How to Protect Unvaccinated Children

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protect unvaccinated children

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Welcome! This is the fourteenth post in my vaccine series.  You may have missed  Getting Serious10 Bad Reasons Not to VaccinateWhy “Science” Should Be Carefully EvaluatedWhat is Herd Immunity All AboutHow the Immune System WorksIngredients in Vaccines Part 1Ingredients in Vaccines, Part 2Risk-Benefit Analysis: MMRRisk-Benefit Analysis: DTaPRisk-Benefit Analysis: Chicken Pox, Hib, Flu,  Risk-Benefit Analysis: Pneumoccocal, Meningococcal and HPVRisk-Benefit Analysis: Hep A, B and Rotavirus, or What About Alternative Schedules?

Today we’re talking about how to protect unvaccinated children.  Although early studies point to unvaccinated kids being healthier in general (and I believe that children whose immune systems are stimulated naturally and not interfered with chemically are generally healthier), there is still some risk involved.  We’re going to talk about how to protect your child.

Risks to Unvaccinated Children

A lot of parents don’t like to talk about this, but we must.  If you do not vaccinate your child, your child may get measles, mumps, pertussis, or any of these other diseases.  (If you do vaccinate, your child still may get them, also.)  It’s important to realize that even though your child may be stronger, healthier, more able to fight off disease, etc. (going on anecdotal evidence mostly here), it is still entirely possible for your child to become ill.

That’s why, if you haven’t yet, go back and read each of the risk-benefit analysis posts.  It is so important to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of each disease.  Most are not dangerous — like mumps or rubella — but a few are (diphtheria or tetanus), and the dangerous ones require immediate medical attention.  If you believe your child has something that may be dangerous, seek help.

Now, the chances of your child catching most of these things today is not very high, since the diseases don’t really circulate much.  And most of them are fine with home treatment and will not result in permanent damage.  It’s important to weigh the risks and benefits in your particular situation.

Luckily, there are ways to protect your child.

How to Protect Unvaccinated Children

In a lot of ways, not vaccinating offers its own protection.  Children are not exposed to the dangerous ingredients in vaccines.  Their immune systems develop naturally as they are challenged by colds and other small illnesses.  They have no excess inflammation.

There is more, however, that we can (and should) do for them.


I cannot say enough about the importance of breastfeeding.  Breastmilk functions as an immune system for a child who doesn’t yet have one.  It is a dynamic food that contains living cells, immunities, stem cells, and many components we don’t even understand.  It coats the baby’s gut in IgA, which protects the baby’s immature gut from invading pathogens (and also can prevent sensitizing due to undigested food proteins).  When a baby breastfeeds, anything s/he’s been exposed to absorbs into mom’s skin from baby’s saliva.  The mom makes antibodies against this to protect the baby and it gets to him/her via breastmilk at later feedings.  There is no substitute for this, nothing that will provide this same protection.

Failing to breastfeed, I recommend making a homemade formula.  It will not have the same immune benefits but it will offer baby healthy, whole food.

Healthy First Foods

When baby does start solids, choosing healthy, nutrient-dense options is key.  This remains true as baby grows.  Liver, avocados, egg yolks, plain yogurt, etc. are very healthy.   Probiotics should be included (like yogurt, kefir, etc.).  These are very important components of the diet.  For more on starting babies on foods, including what, when, and how (and handling picky toddlers too), read my book, Breast to Bib.


Fat is a key component of the diet.   Coconut oil is a great source of medium-chain fatty acid lauric acid, which has a protective role in the immune system.  Mom should consume it while breastfeeding, and baby should consume it when s/he’s eating solids.  Grass-fed butter and other sources of saturated fat are also necessary.  A large part of baby’s body and brain are made up of saturated fat and cholesterol, so consuming these in the diet will help proper growth and development and boost immune function.


Ideally, consume probiotics in the form of food everyday.  This includes things like milk kefir, water kefir, kombucha, yogurt, fermented pickles, other cultured vegetables, etc.  Failing this, choose a high-quality probiotic supplement.  Probiotics help to boost gut health and can offer a protective effect.

Cod Liver Oil

The one supplement that I recommend across the board is fermented cod liver oil.  I know — sounds weird, and it’s expensive.  But this is the best source of vitamin D and vitamin A, as well as EPA, DHA, and other healthy components.  It boost immune function in a serious and obvious way (this has been our experience).  All babies who are getting formula should get a dose daily, and babies who eat solids should too.  Breastfed babies should get it via mom.  I offer a baby about 1/8 tsp. to start and work up to 1/2 tsp. by 18 months or so.  Breastfeeding moms should take 1 tbsp. per day.


Sun exposure is critical to health.  Babies should get 15 – 30 minutes per day of midday sun while wearing as little clothing as possible.  A diaper is ideal.  Even if your baby is very fair-skinned (like mine), s/he should not burn during this amount of time, especially if s/he is consuming a diet with adequate cholesterol and saturated fat.  (My kids are the whitest of white…and they can be out for 2+ hours in midday sun with not even a hint of pink.)  Midday sun is best, because the UVB rays that create vitamin D in the body are strongest, according to Dr. Mercola, and the UVA rays that can cause damage are weaker.  Supplements are not a substitute for sun exposure, because they are not the same form of vitamin D.  Sun exposure creates vitamin D sulfate, which is better absorbed and has more functions in the body.  Because vitamin D is produced in the oils on the surface of the skin, avoid bathing for a day or two after sun exposure.  Babies and young children really don’t need to bathe more than once or twice a week anyway, and typically do not need soap.

Herbal Medicines

There are a variety of herbs and herbal medicines that can boost your child’s immunity.  These include echinacea (do not use if allergic to ragweed, and only use if your child has been exposed to something or is ill.  It is not effective after two weeks), elderberry syrup, and others.  I have several home remedies here, and Trilight Health also makes some.

Public Exposure

Be careful when exposing your young child to the public.  Very tiny babies should be kept at home as much as possible and worn close to your body while out, to discourage any strangers poking the baby in the face.  If there is an outbreak of a particular disease, keep your children home, especially if they are young or there is a young sibling in the house.  If you believe you have been exposed to something, stay home until you know if you are sick or not if at all possible (some things have a long incubation period).  If you get sick, stay home.  I do believe it our responsibility to society not to go out when we know we are ill and could spread illness!  And that goes for everyone, vaccinated or not!

Use Essential Oils

Some people swear by essential oils like tea tree, cinnamon, peppermint, oregano, and others which are antibacterial and antiviral.  These can be mixed with a carrier oil (always do this) and applied to your skin, or put in a diffuser and allowed to mist the room.  Some people swear that by doing these two things, they can avoid a lot of illness.  A diffuser is probably most useful for a baby, as you don’t want to use essential oils on their skin unless absolutely necessary, even diluted.

Allow Minor Illnesses

Your children learn to fight off “the big stuff” by fighting off the small stuff.  Let them get colds and stomach viruses and other minor illnesses.  They’re not fun, but they train your child’s system how to handle future illnesses.  You’ll probably find as your child gets older, s/he gets sick less and less.

Things to Watch Out For

In addition to doing these things to protect your children, there are some things you don’t want to do.


Tylenol is the leading cause of liver failure in the U.S.  It depletes glutathione in the body, which is an essential amino acid that is necessary to fight off illness.  Avoid Tylenol if at all possible and look for other remedies for pain.  You don’t need fever reducers.

Food Additives

Some food additives can reduce immunity, too.  Especially in times of illness, make sure your diet is as clean as possible.  Lots of fat, bone broth, fruits and vegetables, etc.  Avoid packaged foods.

Indoor Play Areas

These can, unfortunately, be breeding grounds for germs because lots of parents bring their kids sick.  Especially if you have a tiny one, skip them!

Hand Sanitizer  If you must, find one based on essential oils.  The alcohol-based ones kill all the good and bad bacteria, which is no good for your gut health (reducing your immunity), and they’re not as effective at killing the “bad guys” as real soap and water.  Find a sink and wash your hands the right way, and have your kids wash theirs too, especially after playing on a playground or before eating.

Watch Live Vaccines

If you know someone who has just gotten a live virus vaccine, you may choose to wait awhile before being around them, especially if you have a tiny baby or someone who is in fragile health.  These vaccines can and occasionally do shed, which could make your child ill.

Final Thoughts

With these tips, and your own parenting instincts, you can protect your children from the worst complications of illnesses, even if you can’t (and honestly shouldn’t) protect them from everything.

It is not magic.  It is not wishful thinking.  Although vaccine proponents would have you believe that vaccines are the only way to stay healthy, this is simply not true.  Illness and especially serious illness is caused or exacerbated by vitamin deficiencies and other testable issues within the body.  If you use healthy foods to keep the body from deficiency, then you can have optimal immune function and a lowered likelihood of illness or problems.

(That line of thinking probably bothers me the most…that if you believe you can keep your child healthy with a good diet that you are just “believing in magic” or something.  It’s pretty easy.  You can test to see if a child has a vitamin or mineral deficiency.  Those who do, especially magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin D are at greater risk of complications.  If you feed your child a healthy diet so that these deficiencies do not occur, then your child will be less susceptible.  It’s science, people, not magic!)

How do you protect your children?

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  1. Thank you!! We recently decided to stop vaccinating. This is further complicated by the fact that we live internationally, where some of these diseases are more prevalent. However our oldest daughter has a few (MILD) issues that we strongly believe are related to her vaccinations (won’t take your time with the details). Nothing has driven me to my knees more often than praying for protection for our newest DD (now 3 months) as we will not be continuing her vacc schedule (her reaction to her first round of vaccines SO reminded me of oldest DD that I finally had to admit they were causing a problem). We are coming into measles and pertussis “season” here… very nerve wracking. Your posts about each vaccine have been MOST helpful.

    God bless you for the time you take here on your amazing blog!!


  2. Great article! Thank you!! 🙂


  3. It’s like you were reading my mind on this one! The child I babysit just got her 2 year old shots this morning. My 21 month old hasn’t had any. I was just about to look up what shots she got, check it against your site for any live ones, when I saw this post. Thanks for all the info you have given on this subject!


  4. What is the best place to purchase the fermented cod liver oil? I remember seeing info on it before in one of the posts or comments but I can’t remember.


  5. Good to know we have been doing a lot of these! Do you have a post on FCLO? I have seen you (and others) talk about it a lot, but have yet to have the time to look into it.

    I kind of laughed when I read the sunlight part. Our friends in Nepal do this. It is part of the culture to stick babies out in the sun during the brightest part of the day, though they do it for FAR too long.


  6. Thanks for this! I’m getting married this year and we will be preparing for kids (someday). My sister has 3 boys; 2 of which are autistic. She has not vaccinated her youngest and time will prove soon if he’s okay. Her research and your amazingly thorough articles have helped me “see the light.” I don’t want to vaccinate my kids and I’m trying to do research so I can back up my claims to the family and friends who will think I’m a crazy nut job. Science and God’s way! We’re making some switches to more natural products and cleaner eating and I’m hoping this will help me be ready for a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies free from diseases!


  7. Thank you for this post. Very good information here.

    How can you tactfully find out if and when someone has been given a vaccination recently? Most people do not know that they can spread the disease through vaccination, and most of those even if told don’t care or don’t see it as a real risk “because they’re inactivated!”. This is my biggest concern with leaving my daughter unvaccinated, that she will come into contact with someone that is spreading the disease with no symptoms.


  8. I believe in everyone being able to make decisions for their own children, but they do need to be fully informed first. I read this whole article and it includes wonderful points on how to keep children healthy, vaccinated or not. However to say that mumps and rubella are not dangerous is misleading. Mumps can cause sterility and rubella can cause blindness in unborn children. Its something to consider for you, your child and their future.


  9. Do you have other posts on hand sanitizer? I thought alcohol sanitizers were okay and it was “antibacterial” stuff with triclosan we’re supposed to avoid. When I go to the store, etc. we tend to use alcohol sanitizers on the cart and our hands. How would essential oil based cleansers be preferred? They don’t kill good bacteria?


  10. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! This is so well done and covers everything. Absolutely perfect and just the post to pass along. 🙂


  11. I would just like to thank you for posting this. I had allergic reactions to Vaccinations as a child so I have fear of giving those to my children. They have some of them but not all. I don’t want them to have the harsh pain that I did along with some of the other reactions that have recently been documented about them.


  12. to add to the breastfeeding part – i learned that the reason mamas are so kissy with our babies is that we get to ingest all of the germs right around their noses and mouths when we lay the smooches on ’em. voila, guaranteed exposure to the exact diseases and germs they’d need protection for! gross, but makes sense. 🙂


  13. […] Welcome! This is the fifteenth post in my vaccine series.  You may have missed  Getting Serious, 10 Bad Reasons Not to Vaccinate, Why “Science” Should Be Carefully Evaluated, What is Herd Immunity All About, How the Immune System Works, Ingredients in Vaccines Part 1, Ingredients in Vaccines, Part 2, Risk-Benefit Analysis: MMR, Risk-Benefit Analysis: DTaP, Risk-Benefit Analysis: Chicken Pox, Hib, Flu,  Risk-Benefit Analysis: Pneumoccocal, Meningococcal and HPV, Risk-Benefit Analysis: Hep A, B and Rotavirus, What About Alternative Schedules? or How to Protect Unvaccinated Kids. […]


  14. Full disclosure – I’m a vax mom. I’ve also been a vaccine pusher. Very briefly. Until my doctor reassured me that the risk of my child catching something from an unvaccinated child was close to inexistant (my concern was that, as you point out, vaccinations do not fully protect the children) . For me that was the end of the debate.
    I did find that your tips totally apply to vaccinated children as well!
    I had one question though – why do you say that unvaccinated children are healthier in general? That’s something that I had never heard before reading your article, and I would be interested if you could share your references.


  15. I have never shared this publically before because it is so humiliating… but here goes. I chose to stop vaccinating while I was pregnant with my second child. I made the choice after doing extensive research and sorta forced my hubby to get on board. We now have four kid total and he (after seeing how smart and healthy they are) is in agreement that its best for our family.
    My SIL is a surgeon who just had her first baby. Last Christmas everyone in the family was going to get together to celebrate, but I got a weird email. “So, Amanda… you dont vaccinate right? Our child just got vaccinated and we dont want him to be exposed to your children. We will not be attending Christmas this year.”
    So. Everyone in the family knew… that hubbys brother, doctor wife, and new baby were not at Christmas because I am a bad mom who doesnt vaccinate. I mean, she is a doctor, and everyone knows that doctors know best. Not just some mom. (me)
    I was horrified. I cried. I tried to very gently and very quietly tell them that my children posed no risk to them, but they were set. And I was forever branded.
    When I read articles like this I have such hope. That moms and dads out there are really researching the issue and seeing that there are alternatives to vaccinating. That good diet, supplements if needed, and sun exposure are HUGE in terms of creating and maintaining good health. That even if you do get these diseases, there are natural ways to fight them if you already have a strong immune system.
    I really am thankful for your whole series and viewpoint and knowledge.
    Hope you can forgive my rant! 😉


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  17. Katie, thank you for posting this! It was shared with me in a FB group as an answer to my question about protecting my unvaxed daughter from my soon to be vaxed niece. While it doesn’t specifically address that situation in enough detail, it has been pretty helpful – I know more of what *to* do, not just what *not* to do. I’ll definitely be rummaging through your other posts for a more complete answer to my situation. Love your blog so far.


  18. Hi,

    Just a note about sun exposure – in New Zealand we don’t have an ozone layer, and thus get sunburned very quickly down here, it’s suggested that any sun time is done outside of the hours of 11am – 3pm.


  19. […] though not prescribe it…? I drink between 1 tsp. – 1tbsp. of fish oil every day. How to protect Unvaccinated Kids. Not sure where you’re at with this, but keep moving forward… Baby steps for your […]


  20. I wish I have come across this site earlier. I have studied about vaccines and when my niece was born, I told her mom not to vaccinate her since unvaccinated children are healthier. She won’t listen, and so I decided to make an impressive documentary video on my pc. I would like to share some of the books that I’ve come across:

    ‘Horrors of vaccination exposed’. ‘The Poisoned Needle’, ‘Murder by injection’, ‘Evidence of Harm’, ‘Hidden dangers in polio vaccine’, ‘Saying no to vaccines’, ‘Blood Poisoners’, ‘A shot in the dark’, ‘What the pharmaceutical industries don’t want you to know about vaccines’, ‘Against compulsory vaccination’, ‘Vaccine nation’, ‘Raising a vaccine free child’.

    The first two books are freely available, just google it.
    And here are some of the links on the net that I thought would be worth sharing


  21. I love this post!! First of all I am a believer of Christ and I declare safety upon my boys, but always make sure I leave no room for the enemy to try and sneak in and cause a problem. I have a four year old and a eight month old. We vaccinated our four year old till he was three and he was constantly sick. He had horrible sicknesses, breathing treatments, antibiotics (horrible because it destroyed his good gut bacteria), and visted the hospital multiple times. I decided to do some research found that some ingredients in vaccines included organs of aborted fetuses and was horrified. We have not vaccinated our 8 month old and discontinued the vacinations for our four month old. I am proud to report my son has not been sick once since we discontinued. My eight month old has had a runny nose or crust in his eye two times and it went away by the next day. He has never been sick like my four year old did. I spoke with other moms that had one child vaccinated and the other child not vaccinated and it confirmed that non-vaccinated children are healthier. Due to less sicknesses, skin conditions, ear infections etc.

    I use liquid Ion silver a natural antibiotic without loosing the good bacteria. You can put it in the eyes if they full of crusty discharge, rub on the skin for baby acne,(can come in gel form) swallow to cure sicknesses, and drop some in the ear and then drain out the liquid to cure an ear infection!! It taste and looks like water.


  22. Thank you for this post. Our youngest two (out of four) kids are not vaccinated at all (the much older two only partially–they are adults now), and are very healthy because for the most part we live very much as you recommend in this article. I am looking forward to posting it on my Facebook Wall to see what discussion will follow. 🙂


  23. Well Ladies,

    I Vaccinate.

    I vaccinated my now 13yo was kept to a strict vaccination schedule and she never got sick, was not breastfed after 6 weeks.

    My 7yo was not vaccinated, at first, but after talking to my dr and other research I decided to catch him up.

    Reasons: My dad had polio as a child,he survived, but now has post polio syndrome and so does his sister. He struggles to get around and not living the life he could. My sister was a normal baby with normal mile stones, then contracted measles. She had high temps and convulsed. After that she didn’t crawl, make eye contact much, stopped talking, doing all the normal baby stuff. Now she is 36, does not drive, have friends, job. Sad really. My parents look after her.

    I got chicken pox when pregnant with my 13yo as well. Very stressful…it worked out fine. She also got whooping cough 3 years ago (yes she was vaccinated) That disease is rampant. Too many babies have died here (NSW, AUstralia)

    So I thought I better just let you know what it’s like when you actually are affected by these diseases. It’s not cool and we don’t have it bad. I’m not claiming to be an expert on anything and I’m all for natural alternatives etc but exactly how rare are these diseases?


  24. Do you know of any alternative to Tylenol or fever reducer? We dont use much but keep it as an emergency aid in case fever goes over 103-104 continuously for 2 days.


  25. […] How to Protect Unvaccinated Kids […]


  26. These are great tips. Even for a family like ours, where everyone has been fully vaccinated, they’re helpful for general health. I would add one thing: if your child has a chronic health problem, educate yourself about what that might mean if s/he contracts any of these diseases. A chronic condition can affect what “normal” symptoms/progression look like for a particular child, his/her risk for serious complications (and what the warning signs for those complications might be), and his/her ability to undergo certain treatments. We’ve learned this over the years from parenting our daughter, who has asthma.


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  28. This is a great article! I am an acupuncturist and that can do immune system boosting and help to get you over the illness once you have it. There are also other modalities such as gua sha (slight scraping of the skin) and cupping that can help get rid of illness.


  29. I have a 4 month old and I’m bombarded right now with stories of babies dying from pertussis. I’m leaning toward not vaxing (she’s had none) but I’m afraid. My baby is exclusively breast fed, but I did return to work at 10 weeks. So I pump and she is bottle fed when I’m not at home. I was wondering, this post is great for babies that eat food, but mine does not. What should I do for exactly for a tiny baby, aside from nurse, consume a tbsp of fclo/day myself, expose her to the sun, diffuse essential oils, and eat coconut oil?

    Should I get her vitamin levels checked? Should I give her a probiotic or does that pass to her through breast milk?


  30. Hello,

    We vaccinated our son until he was 18 months old. Until then, I never knew there was an alternative, it’s just what people ‘do’ so I went along with it. I am so thankful I stumbled upon some great health articles since. We chose to not continue vaxing him. He is 3 years old now and a healthy boy. My question is, because he got partially vaxed does that leave him at more of a risk essentially? because he has been exposed to the harmful ingredients and diseases? Thanks!


  31. […] Cited Credits: […]


  32. Hi there… I just want to add to the conversation… I have done extensive research on Vaccinations in Australia. I am also from NORTHERN NSW which it is quite common for people to not vaccinate their children. My son is now 5 and I breastfed him until he was nearly 1 yr old. I introduced all food groups to him before he turned 1 year old and my son has never had an illness and rarely ever gets a cold or flu. I take my son everywhere and deliberately expose him to sick people so that builds his immunity. What has worked for me is Olive leaf extract and any other herbal medicine just to boost his immunity. I encourage anyone who reads this to do the same and I assure you a great outcome. If you can get ahold of any great reading material ‘why you shouldn’t vaccinate your child’ I would strongly recommend it. Know your enemy.
    Anyone with any questions or contact me you can do so definitely. [email protected]


  33. Thank you for this post !! I’m an unvaccinated person who’s following the way my parents raised me with my kids. It’s so tough with the judgment and ‘science’ these days and easy to second guess yourself but the points you’ve mentioned help keep my beliefs strong !


  34. “Now, the chances of your child catching most of these things today is not very high, since the diseases don’t really circulate much. ”

    And the only reason that is true is because MOST PEOPLE ARE VACCINATED. The cognitive dissonance on display here is astounding.


  35. Please tell me why Native American were almost wiped out by diseases introduced by Europeans if their lifestyle was close to what you wrote above?
    And why did you use a USACE image? Makes it seem you were endorsed by the military?


  36. Hi! Do you have a high quality multi vitamin you recommend for weaned toddlers?


  37. I just wanted to say that I did vaccinate my boys but I had an unfortunate experience related to the chicken pox vaccine. I don’t think I ever had the chicken pox and heard how dangerous it is in adults and the doctor assured me that vaccinating my child would not put me at risk of getting chicken pox, but somehow his younger brother got the chicken pox shortly after the oldest was vaccinated, probably a coincidence but it made me wonder. I am leaning towards no longer vaccinating my kids unless there are issues where it would do more good than harm, like getting the flu vaccine if my younger son’s lungs are already weakened by asthma and the flu would be a bad addition to that condition. I understand the need to research these things further but what do you believe when one side says that some tests were bogus and the other says the statistics are bogus, all you can do is trust your instincts, I don’t think it has to be all or nothing with vaccinations because companies are improving them all the time.


  38. I use homeoprophylaxis (hp) to immunize my child. It is a safe alternative to vaccination.
    There is an upcoming conference in October 2015:
    Here is a free course for parents (online) to learn more:


  39. Hi there.. In regards to vaccine shedding… My daughter is unvaxxed and is 1 year old.. I’m in the midst of weaning her.. She has a cousin who is 2.5 months older and is vaccinated and is soon getting the chicken pox and mmr..they are together a lot … Is there a certain amount of time we should try to keep her away from him? It just makes me nervous cause they both put everything in their mouth and share the same toys at the grandparents


  40. Hi my son is 3 months old and has not been vaccinated since he got out of the hospital. He did get the Hep A because I felt pressured by nurses. Anyhow, I stopped breastfeeding him since he was 5 weeks old because of my medical issue and having to take meds. He is now bottle fed with Hipp organic formula (German brand). I’m now afraid everyday that he’ll contract a disease from people like his grandmother who now babysit him while I’m at work and his little cousins who are in school but living with his grandmother also. He’s so little I was giving therbiotic infant probiotics but stopped because unsure of the amount dosage. So is he too young for supplements like vitamin A, C and D? Are additional supplements ok if he’s formula fed? Is fermented cod liver oil to soon? If not how much to give? Should I continue is probiotics? How do I know it’s still alive?


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  42. This is just what I needed as a new mom. I have a 3 month old who we opted out from receiving vaccines. She is exclusively breast fed and very healthy. My husband and I are both set on NO vaccines for our child and have been even before the birth.Under horrible circumstances, I lost my brother before I was born to Meningitus. My mother told me that there was no vaccine for it back then. Later, I found out that he had received the other vaccines a couple weeks before.

    Unfortunately, I was placed on antibiotics during the birth for being B-Strep positive ( I should have doubled up on probiotics and took the chance), but didn’t. It not only destroyed all my good flora, but all my baby’s as well. For the first few weeks, she was colic and had all these gut issues. She was a wreck at times to the point of no return. I finally had a vision that it must have been the antibiotics! I quickly got a supplement (Udi’s infant probiotic) and have been a firm believer again. I mix it with some breast milk every morning and give it to her that way. It has cut her crying by 60-70% per day. I just started elderberry syrup and don’t mind the taste and been taking coconut oil since I was pregnant. My question is how do you know a child has received a live vaccine? She is outside with me for a couple hours every day when the weather is pleasant, but away from people. I wish I could print this outline out and hang it on my fridge. This is a very organized and wonderful approach for unvaccinated children. Just what I was looking for.


  43. Hi, I’ve just discovered your website and I’m finding it really informative. I just wondered what your thoughts are on travel vaccines. After having my second child I completley changed my views on vaccinations. This is a real problem between my husband and I and we are at loggerheads over it. We travelled extensively with our first child (who was vaccinated) and planning on Sri lanka this summer. I’m in the process of researching and trying to convince my husband (who’s having none of it!) about the safety issues of them. Do you recommend any alternatives to travel vaccines? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Lots of love Bee


  44. I dealing with the difficult issue coming up of telling the pediatrician that I do not want to vaccinate. My little guy is going in for his two month checkup soon, what should I do when she starts drilling me, making me feel like a horrible neglectful parent? I need advice from mothers asap


  45. I would exercise caution about sunlight exposure for those who are unused to it. Also, location (latitude) and time of year make a tremendous difference. Here in central Florida (in summer) a fairly serious sunburn can easily occur at 30 minutes for a fair-skinned individual. People are also reporting that the sun seems more intense
    in the last few years – more glaringly WHITE and immediate “prickly” burning feeling when stepping into the sunlight from shade. Some have
    theorized that this is due to the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer, but this shouldn’t change the appearance of the visible light from the sun. Here is a discussion by an astronomy observer:


  46. Hello I stop getting my son vaccinated at 6 months he’s now 2 years old. We feed him organic give him vitamins but he still always sick either a cold or stomach virus or ear infection so many things I’m so tired I feel like never stop something always happening to him we kept him out of daycare because he always sick my family feel like I should get him vaccinated. Is this normal for a unvaccinated child to be sick all the time can somebody help understand why he’s always sick I tried everything what’s worst he’s. picky eater so it’s hard to make him different fruits and veggie please write me back I will really appreciate it.


  47. I have a question, our propery backs onto a cattle farm, and along the perimeter is a rusty barbed-wire fence which my healthy 3 1/2 year old cut himself on. He hasn’t had any vaccinations, so because of the circumstances, we took him to the doctor and I reluctantly vaccinated him (the Pediasil vaccine. Is there anything I can do to protect him against any negative side effects of the vaccine? He was nursed for a year, eats healthy and takes vitamins and minerals…


  48. […] Breastmilk is the most nutritious and wholesome food source available on earth. Providing all necessary vitamins and minerals a baby needs to thrive. I naturally fell into extended breastfeeding for these very reasons. My toddler shows no interest to stop and I don’t plan to wean until we both find an appropriate time in our journey. “When a baby breastfeeds, anything s/he’s been exposed to absorbs into mom’s skin from baby’s saliva.  The mom makes antibodies against this to protect the baby and it gets to him/her via breastmilk at later feedings.  There is no substitute for this, nothing that will provide this same protection.” (MAH) […]


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