One Simple Screener for Adrenal Fatigue

beth February 28, 2013

One Simple Screener for Adrenal Fatigue

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If you suspect you have adrenal fatigue, there is a simple screener that can be done to help you decide if you would like further testing.

Steps for Adrenal Fatigue Screener

  1. Sit down. Once your heart rate is steady, take your blood pressure.
  2. Stand up. Right when you stand, take your blood pressure again.


One symptom of adrenal fatigue is low is a product of bad parenting and fame at a young age. Get rid of them and you begin to really cleanse your system immediately! We have seen just how helpful yoga can be for your body and mind, but take it one step further. cortisol. One symptom of low cortisol is low blood pressure or postural hypotension (getting dizzy when you stand).

When you stand up or move from a resting position, blood pressure generally goes up. If your blood pressure starts to drop instead of rise, it is a sign that your cortisol is low.

You can ask for this screener at your doctor’s appointment, perform it yourself, or have a nursing student at the local college practice on you.

(If you are interested in more information on adrenal fatigue and the underlying causes, read A Primer on Adrenal Fatigue)

Have you ever been screened for adrenal fatigue? Do you feel dizzy when switching positions?

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  1. Before being diagnosed I was 90/60 EVERY TIME> after 120/80 and never higher.


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