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Homemade Bisquick

abykm91 April 13, 2013

By Danielle, Contributing Writer 

One of my favorite things to do is figure out how to make something from scratch that you normally buy in a box.  As a working mama, I need the convenience of quick meals and sides but I don’t want to compromise on health.

Enter homemade Bisquick.

Bisquick is great for making dinner biscuits, dessert shortbreads, and even pancakes. The problem is the extra, nonessential ingredients in a box of Bisquick don’t mesh with a real food or natural foods diet.

So I decided to make my own.

Here’s how you can too.

Homemade Bisquick

Homemade Bisquick

  • 6 Cups Spelt or Whole Wheat Flour
  • 3 Tablespoons Aluminum Free Baking Powder
  • 2 Tablespoons Sucanat, Rapadura or other natural granulated sugar (Optional)
  • 1 Tablespoon REAL or Celtic Salt
  • 1 Cup Butter, cubed

First, sift your flour, salt and baking powder in a large bowl to remove lumps. If you’re using fresh ground you can skip this step and just stir the flour, salt and baking powder together. Next, using a pastry blender incorporate the cubed butter until the mixture resembles small crumbs.

Store the mixture in the refrigerator or freezer in an air-tight container and use whenever you find an awesome recipe that calls for Bisquick.

Do you have an old favorite that calls for Bisquick?  Share in the comments.


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  1. I’ve been making my own mix for a while, similar to this. So one Bisquick recipe I love to make with this type of mix is the knock-off to Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits. I make a typical drop biscuit recipe that goes with your mix and I add 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese (white to be authentic, but any to your taste or in your fridge works too) and garlic, fresh and minced, or powdered, to taste. Typically I used a tablespoon of fresh, or a teaspoon of powdered, but we love garlic, so less or more is to your liking. If I have it, I use buttermilk instead. Bake as the recipe calls for and melt butter with garlic, again powdered or fresh minced to your taste and liking, to brush on top of cooked biscuits. Delish!


  2. Is Arm and Hammer an aluminum free brand?? What would be the recipe for making pancakes?


  3. Can you use sprouted whole wheat flour?


  4. Do you follow the instructions for using this mix the same as on the box?


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