Recipe Collection: How to Make Onion Powder |

Recipe Collection: How to Make Onion Powder

admin May 5, 2011

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I used onion powder a ton before I started with real food.  And now I still do…but I felt weird about it, until I realized how easy it actually is to make in my own kitchen.  Oh, and it’s a lot cheaper too.  I figure if it’s something I can make myself, then it’s something I can use without feeling bad about it. 🙂  Good thing, because I have family members who can’t stand the texture of onions!


  • 1 or more large yellow onions


Slice up the onion and remove the peel.  Place the onion on trays for a dehydrator or on baking sheets.  Turn the oven or dehydrator to about 150 degrees.  Dry for 5 – 6 hours, or until completely “crunchy,” no longer “mushy” at all.  Grind these in a small coffee or spice grinder.  Store in a small glass jar.

This is so simple!!  And it really works!

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  1. I was wondering about trying this with garlic, do you know if that would work? I've never used onion powder, but I do like garlic powder occasionally. I keep wanting to ferment garlic so I have it on hand easy to use. Some nights when I'm just cooking FAST I don't wan to take the time to peel garlic. Fermented garlic is at least already peeled, although I'm sure the taste changes a bit and if you heat it too high it'd kill the good bacteria you introduced by fermenting… but at least it'd be a good storage method! Okay… that's my rambling. I'll definitely try the onion, because I do use it on occasion! How wide did you slice it to dehydrate? Really thin with a mandolin or more like 1/2 inch??


  2. ok, this sounds intriguing..does it totally make your house smell like onion for awhile though? and did you find the smell hard to get out of the dehydrator? i just dont want onion flavored fruit when i try to deydrate something else:)


  3. I make my own celery, garlic & onion powder exclusively now. Easy & cheap!


  4. I’m out of onion powder and I’ll have to try this!


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