Natural Holiday Carnival: Homemade Gift Ideas |

Natural Holiday Carnival: Homemade Gift Ideas

admin November 28, 2011


This is the last week of our Natural Holiday Celebration Carnival.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

This week we’re talking about Homemade Gift Ideas.  More and more people are abandoning the commercialism of Christmas and are instead going for homemade gifts.  They’re more frugal and more meaningful.  That’s pretty awesome, right?

While we’re not doing an entirely homemade Christmas this year (I just don’t have the time to make all those gifts), we are keeping it simple and will do some gifts homemade.

Homemade Gift Ideas

Here are some great posts on homemade gift ideas:

We also did things like cornhole sets (sorry, no tutorial), rice-filled heating pads (super simple!), and various food treats (brownies, fudge, and cookies are nice!).  You can also do hair bows, wooden teethers, and lots of other neat things!

You can see many other ideas from my fellow bloggers:

Are you making any homemade gifts this year?  What are you making?

This is the writings of:



  1. Great ideas! That vanilla is on my list to eventually try!


  2. Hi,

    Loved the ideas…

    For my co-workers, neighbors and friends I'm buying chocolate bars and replacing their wrapping with a a personalized on that has our photo on it and "Mary Christmas" from the Simpsons or maybe a short personal note – haven't decided yet…

    For my family I think I'm going to make a personalized dry erase monthly calendar – it is a portrait frame that you put an empty monthly calendar template and decorate and you can write all the important dates and tasks you have so you can plan your days.

    I love homemade gifts. I'm having lots of fun making them and you can personalized them easily. I try to give practical gifts…


  3. Homemade gifts are some of the best gifts. It makes the gift so much more personal and fabulous.


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