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5 Indoor Winter Activities for Toddlers

abykm91 January 22, 2013

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By Danielle, Contributing Writer

It doesn’t take much to entertain a 2-year-old. This is a good thing sometimes.

Homemade toys or crafts is a great way to engage your child’s sense, help them  learn and  even keep them entertained for a few minutes while you’re preparing dinner or on the phone.

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

I remember making these in elementary school.  All you need is some peanut butter, string, bird seed and some pine cones.  If you don’t have a free source of pine cones locally you can buy them this time of year at craft stores or anytime online here.

Secure a string around the pine cone.  If you’re making several feeders make your strings different lengths.  Tie a loop at the end of the string for hanging in the tree or on you porch.

Next, let your child use a plastic knife to cover the pine cone in peanut butter.  I suggest laying out some newspaper or old brown paper bags on your table.  If you use all natural/expensive peanut butter you may want to consider picking up a cheaper variety for this project.

Finally, roll your peanut butter covered pine cone in bird seed.  We put bird seed in a bowl, add the pine cone and “toss” with a spoon.

Now hang your cone up outside a window and wait for the birds!

Pine Cone  Christmas Ornaments

If you don’t have a place to feed birds you can do the same with glue and glitter for pine cone ornaments to hang indoors.

Homemade Play Dough

Sure, play dough can be bought at the store but making it is much more fun. Your little one can help measure ingredients and watch everything transform from liquid to dough right before their eyes.

Here’s the recipe we’ve been using.

If you’ve got carpet don’t worry about messes….so long as it isn’t stomped in too much just let it dry and vacuum it up later.  (Thanks to my best friend, Tabby, for this tip!)

indoor fun for toddlers

Handprint Tree

This cute handprint tree is another fun winter activity.

Forts and Tents

There is nothing cooler than building a fort or a tent right in your living room (or kitchen, or dining room or whatever space you have available).

All you need is a few sheets, some cloths pins…maybe a chair and lots of imagination.  We make tents in our camper all the time.  They’re a great place to read books, eat pop corn or hide from aliens (or whatever your little one can dream up!).  The picture above is my son’s favorite tent spot and it goes to show that even living in a camper you can still make tents!

Do you have a favorite indoor winter activity that your children love? Share them below!


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