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Sourdough: Two Weeks In

admin January 30, 2012

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Guess what?  I haven’t ruined my sourdough starter this time!!  In fact, it’s doing pretty well.  See?

Are you curious what worked?

The Lesson I Learned

Yes, stirring in the hooch is definitely the answer.  I still continue to do it to make sure my starter is good.  Now I definitely have “lift” in my starter!  It also smells nicely sour.  I’m happy my starter is working well!

However.  My first baking attempt did not go so well.

Baking Bread?

I decided, how hard could this be?  I mixed together some starter, flour, and sea salt, kneaded it, and let it sit.  This is what it looked like:

And that never changed.  I poked at it about every 12 hours, but it really never looked any different.  I ended up throwing it out.

So, lesson here: use tried and true recipes for initial sourdough experiments.  Then, once I get the hang of it, I can branch out and figure out other projects.  Sigh.

I think, despite my previous failures, I will attempt Katie’s Honey Whole Wheat Bread this upcoming week.  Who wants to bake it along with me?

How’s your sourdough adventure?  Any tips from more experienced bakers?

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  1. What kind of flour are you using? I’ve only got store bought whole wheat pastry and freshly ground (by a friend) spelt. BUT I’m supposed to be getting a grain mill for my birthday next month!! 🙂


    • Hi Jessica, I’ve been using white whole wheat (hard white wheat) in this. I like it better than red because it’s lighter in texture and taste. You can use a variety of flours, depending on what you like. I hear rye is supposed to be excellent to use with sourdough, but I haven’t tried it.


  2. I guess I’m wondering what exactly you did. Did you follow a recipe? The dough does look a little dry. Keep at it though!


    • No, I’m not smart. 🙂 I threw stuff in a bowl and figured I’d “know” the texture. Except sourdough isn’t like yeasted bread! Next time I’ll try a “real” recipe, lol, at least until I figure it out.


  3. I’ve always heard you’re supposed to start with something a little simpler than bread, like pancakes or crepes, before you go all-out for bread. After all, baby starters take awhile to work up to full strength.

    I tried this carrot cake recipe ( with my baby starter, and it turned out delicious. I’m pretty sure my starter isn’t up to bread-raising strength yet, but perhaps after a few more rounds it will be.


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