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Monday Health & Wellness: Helping Young Babies Recover from Colds

admin October 17, 2011

Unfortunately, Jacob has his first cold!  He’s not too thrilled.  It’s so sad and hard when tiny ones are sick, because there’s not much you can do to help them.

Or is there?

It’s true that you should not give any sort of cold medicine to such young babies (nor, in my opinion, ever, if we are talking about OTC drugs).  But there are other ways you can ease the baby’s misery and help everyone feel better fast.

How to Help Young Babies

(Almost) All of these suggestions can work — some with minor modifications — with older children and adults, too.

Breastfeed Often

Breastmilk is pretty awesome.  Every time your baby breastfeeds, s/he will transfer the germs currently making him/her sick to you through the skin, and your body will produce antibodies specific to the illness and transfer them to the baby via your milk.  This helps the baby fight the infection.  Breastmilk also helps to break up the mucus, so it can help clear baby’s throat.

Breastmilk in the Nose

You can use saline for older people, but breastmilk is best.  It’s the gentlest on babies, and it can help to break up the mucus, meaning that you may not even need to suction the baby.  It may simply break up the congestion and baby will swallow the whole mess and breathe better.  Baby won’t like this, but it’s better than continuing to struggle to breathe or getting suctioned!  (Though, suction if needed!)


Don’t buy the store-bought ones.  Make your own at home and spread it on baby’s feet.  It’s much safer and it can help baby to breathe better.

Take a Warm Bath

Put the baby into a warm baby bath tub, or take a warm bath with your baby.  Put a few drops of rosemary and/or eucalyptus essential oil to ease congestion, and/or lavender for relaxation

Extra Fermented Cod Liver Oil

If your baby is on formula or is older, give it directly to the baby.  If your baby is exclusively breastfed, you should take a larger dose and it will get to the baby through you.  FCLO is a huge immune booster.

Essential Oils on Clothes

When Jacob has had a really hard time (even minor congestion, especially if it’s in his throat, seems to really bother him), I will put 1 drop of each rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils on the front of his clothes, then snuggle him, nurse if he will, and he will usually settle down and fall asleep pretty quickly.  For older kids I usually put a couple drops of each on their pillows at night.


Babies with a cough will appreciate a warm mist humidifier to keep the air moist and reduce coughing.  And of course extra breastfeeding helps the mucuous membranes from drying out, too. 🙂


Keep baby close to you, wearing in a wrap or other carrier so you can keeps your hands free and still get stuff done.  Babies usually breathe better and are calmer when they are held or worn anyway, and they often sleep a lot, which is good when they are sick!

There are lots of ways you can help even tiny babies to feel better!  It’s nice to know that there is something you can do when your baby isn’t feeling his or her best.

In the upcoming weeks, I’m going to share a few herbal remedies with you that are great for children and adults over age 1.  Don’t miss it!

How do you help tiny ones feel better?

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  1. What do you do with a lingering cough?

    My 10 month old (breastfed w/ few homemade solids) has had a cold for about a week now (we've been doing arabinogalactan powder to boost his immune system as well as warm baths, suctioning, sunlight, extra vit. D., etc). He's developed a nasty cough though and still is congested. (My 7 year old has a lingering cough too…it will literally NEVER go away.)

    Do I just keep it up and know it'll go away eventually?


  2. Ohhhh, I hope Jacob recovers soon!!! I've always preferred natural medicine to over-the-counter prescriptions, especially for newborns, since their system is so delicate. Thanks for posting!


  3. Awwwww this was o sweet beautiful little baby Jacob! It made me tear a little to read. Thanks for all the great tips we tremble at the idea of giving the little ones, or ourselves even, OTC DRUGS!. My blog was on vacation for the last week getting a make over. I was very stubborn and insisted on writing my own WordPress theme. I was getting traffic from blogging but no one was commenting. I have employed a professionally designed theme that let me make the changes I wanted and now I would love anyone that has a minute to check it out and let me know what you think in the comments. Organically Thought


  4. Hi Janae,

    Do you know why they have the cough? Is there an infection that won't go away? Or is there some allergy issue? If you can figure out the reason for the cough then you can help it to go away. If you are unsure, see a naturopathic doctor and s/he can help you figure it out. If there is a cough that NEVER goes away I would suspect some sort of allergy. Your baby, however, may just need another few days. I hope they feel better soon!


  5. Nurse, nurse, then nurse some more.
    My daughter got a nasty stomach virus at 11 days old. I had to nurse her for just a minute or two every 10 minutes to try to help her keep some breastmilk down. (Instead up just throwing it all up, which she was doing) God was very gracious to us and she recovered quicker than any member of the family. (And we all got it, it was awful!)


  6. Thanks for these great reminders. My little one’s cold has turned into a bacterial infection so I have been putting breast milk in her nose. She is 13 months now and I can’t squirt it in because she is too feisty so I just express a little and use a dropper. It really doesn’t bother her at all and helps soooooooooo much!
    Also, did you know that Rosemary and Eucalyptus are contraindicated in small children and babies? Here is a website that has a list of safe ones and why some may not be safe. There is also a recipe for a safe mix for germ fighting and anti congestion. I just made it this afternoon and have been diffusing it.


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