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Why I Still Don’t Support ‘Cure Cancer’ Foundations

admin October 12, 2012

When I first wrote my post on Why I Don’t Support Cure Cancer Foundations two years ago, I was pretty much terrified to hit the “publish” button.  My blog was small and I figured a lot of people who swath themselves in pink and “race for the cure” every October would get angry and call me selfish and stupid.

While I had a few people do that, the vast majority agreed with me!  I was shocked…and so glad I had put that post up.  I’m not alone out there.

Over the last two years, my stance has only become more firm.  What most people who disagreed with me said was along these lines: “If you or someone close to you had ever actually had breast cancer, you wouldn’t feel this way.”  Well, this past spring, a good friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer.  And you know what?  I still feel this way.

And so does she.

Why I (Still) Don’t Support ‘Cure Cancer’ Foundations

All of my objections in my original post still stand — the huge and unnecessary executive salaries ($500,000+ per year??), the promotion of unhealthy foods (partnerships with KFC, alcohol companies, and other foods known to increase the risk of cancer), lack of research and information about prevention or even natural cures, and so on.

These foundations are dedicated to the mainstream cancer industry.  They are dedicated to researching things like more powerful drugs, genetic triggers, and so on.  There is very little, if any, money dedicated to lifestyle factors that may be preventative, or any alternative treatments.  (Susan G. Komen holds the position that fruit and vegetable consumption, pesticides, exercise, abortion, fertility drugs, breast implants, weight gain and soy aren’t related to cancer risk, and that breastfeeding, vitamin D, and alcohol consumption have only a “weak” correlation.  The ‘strongest’ factors are genetic/uncontrollable factors.)

In fact, independent doctors who are actually curing cancer naturally are being shut down!  They’re being harassed, arrested, fined, even jailed for daring to provide consenting adults with natural treatments.  These are board certified doctors, who are doing nothing wrong.  They are doctors who have found treatments with no side effects (or few) and success rates in the 80 – 90% range.  And they are being shut down!

Even if you don’t or wouldn’t seek alternative care for your own family, this should make you angry.  Trained, experienced doctors with alternative cures that work are being prevented or harassed for sharing them with consenting adults.  Check out the movie Cut, Poison, Burn for more about this awful situation.

I can’t support an industry that is doing everything it can to keep its own profits high and drive out any competition.  An industry that refuses to acknowledge successful, low-cost, low-side-effect natural treatments.  An industry that shuts down alternative information by calling it quackery and laughing it away as complete nonsense, despite overwhelming evidence of the success and benefits of these alternative ideas.  An industry that doesn’t believe that diet or lifestyle choices have anything at all to do with why people get cancer.

These “cure cancer” foundations just feed this industry.  They send more money and more patients into it.

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What I Believe About Cancer

I already had all of these objections.  My thoughts and feelings on health have changed as I have done more research over the past two years.  I firmly believe that health doesn’t come from drugs, vaccines, or other pharmaceutical products.  There is a place for these things for some people, but not as preventative health.  In my opinion, pharmaceuticals should be used in very serious situations where the body is in serious trouble and natural treatments cannot work fast enough.  And even then, the drug should be used long enough to help the person stabilize, and then natural remedies/healthy food should be used to rebuild the body.

That’s how I feel.  You may agree or disagree and that’s okay.  That is my criteria for considering pharmaceuticals for my family.  So far we have not needed to.

What I believe about cancer (from my research) is that it is usually the body’s last-ditch effort for crying out for help.  Unhealthy foods, constant stress, vitamin deficiencies (which may be caused by stress, multiple/quick succession pregnancies, lower quality food, a personally greater need, etc.), systemic yeast, heavy metal poisoning (from fillings, contaminated water, vaccines, etc.), toxic personal care products (antiperspirant especially), and so on build up to create a toxic situation in the body.

If your liver or kidneys are affected or you seem to have trouble detoxing naturally, that’s a sign of trouble.  If the body cannot clear the “junk” out, it builds up and eventually can lead to cancer.

This will not be the case for everyone but I believe it is often the case.  50% of people can now expect to get cancer in their lives.  That’s not genetic in all cases.  It just can’t be.  And with the toxic environment we live in, it’s easy to see where cancer comes from, in most cases.

Some people do not like to hear this.  Some people say “I did everything ‘right’ and I still got cancer!”  Maybe that’s completely true.  Or maybe you were not as healthy as you thought.  There is still a lot we don’t know about optimizing our vitamin D levels, our gut flora, and so on.

I have personally had to face that my own health isn’t quite as good as I thought.  Not that it’s “bad” but I have needed to recognize that my gut is not as healthy as it could be and that I likely still have some systemic yeast.  This led to my youngest (who is much healthier than my others) having corn and soy sensitivities.  I had to face that there was still more I could be doing to improve my family’s health.  And I am okay with that.  I’d rather think that there is more that I can do to help us move towards “healthy” than to feel that we are simply stuck where we are.  We won’t ever be perfect.  All of these things that we do won’t ever 100% prevent us from getting ill or even dying, if it’s in God’s timing.  It will, however, give us the best chance to live and feel good.

You may believe differently and that’s okay.  This works for us.  I’ve seen how our health has changed as we’ve made changes to our diet, supplement use, and exercise habits.  I’ve seen how my husband’s health has changed as he’s gone through the last two years of heavy metal detoxes, and how rough it was on him in the midst of it all.  (He had issues with arsenic, mercury, iron, and cadmium.)  I’ve seen that even though we all appear healthy — normal weight, reasonably energetic, not getting sick too frequently — that there were still underlying issues that we needed to solve.  Our experience definitely colors my view.  Remember that I’m sharing from my experiences and of course there are limitations on that.

Why I Still Don't Support 'Cure Cancer' Foundations

But What About Those Experiencing Cancer?

It was hard for me to hear that my friend, not yet 30, had been diagnosed with cancer last spring.  She has three small children — the youngest of whom were 2 and under at the time.  It was, of course, a thousand times harder for her, the one actually going through it all!

It did not change my thoughts on these foundations.

When she was in the middle of her treatment (she chose a double mastectomy and did not get chemo or radiation at all), she needed help.  She needed people who could bring her meals, take care of her kids, drive her to doctor’s appointments.  She needed people who could help her research alternative diets and supplements that she could use to help restore her body to health.  Those were the things she really needed then.  She did not need research on expensive drugs she didn’t intend to take, or genetic triggers that she did not believe were a factor in why she had cancer.  The foundations and their “help” were less than useless to her.  (And by the way…last I checked, she agrees with me about these foundations.)

Even if these foundations were just willing to research dietary measures and supplements, they would be more helpful than they are now.  They would be able to help provide alternative information to those who really need and want it!  (Not to mention how helpful it would be to know this information, even for those who choose conventional treatments — it could help them stay healthier while they do so and increase their survival rate.)

(This is not to say that there are not some individual volunteers who are involved at the grass-roots levels of these foundations who are not doing good work.  There are.  There are women and men who support these foundations who make it their personal mission to come alongside women who are dealing with cancer and help them with child care, meals, and so on.  We support these individuals.  We do not consider their much-needed help to be the same as the foundations on a large scale.)

If you’re looking for some special dietary options, a grain-free diet may be beneficial.  Check out my book, Against the Grain, to help with this.

Alternative Cancer Options

There are so many excellent alternative cancer options.  In addition to the doctors and clinics linked above, check out this research:

There is so much more out there.  Research until you know everything you need and have all your questions answered!  There is another way besides what the mainstream industry and these foundations promote.  And as long as they go on pretending that everything but chemo is “quackery” (even though most of the alternative treatments claim a far higher success rate — never 100%, if you know someone who used natural methods and unfortunately died anyway — than chemo does, without the nasty side effects like more cancer), I can’t support them.

We need honest, open, unbiased information about a wide variety of treatments.  We need support for people who choose any path, from completely conventional to completely alternative and everything in between.  We don’t find that with these foundations.  We find alternatives shut down and belittled.

That is where I stand.  I’m not afraid to say it anymore.

Where do you stand on these ‘cure cancer’ foundations?

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  1. This is really well written, thank you. I had never really thought about this issue too much until you brought it up 2 years ago and since then I have continued to think. I really appreciate this.


  2. Thanks for posting this, Kate! It is so important that people are aware of the way big Pharma has a monopoly on the cancer industry. My husband and I recently watched the documentary on Dr. Burzynski, which was incredibly eye-opening.


  3. I agree!!! And with cancer on the rise in my own extended family I have felt the pressure to both support those foundations from family members that are still “mainstream” minded and to research ferociously how to make changes for my own immediately family. Your blog has been A wealth of information…thank you!


  4. I hadn’t read your previous post about this topic, but I wanted to say THANK YOU for this. I have felt the same way, but with much less articulated thoughts. If you haven’t read it, “Love, Medicine, and Miracles” by Dr. Bernie Siegel is a great book about alternative treatment for serious illness of all sorts–less through physical means than through support groups and working through toxic relationship dynamics and thoughts that are undermining our bodies function.
    I still feel guilty when the grocery checkout lady asks if I want to, “Round that up to xx dollars and donate 49 cents toward curing breast cancer?” and I say “no.” Seems like an innocuous-enough cause that grocery stores support it, but reading your thoughts makes me think it’s a lot more political than it appears at first glance!!


    • I totally agree, that moment of pandering for my extra 50 cents is pressure for a moment.. then I think.. that 50 cents is going in my jar that is saving for my own Health and Wellness learning. That 50 cents will add up to my next Cod Liver Oil supplement, and there is nothing more supportive then putting my 50 cents where I know it will make a true positive impact on my life and others. The more I am able to learn, the more I can share, the better I take care of my health, the more I can act as an inspiration for others in my simple expression of being. 🙂



  5. I have to agree with you Kate, however, I believe and have been told that there are cures for cancer. The drug companies wont release them because they make a lot of money on covering up the symptoms!

    After watching the documentary Fork over Knife, I have changed my whole outlook on the medical profession. I’m not so sure they are actually there to help us, I think we are means to making money!


  6. I am very interested in your husband’s story and what helped/didn’t help. I am currently drinking burdock tea for detox and for its antifungal and antiparasitic qualities. I would also love to hear your thoughts on that. I suspect mercury for my past health issues. You really do have a talent for making things plain, and I feel your stands are well researched.


  7. Thank you for this article and for mentioning Dr. Burzynski. He and the graces of God are the reason I am still alive today. I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma Clark Level IV as a toddler and given 6 months to live. But my parents choose to find better options than mainstream cancer treatment and found Dr. Burzynski. I never had chemotherapy or radiation and no other treatment besides the antineoplastons and surgery. I was extremely blessed and many do fantastic treated by Dr. B then die of poisoning associated with the mainstream treatments. Today I am 31, wife to a Navy submarine officer and mother to 3 kids. I am blessed beyond belief!


  8. I thought this study might be of interest:


  9. I love that you mention “You are not afraid to say it anymore”! Thank you for this article.


  10. You and Becka may be interested in Kevin Gianni’s Healing Cancer World Summit. He interviews alternative cancer doctors and cancer survivors.


  11. Great article, Kate! I have refused to give any donations to “cancer cure” foundations for years. They are not looking for a true cure.


  12. What exactly do you suggest for the nearly 50% of people whose cancers are NOT lifestyle related but are genetic mutations in their DNA, likely present from birth, and laying in wait like ticking time bombs? My mother has a brain tumor. Nothing that she has ever done, or not done, ingested or not ingested, in her lifetime contributed to her getting this brain tumor. Her doctor told her that it was essentially a mutation in her DNA and would have showed up at some point in her life no matter what she did. To further prove my point, she is one of the healthiest individuals that I have ever met. She has exercised consistently for 30 years, running, weights, you name it. She has eaten better than anyone I know, teaching her children 20 years ago about the health benefits of foods that are only becoming popular in the mainstream now.

    The problem is that people hear the word cancer and think that cancer is cancer is cancer and that there can be one cure for all cancer. This is a MYTH. Every kind of cancer is different! Different in origin, structure, cell composition, growth, the list goes on. I’m truly saddened by this popularized idea that if you get cancer it is somehow YOUR fault, you brought it on yourself, or you didn’t do enough. I think that the extreme black (“big pharma”) vs. white (alternative therapy) mentality toward cancer and medicine in general in our society isn’t helping anybody. And it may very well be costing people their lives.


    • I really don’t believe that 50% of cancers are unpreventable. Some are, perhaps 2 – 3%, but certainly not 50%. For those who truly can do nothing, I would suggest they eat as well as they can and seek medical care when necessary. Eating well can offset effects of the treatments. I would also suggest networks of support from friends and family.

      Yes, all cancer is different. But most are preventable. I agree that the ‘black and white’ mentality isn’t helping anyone, we need integrative therapies and access to good/true information for all. That is not happening, sadly. I hope someday that it does.


    • I’m sorry for your mother’s brain tumor, but, no matter what the doctor says, it’s simply not true that anywhere near 50% of cancers are genetic, it’s only very low single digits. And the genetic connections are not a death sentence. It’s not just your genes, but your lifestyle that says which genes get turned on for full expression. You say your mother always ate well, but, many people think a healthful diet is low fat, low in meat, high in “healthy whole grains,” etc. The evidence says otherwise. Other factors come in to play, also, including sleep and stress handling, and there is also considerable biochemical individuality when it comes to diet and lifestyle. I hope your mother finds what works for her.


  13. I too believe the same way you do. I just don’t have the eloquent writing/communication skills as you do Kate. I would love to though. God bless you and your family. Keep using your gifts to speak for those who don’t speak well on these topics.


  14. Thanks! I’ve had similar leanings for some time now, especially after seeing the misery so many go through in their battle. They trade quality of life for quantity of life (and that’s not even assured).


  15. I lost my mother ten years ago after a battle that lasted two years against breast cancer. During her fight, my mother needed help. She was dying and it was a lot to handle. I reached out to Komen, to the American Cancer Society and several local cancer support groups. Their reply was all the same, “we raise funds to support RESEARCH, not to help individual patients.” I was stunned. I am disgusted when I think of the thousands of dollars we raised for them and I will never do it again. Thank you for telling the truth. It is disgusting what these organizations do in the name of “curing cancer”. They will NEVER find a cure for cancer. There’s too much money in “treatment” and research.


  16. Please watch the video Cancer, The Forbidden Cure.


  17. I think people forget that we live in a free country where we have choices. I think you need to look at the whole person and do everything you can from a natural standpoint, and i agree at times there may be a need for western medicine intervention, but if we are living unhealthy to begin with, it stands to reason we will become unhealthy. So.. cleaning up our act is critical to wellness. Every heart doctor, diabetes dr, etc. tells you to stop eating junk food. So they know there is a connection even if they do not laud it as the most important issue, their mantra nowadays is “Lifestyle changes” so maybe they are admitting something without actually saying it… I agree with you on every point you made . The cancer society is too Big, their executives salaries are too inflated, and they are bullies who prevent dialogue on any cure because it threatens their millions of dollars empire. To that end, we are free to choose to use natural cures and Or western medicine, and both have a limitation when it is our time to go, but i choose quality of life as long as i am on this earth 😉 afterall… God put everything here for our good and i know i can trust him over a million dollar corporation anyday.


  18. I have had several friends and co-workers fight breast cancer in the past few years. I agree that executive salaries are far too much, so I don’t really contribute to those organizations, either.

    My friend’s young daughter had an idea to help. They are a small charity, serving mostly eastern Pennsylvania, I believe, if you wish to help out here is the website:
    I hope it’s ok to post this here. They don’t make any money from it, just collect items for patients undergoing chemo and radiation. And her daughter was 7 when she came up with the idea.


  19. I agree with you in relation to the distribution of money from the foundations and also about the need to look into alternatives such as diet and gut flora but it doesn’t need to be so black and white. I don’t have cancer (though have lost family to it ) but I do have MS. I take the pharmaceutical drugs as recommended by my Neurologist but have also changed my diet to a vegan llus seafood (low sat fat), I take supplements incl high dose Vit D and Omega 3 and workout 6 days a week.
    I don’t see why people faced with cancer or any unknown disease for that matter need to choose one method over the other.


  20. I agree with you 100%. Diet is SO important and it seems like mainstream health care doesn’t know or care about that. Cancer and other major health issues bring in so much money to the health care system and pharmaceutical companies and they don’t want to lose that. Thank you for your newsletter and the information you share with us. There are a lot of doctors out there that are promoting practices that include diet, exercise and spirituality. That seems to be a big movement right now from all the health summits I have been listening to online. There are a lot of people looking for this type of information because they aren’t getting help from mainstream health care. I’ve been listening to the Gluten Summit, Natural Cures Summit and others that promote natural, whole food diets. You are not alone. God bless you.


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