccinate or those with weakened immune systems (elderly, very young). However, my understanding is that a vaccination will not prevent you from passing the illness on if you are exposed, even if you, yourself don’t get sick. If someone has measles and I come in contact with them, am I not able to pass the pathogen on to others, even if I don’t get sick myself? ie: if it’s on my hands and I come in contact with someone else before washing my hands, could I be passing the pathogen on?


  3. Thank you! I have not had time to counter this since it started appearing daily on my newsfeed. Now I can just share this with everyone. 🙂 As always, I appreciate your non- combative approach. The “vaccine wars” are getting old.


  4. I would love more information on the the “herd immunity”. Is this a valid argument for getting immunizations?


  5. Excellent – fantastic! Very well written!


  6. Thanks for analyzing and writing it so beautifully Katie! I love your research and have shared it with my FB community. Hope others do too!


  7. Thank you for this thoughtful response to this article!!


  8. Thank you, Kate! Loved the post. It was a perfectly written and presented argument. I’m so glad that you tackled this topic. – Angela


  9. Well, I am so over this whole argument. i just closed my Facebook account for this very reason. Do you think this decision will matter in eternity? You say you don’t want to shame people? It is posts like this that really make me regret reading them. I just wish we could move on from this. What I do with my kids is no one’s business.


  10. If your children never had a visit to the doctor when they were experiencing ” rubella, pertussis (including the baby) and likely mumps”, how did you know they had them? You self diagnosed them at home? My friend’s 5 week old son contracted pertussis from an vaccinated adult and spent 7 weeks in the NICU and almost died.


  11. I meant an unvaccinated adult


  12. Holy moly! Your kids have (likely -I guess you aren’t sure) had mumps (which can make males sterile), German measles, and whooping cough (they coughed for 100 days and didn’t need a doctor visit?!) in the five years you have been a mom? Yet, you never mentioned, that I can recall, these illnesses (except possible mumps) on your blog or facebook? All of these potentially serious diseases would freak me out! You are a calmer woman than me Kate Tietje!


  13. Thank you for analyzing this article. You did a great job! I was disappointed when I first read the article after one of my friends shared it on facebook. It seemed cruel and manipulative to me. My vaccine views lie somewhere in the middle. I have vaccinated my kids cautiously by omitting some and delaying most.


  14. According to this, the author of the article does (or at least did) work for the CDC:


  15. Someone posted this on Facebook:
    “Guys, this fictitious article is written by a fraudulent author. Amy Parker is not a piano teacher raised by health nuts. She is a Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer with the CDC’s National Centre for Immunisation and Respiratory Diseases. Here’s the link. Compare the pictures of her and decide for yourselves.


  16. Hi Kate

    You can’t choose more than one option of the illnesses you had as a child in the survey


  17. Your survey doesn’t allow a respondent to mark more than one choice in questions about childhood illnesses. Just a fyi


  18. A group I’m a member of just had someone post that her Dr’s office printed out that blog and is giving it to anti vax parents now! I’m shocked


  19. I didn’t like the story when various friends shared it. I truly appreciate knowing I’m not alone in how I feel!


  20. My husband and I began researching vaccines in earnest about a year and a half ago, when the flu vaccine mandate insanity hit our state and the hospital where he works. It started with the flu vaccine (our research), and has now extended to vaccines in general as well as the diseases the vaccines are designed to prevent. What we have learned is so disillusioning regarding vaccines, drug companies, the healthcare industry (which is almost completely controlled by the pharmaceutical industry now), and the government and media (which has largely been bought and hence is partially controlled by big Pharma) that not only are we done with all vaccines for good, but my husband is about to take his final pre-requisite class for naturopathic college. You never know how far rolling up your sleeves and digging into the research yourself may lead!


  21. This was very disturbing. The lengths our Government and Big Pharma will go to, to keep pushing dangerous vaccines on our children! Sickening!!

    Thank you for the rebuttal and researching it.


  22. This is the best deconstruction of that article that I have read so far! Great job!

    My personal opinion is that it is either completely fake or someone exaggerated their personal story so it would have more impact. It is clear that this article has one purpose: to fuel the masses to shame people who forgo vaccines. I wouldn’t be surprised if big pharma or the CDC is behind this.


  23. I can’t thank you enough for this article.


  24. What a great breakdown of the article! I read it myself, and thought ‘what is this load of garbage’? Anyone over the age of 15 should be able to see it’s a fake. The whole article was done to cast doubt on those who are questioning their decision to vaccinate, which the majority of people, once they have decided not to, don’t doubt, they just know in their soul it is so wrong to do it. I’m in the middle of putting together a website of stories of vaccine injury. If you have a story you’d like to share, any story about vaccine injury, please share it at – the more the better! So we can stop people doubting their choices.


  25. THANK YOU THANK YOU. You published the thoughts in my head so succinctly, writing out what I haven’t had time to do. People need to base their choices on FACTS, not propaganda.


  26. Thank you for checking into this article. I have known several infants hospitalized with Pertussis. It is very serious in young infants. I myself had pertussis when I was 9 years old and by the way a time when the immunity is decreased and why we need a booster. It was the worst summer of my life! I coughed so hard and would turn purple and blue. I was taken to the ER several times during that 3 months of illness. I would not wish it on anybody! That being said…I understand fears and concerns and just as the severe illness of death is rare….so are the severe side effects if vaccines. I look at it like a seatbelt…Yes there can be side effects of wearing your seatbelt. But most of the time is saves lives. Just one more thing to add concerning side effects…any person can have a reaction or side effect to something that is ingested, injected, inhaled or placed topically on the skin. I have seen a child go into a life threatening reaction when she had peanut butter and another with gelatin. I have seen severe reactions from milk. The only question I have for myself is do the risks outweigh the benefits? This is why all of my children (I have 5) all wear their seatbelts, eat healthy, take daily vitamins, have used garlic oil for ear infections, cayenne for cold symptoms and are vaccinated. We see chiropractors and Medical doctors. We use natural remedies and think the balance is in the middle. My husband is very healthy. .my kids are too!


  27. Thank you so much for analyzing this article, I too had read it and felt very upset by all her claims. You made a lot of very good points that I hadn’t noticed the first time I read her story.


  28. My oldest son was vaccinated with whatever vaccines they gave 39 years ago. He was sick all the time. My youngest son was not vaccinated and almost never got sick. He did get the chicken pox but there were no issue with it at all.
    As a child, I had all of them, measles, mumps (which our parents deliberately exposed us to as they wanted it out of the way before a big trip) rubella, and chicken pox. When I was in my late 20s I was working as an X-ray tech and was forced to get an antibody test for all of those. It came back that I didn’t have the antibodies and they made me get the MMR vaccine to keep my job. Within a week I had the measles and then had a horrible reaction where all the joints on my right side ( where I got the shot) started swelling up and were horribly painful. I had to go on steroids for 6 weeks and it was 6 months before my joints were pain free.

    My questions is how do otherwise intelligent people get so brainwashed that vaccines are a must that they won’t even listen to documented research and refuse to do their own. My sister insists on a double blind study before she would believe the sun rises in the east but she just accepts that vaccines are God’s gift to humanity. I don’t get it at all.


  29. Great job Kate! I would like to add a bit. We mustn’t fear the microbe or the symptoms they bring. These “diseases” are the body’s response to toxins and pollutants. One study ((you’ll have to search for it as I don’t remember the link) shows that contracting the measles, in childhood, actually confers cancer protective benefits to that individual later in life. This is an amazing find, yet not a peep in the mainstream of things. Imagine what other benefits come from bacteria and “disease” that we don’t even know about. I don’t claim to know everything, but I do believe, to paraphrase Hippocrates, that these little daily sins against nature, such as junk food and vaccines, accumulate and lead to sickness. As far as the holes in this person’s story. Who knows? This story could have definitely been made up by an industry rep. Everything you read should be met with healthy skepticism. Thanks Kate! Keep up the good work


  30. Your survey is flawed. I did not have confirmed instances of any of the childhood illnesses listed and so was unable to complete the survey because I didn’t check any of them and it told me this was a required question and kicked me out. I was unvaccinated as a child. I did not get any childhood illnesses, but my family lived in an isolated area and I was home schooled. I got some horrible coughing thing in high school which went undiagnosed and untreated. It could have been pertussis, but I’ll never know. I came through it fine, but it was very, very, very scary. At times I coughed so much I literally could not breathe. I would not wish this illness, whatever it was, on anyone. I have now gotten the DPT shot because I feel that to not get a tetanus shot when one works in the earth (my hubby and I have a small farm) is sheer stupidity. But that’s the only vaccination I’ve gotten so far. I don’t have children. Contrary to popular belief that being unvaccinated means you have superhuman health as an adult, I struggle with seasonal allergies and have chronic migraines. I hope this information is of interest to you.


  31. The “growing up” article drove me nuts! I didn’t reply because I didn’t want to get into a FB fight with the person who shared it with me. I am unimmunized, not for health reasons but because my mom was a follower of Christian Science. My immediate response was that the article was false. Okay, no proof right, so if the article was true? She was a sick little girl! So sick! She had such a compromised immune system I doubt even immunizations could have protected her! My first child was immunized and he got measles. I stopped immunizing. All five of my children and my husband had whooping cough one winter–this included my immunized son and immunized husband. It was horrible. The great thing about getting these horrible diseases against which society is immunized is that once we have been exposed, we’re immune for the rest of our lives, no boosters! And, related, if the herd is immunized, I still don’t understand why my child is a threat! Oh, yeah, that’s because the immunizations don’t work!


  32. […]  You can find a story about growing up without vaccines here, and someone rebutting her claims here.  There are probably many more that will continue to pop up now and in the future, people passing […]


  33. That story sounds bogus and makes me wonder who the author is working for. It also sounds like an attempt to discredit natural medicine. Healthnuts don’t take antibiotics and would use natural remedies preferably.


  34. thank you for writing this! i’ve seen this article passed around quite a bit on my Facebook feed, but didn’t want to respond. It’s terrible that people will jump to one side after one story circles around. I believe that respect is key.


  35. Thank you so much for your research & sharing on the subject. I have a 3mo. old & am so conflicted as to what I should do. Definitely we will wait, but I’m not totally comfortable with doing nothing.
    A question for you & your readers- has anyone looked into homeopathic alternatives? I’m particularly interested in what Kate Birch has written, but wanted to hear what others might think.


  36. Wow. I would have to agree with those who say the author works for the CDC, big pharma, or something like that (the NIH comes to mind, too, from personal experience). The whole original piece sounds like vaccine propaganda. That part about being “so crunchy” but getting so many antibiotics that she became resistant and believing in boogy-men? (sorry, lumping together tarot cards, aliens, etc.; but never add YHWH to that list. There is a true God!) If all of that was her childhood, not being vaccinated should be the least of her worries!
    Anyway, good rebuttal. I like this website. =)


  37. […] doesn’t even touch on the fact the article is Full of HOLES! Not to mention the fact that the pro-vax camp is always chirping “anecdotal cases are not […]


  38. Thank you so much for this article. I’ll have to show it to a friend who showed her article to me. 😉


  39. Thank you, so much for this excellent rebuttal. The article actually was first published at the blog Violent Metaphors. The author, Jennifer Raff, is an anthropologist at the U of T, in Austin, Texas. Why this blog posting was picked up is beyond my comprehension as it’s poorly written, and the personal history statements make very little sense.


  40. Thank you so much for taking the time to break down this article, I loved reading it


  41. I love this response!

    I have chosen to not vaccinate
    My child gets sick, but not more then other who are… sometimes even from kids that are vaccinated.
    Everyone comments on how healthy and happy she is. She is progressed beyond her age.
    It upsets me how a lot of parents get agressive (not all) when they find out someone is not vaccinated and say things like ” i wont let my kids play around with un vaccinated kids” if you are so sure your vaccines work there should not be a problem. I did a lot of reasearch before i chose not to.. for and against. I have been vaccinated growing up.. untill i started eating healthy and taking control of my health i was sick all the time.


  42. My husband works with the FDA almost daily in a different field. The stupidity that goes on there is mindnumbing. It has nothing to do with the protection of the people. They have rules that you are supposed to follow, if you don’t then you get in trouble even if that means you go against common sense. What he told me is this: If you are not willing to trust the IRS with your money, then why are you willing to trust your health with the FDA?


  43. Most of the anti-vaccine movement is made up of people who were once for vaccinating. I can’t believe people can’t see this. These parents at one time DID believe in vaccines, but their child was injured, causing them now to be against them (OR they caught “whatever” disease despite of vaccinating). It’s not as if, as an anti-vaxer, they chose to vaccinate regardless, even though they didn’t want to. That makes no sense for someone to continually make a choice contrary to their beliefs. Why would someone continue to vaccinate if originally they were against it? See what I’m saying?

    Instead, being told vaccines are safe and effective, like very one else, they went and got their child vaccinated. Each shot, on time, starting from pregnancy, because they thought it would work for them and protect their child. And then their child got injured, or sick.

    Why aren’t THEIR stores passed around and flaunted?

    So before everyone gets all exited that a new person decided to leave the “antivax” movement and now vaccinates their child (like Amy Parker), remember this:

    EVERY. SINGLE. CHILD who is vaccine damaged once had a PRO-vaccine parent.


  44. I am not up to date on any of my vaccines. I have not received any booster shots in the last 20 years (I know I’m not the only one!!!). Does that make me unvaccinated? I want to fill out the survey! Can I? I received vaccines as a child, but they have worn off, so, I am not currently vaccinated.


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