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Sarah’s Healing VBA2C Story

nina April 2, 2013

Today, Sarah from UnorthadoxMomma, is sharing her VBA2C story.

This is my healing, all-natural, wonderful, all-I-could-have-asked-for, VBA2C story:

After having an evening full of contractions, my husband and I went to bed, with the knowledge that we may be meeting our son the next day. After a few restless hours of contractions, I went to use the bathroom, and on my way my water broke at 1:30am on my due date!

I came back to my room and woke my husband Andy called my mom to come stay with the kids, and called my doula, Cheryl.  We then called my OB.

Around 6am we decided that even though I could still manage my contractions easily; due to the drive, upcoming rush hour, and the unknown of the location, we would head out. When we arrived at the hospital, Cheryl (who had been following in her own vehicle) asked if I’d had 4 contractions on the way.  Evidently, Andy would unconsciously speed a bit whenever I was contracting!

When we went in and told the nurse at the desk that I was in labor, I was asked if I was Dr. Gosser’s natural VBA2C.  They were expecting me! They were already notified of my plans and were excited for me, hoping I would get the birth I wanted.

At 7am I started in the bed to get monitored and checked.  I was only a “stretchy” 2 and 50%.  And my contractions were about 10 minutes apart.  I was ready to get to work, but was a little discouraged.  I didn’t want to do this much laboring in the hospital.

Throughout the course of the morning we walked 3 miles (Andy had on a pedometer!). We found out that when a baby was born, a lullaby would play over the sound system. It was so beautiful the way this hospital viewed birth.

My contractions were slowly getting stronger.  Leaning on the railing in the hallway was soon not enough, so I started “dancing” with Andy. During a harder one, we happened to be in front of a group of 5 nursing students, and I heard them saying “great job mom, you’re doing awesome, keep it up!”  It was so encouraging.

Around 2pm, I started to hear a lullaby playing over the sound system, right as my contraction was starting.  This one was manageable until I realized I was right outside the room where the baby was born.  My pain level quickly went up and I started bawling into my husband, and the contraction lasted over 3 minutes!  We quickly went back to my room.

We moved the bed into an L and I moved to kneeling on the bed and laying over the top with some pillows under my arms. Right around 3pm Dr. Gosser arrived.  He was very happy with my progress, and just sat back and watched how things were going. It was like I had heard about delivering with a midwife.  He let my nurse, T, do what she needed without interference. He let me labor as I needed, with Andy and Cheryl supporting me uninhibited.

By 3:30 my labor was non-stop.  After A LOT of help I was moved onto the birthing ball, where Andy was sitting behind me and I was leaning on him.  He would hold me up during the peak of the contractions. My nurse checked me and asked my Dr. if I should move to bed. But he said if I wanted to deliver my baby where I was, right on the birthing ball, I could!  While it sounded good for a minute, I quickly couldn’t manage them there any longer.

They set up the bar at the foot of the bed and Andy and Cheryl helped me get there (forcing and moving my limbs for me), and after 2 pushes my son, Anthony Richard, was born at 4:05pm on Thursday April 19th.

After the most basic of wipe-ups and a quick suction/check he was put on my chest.  His first cry was on me! After the cord stopped pulsing my husband cut it.  And I was able to deliver the placenta unassisted. It went exactly as I’d hoped, and I had my perfect little baby.

Sarah has been married for almost 10 years to her wonderful husband Andy.  They are parents to Jeremiah (7), Madilynn (5) and Anthony’s first birthday is almost here.  When not homeschooling, cooking, cleaning or researching, Sarah blogs at UnorthadoxMomma where she writes about her journey in faith and natural living.

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  2. Many thanks for posting such a beautiful and inspiring story! Hope my VBA2C is just as perfect:)


  3. Dr. Gosser is my doctor too! I am also a VBA2C. What hospital did you deliver at? St Anthonys?


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