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Why We Will NOT Be Lathering On The Sunblock This Summer

beth May 22, 2013
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With the summer heat rolling in the stores already have sunscreen filling up the center aisle. You”ll see constant campaigns airing on all sorts of media outlets warning us of the rising skin cancer rates and the need for sunblock. With that in mind – we likely won”t be using much sunblock this summer.

The Numbers Don”t Add Up

In recent years the public has become more and more aware of the sun and protecting ourselves from it. We lather on sunblock and limit time outside in a effort to stay safe. Yet, the numbers for skin cancer keep rising. This is what made me stop and ask questions – shouldn”t these numbers be going down? Shouldn”t we be making some sort of progress?

Study after study seems to lead to the same conclusion – simply wearing sunscreen is not going to help you avoid skin cancer. The doctors and scientist that are questioning the trend are finding “evidence for [sunscrens] protective effects against melanoma skin cancer is less conclusive.”

We also have to take into account what avoiding the sun is doing to things like our vitamin D intake. I wrote recently about how vital vitamin D is for the body. Sun screen prevents your body from getting the natural vitamin D from the sun!  The AAP acknowledges that sunscreen “prevents the formation of vitamin D in the skin.” – which has left many of us deficient.

Your Sunblock Is Likely Doing More Harm Than Good

The one thing research is showing is that we are not quite sure what negative effects sunscreen is having on your bodies. One study in Denmark recently expressed concern in reproductive/developmental toxicity and disturbed thyroid function after finding UV-filters in urine and breast milk. Our skin is our largest organ. We absorb up to 60% of what we put on our skin – so if we are putting on toxic products those toxins are being taken in.

Did you know some of We offer complimentary pick-up and drop-off service all over the greater Los Angeles / Orange County area for every lesson in our Mercedes-Benz vehicles!Since 1962 Bond Driving driver ed online has been teaching drivers ed to California teens and adults. the most common ingredients in sunscreen are known to cause cancer? That seems a little counterproductive, right? You can check the ingredient safety of yours on EWG website. I took a look at an old bottle we had of Banana Boat Natural Reflect to see how it stacked up. Sounds like it would be full of natural ingredients right?

The above are just a few of the ingredients it contained. EWG rates it as a 3 (moderate hazard) so it is not one of the worse ones – yet it is far from what I want to be using.

But What Can You Do?

Now you ask – but what can I do? No one wants painful sunburns and we all want to remain as healthy as we can be. But I’m not saying that I want to roast myself. In fact, a sunburn in the last thing I want for my family. However, we have to ask if there are better options.

Healthy Diet

I’m sure you”ve read this before – and it has been true for me as well. While the rates of cases of skin cancer have risen so have the number of people eating a SAD diet full of processed foods, limited nutrients, and low fat. In fact, a recent study found that fats may help prevent skin cancer! Yet another reason why I don”t hesitate to use real butter.

Covering Up

Where light clothing and hats if your going to be in the sun long term (think day at the beach) and are worried about sunburn.


Feel like you see this term pop up frequently in the real food/natural health world? That would be because it is one of the best ways to get Omega-3″s which lower your risk of sunburn and have been found that “longer-term supplementation might reduce skin cancer in humans.”

Vitamin D

Here it is again! The New England Journal of Medicine  concluding that vitamin D is important for a list of things including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders – and cancer prevention. What is the best source of vitamin D? The sun!


If you do choose to use a sunscreen – make it as healthy as possible. Most of what you find on the market will do far more harm that good. Keep in mind that “natural” on the label is not regulated and doesn”t mean anything. If your going for a long day at the beach and concerned with sunburn try some homemade sunscreen – Wellness Mama has a recipe I intend to try this summer.

For Us

So, for us we won’t be wearing sunblock to play outside this summer. If we go to the beach I will be making my own. And I will be encouraging my family to get out and soak up the vitamin D while I provide them with a healthy diet full of good fats and FCLO.

Do You Wear Sunblock? Are You Worried About The Ingredients OR How Effective It Really Is?

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  1. We live in the caribbean so this is a constant issue for us. We mainly wear hats and rash guards, but at times still need some sun block. We’ve tried every natural brand, but reef safety is also a concern here. On top of what sun block does to us, it poisons oceans, coral reefs and fish. I’m looking forward to trying the homemade recipe here. Thanks so much!


  2. I made this sunscreen last summer. I works great, it’s what I am using this summer too.


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  4. Very nice write up! I’ve not ever used much sunscreen as I don’t often burn, but my kids have lighter complexions that I do. I was at first worried and put sunscreen on my kids as is advised by all medical professionals, but since doing the research concluded what you laid out here – sunscreen does more damage than the sun! My kids eat a pretty clean diet including FCLO and I’ve found they rarely burn. Even with spending our summer days by the pool, I’ve not seen more than slightly pink cheeks!


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