And the Tears Fell (Tiffany’s Birth Story) |

And the Tears Fell (Tiffany’s Birth Story)

nina February 12, 2013

Guest post by Jenny Norris

This is Tiffany’s birth post, as told by her friend and doula, Jenny. 

At 42 weeks and 1 day, Tiffany called at 4:26 a.m. to let me know her water broke. Praise God! I get up, shower and head to the local hospital. It’s 6 a.m. I beat her there. We nearly run into each other in the hallway. The admitting is wheeling her into FBC (Family Birthing Center). She has pelvic pain and can hardly walk. Poor thing.

The nurses are awesome. They talk to her like a real person and look at her when they do. Eye contact. She is welcomed. We, her husband, mom and I, are all glad she is there. They read over her birth plan and let her labor naturally. A rare thing nowadays.

Tiff ROCKED at labor. She was open to suggestions, listened to directions and never, ever lost control. I am so very proud of her. I only wish my labors were as controlled as she was.

Eight centimeters and she is nearly involuntarily pushing. I asked; “Why are you pushing?” and she said, after a breath; “I don’t know.” I summon the nurse. She comes in and checks her.

“There is just a little cervix left. Don’t push yet.”

Tiff looks at me. Yeah right!

“Blow it out, Tiff! Let go of your air. Don’t hold your breath. Good. Good. I know that’s hard.”

“The baby’s coming! I can feel it! It’s coming out now!”

“Keep blowing. The doctor is on his way now.”

“Jenny you might have to deliver this baby. I’m serious!”

There is no bulging. She’s fine. Besides the nurses are right there. As mush as I would have LOVED to catch my friends baby, I’m sure they would have elbowed me out of the way.

The nurse applies warm compresses and Tiffany melts. Ahhhh … The nurse pulls her had away and the doctor checks her. There is the head, right there waiting to be born.

“Great Tiff! Keep pushing! I know… it’s called ‘the ring of fire’. Push past that.”

Dr. McDoctor unloops the cord and says; “Tiffany look down and get your baby!”

Tiffany eagerly pulls her sweet child to her breast. The one she has prayed over and waited for for so very long. Life. Right there with cameras flashing.

“What is it?!” she asks.

“You tell us.” the nurses says pulling the blanket back for her to look.

“It’s Ruthie*! Ruthie’s here! Oh! It’s a girl! We have a girl!”

I let my tears fall. It’s been a long time since I cried at a birth. They are all beautiful, but this one took the cake. And my heart. I now have another friend. Little Ruthie, I love you.

*Names used with permission.

Jenny Norris is a midwife currently residing with her family in Southern Mexico with her husband and four children. Jenny is striving to train more midwives in Mexico in order to reduce the caesarian delivery rate, which is currently 85%. Jenny is the resident midwife at a birth center and strives to teach evidenced-based birth practices that are life-saving and reduce maternal and infant mortality, while respecting and honoring the traditional culture of the people she serves. She is on the advisory board for The Community School of Midwifery.

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