Natural Holiday Carnival: Real Food Party Dishes |

Natural Holiday Carnival: Real Food Party Dishes

admin November 21, 2011

Today we’re continuing with our Natural Holiday Celebration Carnival with Real Food Party Dishes!

It’s likely that you’ll go to a party at least once during this holiday season, and you’ll probably need to bring something to share.  Right?  But you don’t want to resort to junk food.  And you also don’t want to bring something weird that no one will even eat.

Enter, real food party dishes.

Foods I’d Take to a Party

Looking back through my archives, here are some recipes I’d take to share at a party:

Last year I hosted the desserts section of Whole Foods for the Holidays: A Progressive Dinner.  That’s a greatr resource, too!

You can see the ideas my fellow bloggers have come up with for you:

What’s your favorite party dish?

This is the writings of:



  1. It's nice to have a master list to look at for party ideas. Sometimes my mind just goes totally blank.


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